Kevin Campbell predicts Arsenal target could be another Premier League flop

Former Arsenal man, Kevin Campbell has cast doubts over the prospect of Alexander Isak succeeding at Arsenal.

The Swede has emerged as the most likely striker that will join the Gunners as Dusan Vlahovic nears a move to Juventus.

The Real Sociedad man has been on their radar for some time now.

At 22, he is at an age where he can still develop and can be moulded to become the ideal striker for Mikel Arteta’s system.

Several strikers have come to the Premier League from other competitions. Some have succeeded and even become cult heroes, others have struggled to make it in the competition.

One major example is Andriy Shevchenko, who struggled at Chelsea after a distinguished career at AC Milan.

Campbell uses the Ukrainian as proof that anyone can struggle in England.

He tells Football Insider: “Isak is young, quick and hungry. He hasn’t got the goals that Vlahovic has got but sometimes you cannot read too much into that.

“We have seen the likes of Shevchenko, who was a goal machine, come to the Premier League and not do it. Who is to say that Isak won’t come into the team and hit the ground running. You just never know. He has all of the attributes to do so.”

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Although there is truly no guarantee that a player will succeed when he changes clubs, it is still much better to remain positive about a potential transfer.

Isak has done well with the Sweden national team and Sociedad, which means he has more than enough experience to score goals at the Emirates.

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  1. I haven’t readed the interview but based on the extract in this post Campbell was saying complety de opposite of the headline

    1. Isak wouldn’t be a good fit for Arsenal. Until the Euro’s, he was relatively unknown. I’ve made this comment many times but this is reminiscent of Karel Poborsky who came to prominence in the 96 Euro’s and on the strength of that tournament was courted by Man United. However, after signing for United, he turned out to be a bit of a flop.

      It will be the same for Isak at Arsenal. Sure, he looked okay at the Euro’s but he won’t fare well at Arsenal or in the premiership. He’s too week physically and and I don’t think he’ll have the mental strength to cut it with the requirements of the premiership.

      The physicality and robustness of the premiership and the type of defences he’ll encounter would immediately highlight his frailties. He definitely would not hit the ground running and even if we could invest the sort of perseverance that would be needed, I don’t think we have time to babysit his development until he eventually acclimatises to his new surroundings. If he ever did?

      Plus, in an arsenal team that doesn’t yet have a proven defined method of play and is still, pretty experimental at the moment. We can’t afford to have anymore passengers. We’ve only recently got rid of Ozil and Willian to name a few and are still carrying Auba and Pepe.

      Isak wouldn’t be an investment of any sorts financial or otherwise and given our position as ‘a club in transition’ we really can’t afford the gamble!

      1. what an incredibly unusual comparison…at least KC used a like for like comparison, positionally-speaking, albeit even his was a considerable stretch as their respective playing styles were so vastly different…you do realize that Poborsky’s major stumbling block was the emergence of Beckham and a subsequent tweaking of Fergie’s tactics

        regardless, I do agree with your much more logical concerns about his physique, as even though he’s tall, which is a coveted trait, he’s likewise incredibly lean…now of course that could be changed somewhat, with some regimental and dietary adjustments, but what if those physiological changes negatively impacted his other qualities, like his pace…I do like his age and his up-side, but only for the right price and I highly doubt that Sociedad is going to let him go for a fraction of their present valuation, which is much too high presently

  2. Ownership and Management and the board are to blame period, dumb contracts with the wrong people and the right people don’t want to come to be a part of our absolute and utter ineptitude. The honest truth is from back to middle we have retooled a lot and it’s gotten much better…I love Lacazette, just doesn’t score enough Aubamayang? love him too, but he is just not scoring and does not provide anything else…Nketiah? just havnt seen enough stretches with him in…same for Martinelli…Verdict? You can build a billion dollar stadium in LA, prop up hockey and basketball in Colorado, but your Ebeneezer Kroenke with Arsenal and the elves are our board and Management . I Wake up everyday wondering when he will sell and release us from purgatory. What an absolute destruction of one of the top ten franchises in the world…….SICK IN MIAMI

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