Kevin Campbell insists Arsenal’s backup man “is not the answer”

Former Arsenal forward Kevin Campbell insists Eddie Nketiah is not the answer to the club’s need for more firepower.

The striker wanted to leave at the end of last season, but the Gunners convinced him to sign a new long-term contract and he is now its second choice.

The arrival and performance of Gabriel Jesus mean he has only had a few minutes of action in the Premier League.

But he started and scored in the club’s Europa League first game against FC Zurich.

He is taking the few chances that come his way to make an impression, but that doesn’t make him good enough to be a reliable goal outlet for Arsenal, reckons Campbell.

He told the Highbury Squad:

“Eddie’s a good finisher but yet to prove it year in year out at the top level. I’ve said it myself previously, Eddie’s not the answer. I’d love him to prove me wrong. I think he’s improved his all-round game, but finishing wise, I don’t know if he’s the answer.”

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It takes a lot of work and experience to lead the line at a top club like Arsenal.

Jesus is leading it brilliantly and Nketiah would need to learn from the striker if he is serious about becoming one of the club’s key players.

But he might have to leave on loan to gain more experience to fulfil that role back in London.

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  1. So MARTIN in his own personal opinion, which masquerades under the heading JA OPINION( oddly and probably falsely too IMO)) wishes us to swallow the nonsense that JA OPIONION believes Eddie should be loaned out!

    When exactly MARTIN, as it seems you represent all JA opinion, is this ridiculous notion of yours likely to take place?

    Letus leave out the true answer, which is of course “it won’t happen” and indulge your fantasy for a moment.

    Do let we “dullards” who have not the wit you appear to have yourself, know exactly when you would have Nketiah loaned out!
    This so called “JA opinion” – which is NOT true JA OPINION- must be about the most stupid comment by an in house writer for more years than I can remember. Or it would be,IF he actually believed it himself.

    You could of course just admit the WHOLE truth, which is that you personally do not believe what you wrote. THAT I could easily believe!

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