Kevin Campbell heaps praise on divisive Arsenal man

Former Arsenal man, Kevin Campbell, admits he and some Gooners would prefer that Granit Xhaka is no longer at the club after he fell out with them.

However, the midfielder has done well in the last few weeks and he has stepped up in the absence of Thomas Partey.

Xhaka is a divisive figure at Arsenal. Mikel Arteta likes him and trusts the former Borussia Monchengladbach man to do a great job for his team.

However, some fans don’t enjoy watching him because he has a penchant for causing the team trouble with his poor decision making.

He also threw his jersey on the floor, a gesture expressing his anger towards them at the end of 2019.

But he has recovered from that event and has been influential in Arteta’s impressive side. Campbell admits he is in top form at the moment.

He tells Football Insider: “Listen, he is playing well and the Arsenal fans are showing their appreciation.

“It is not that the fans don’t like him. It is what he did. The fans were against that. Any fans who saw one of their players throw the shirt down would react the same. There would be a rift.

“The team are doing a lot better at the moment and Xhaka is doing his job. If a player is doing the business the fans will want you.

“Die-hards like myself would prefer him not to be there but that is just me. I didn’t like what he did.”

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Xhaka deserves our support now and we need to put that episode behind us and move on.

The midfielder is one of the reasons we have been doing well in the last few weeks and he deserves credit.

Hopefully, he can maintain his current level of performance and stay out of trouble for the rest of this season.

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  1. Campbell is like all pundits and 99% of all fans to be fair. When players have a good game and we win everyone is like ” I always rated this player”.. Soon as the player has a bad game the same pundits/fans rubbish the player saying how they never trusted him. Same goes for the manager. Win and you are a genius live for ever. Lose, your an idiot pack your swag 🙂

  2. He’ll be my guy if he can keep it top and consistent while i cheer he and the lot on.but never should he silence and make me go awwwww again!!!

  3. If Xhaka keeps on giving consistent performances and doesnt go brain dead in games, I will always support him. No matter who the player is, if the player gives everything for the shirt, he has my full support.

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