Kevin Campbell says Klopp’s comment on Arteta is because he is feeling the heat

Kevin Campbell has responded to Jurgen Klopp’s suggestion that Mikel Arteta tried to influence the referee when Arsenal faced Liverpool last weekend.

Both clubs played out a tough game, and tempers flew around the fixture.

Arteta’s men won the match 3-2, but it was a game that could have gone either way.

Arsenal’s win has kept them at the top of the Premier League table, and the Gunners now feel confident about beating other clubs.

Campbell reacted to Klopp’s suggestion and said the German is under pressure at Liverpool, so he needs to deflect the blame.

He tells Football Insider:

“They are going to nit-pick and try and deflect stuff. Jurgen Klopp is a master of this business. He has been there, seen it and done it. He knows exactly what he is talking about.

“Listen, he is taking the heat off his players. I do not blame him either.”

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Managers often speak to the referee and his assistant during matches, so it is not unusual if Arteta was frustrated about a decision and informed the ref.

Just like Campbell said, the pressure might be getting to Klopp, so he wants to deflect the blame.

What we need to focus on is earning even more wins and building momentum before the World Cup break.

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  1. What a lot of fuss about nothing! Simply par for the coure for managers to fall out during games; likewise players. But this is almost always simply “handbags” and heat of the moment nonsense, fuelled by male testosterone(as regrettably, so are MOST of our global wars and hatred, sadly).

    But its only when foolishand self publicising pundits andother folk try to make something out of nothing, when longer lasting harmn can sometimes be done.

    My sage advice is to ignore this non event!

    Put in wider context , it is widely accepted among thinking folk that much of the passion in the mens game is why it is so popular worldwide. And in the Prem more so than anyothe league My friends, you cannot have, nor should we expect, to have it ALL WAYS.

    Finally, I of course realise, as do many others, that PERSPECTIVE is no friend of those running JA, as it declaws false and agenda hyped controversy.

    1. Male testosterones ? Are you serious right now? You even went ahead to say it causes wars and conflicts as if women don’t declare wars too, that’s a very wrong way for thinking and it should be changed, you’re the kind of person who explains toxic masculinity without even knowing what it truly means

  2. Klopp , Wenger, Furgeston, Morhihio and Bredan Roggers to a lesser extent
    are the master of these mind games.

    Said it before on another thread and I said exactly before we played Pool, Klopp started the mind games against Arsenal a full week before a single ball was kicked he loves it and it has always work for him, he went out of his way to explain why Man city sold Jesus to us without anyone had ask him, a day before we played Pool he said he was not sure if Thiago could play has he hadn’t trained with the boys,.
    Did Thiago a player that started the game look I’ll?

    Furgeston always constantly pointing to his watch on wrist emphasizing, the officials make note of the time, either he is awarded more time if he is behind in the match or for the officials to blow off full time if his team is under pressure trying to protect a slim lead

    They are going to nik pick and try to deflect stuff, Jergen Klopp is the master of this business.

    But in the gaffer Klopp has met a formidable and even hungrier foe who equally likes the mind games and beat him at it.

  3. Let me correct you. It wasn’t a game that could’ve gone either way. We were the better team. Compare stats of touches in both penalty areas.

    If Gabriel hadn’t committed that mistake and if Odegaard had scored that sitter?

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