Kevin Campbell slams fellow ex-Gunner who has been vocally negative about Arsenal

Kevin Campbell has slammed Paul Merson for his negative comments towards their former club, Arsenal and their transfer business.

Merson has been openly negative about the Gunners and always jumps at the chance to criticise them and their plans.

He recently said he could do a better job than Edu if he was given the role of Arsenal’s director of football.

The former Arsenal man has watched as the Gunners have splashed the cash on the likes of Ben White, Aaron Ramsdale and Martin Odegaard, yet he is unconvinced by the job being done at the Emirates.

Campbell didn’t enjoy his recent attack on the club and said Merson is a Chelsea fan who only played for the Gunners.

He then claimed that he always hoped that the Englishman wouldn’t go too far when criticising Arsenal, but it happens and then accuses him of changing his opinions when things get better.

“Again, this seems to be a recurring situation with Merse, at times,” Campbell said via Football London. “Yes, Merse is a Chelsea fan.

“But he has played for the Arsenal. He has had great times at Arsenal. Again, it’s his opinion.

“But it’s the way it is done is the tough part. I watch it and I shake my head. I just think ‘Oh no, no’.

“I am watching and thinking ‘Merse, don’t go there, don’t go there, don’t even go there’.

“When things change, sometimes the opinions change and they come out with ‘I told you so’. Always remember, log it down and write in the diary.”

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  1. It wouldn’t matter if we were top of the tree playing free flowing football, Merson would find criticism as KC says he is a Chelsea fan.. but I wouldn’t take anything Merson says too seriously, he’s not the brightest bulb is he ?

  2. Both Kevin and Paul rely on clicks on their posts for income. So engaging other well known faces is just good business for both.
    The good guy bad guy role play is just like WWE.

  3. I love him, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Merse say anything positive about Arsenal. So nothing new there.

    1. Oh! You are so wrong my friend.You missed out on AFC’s greatest legends – Arsene Wenger, Mesut Ozil, Yaya Sanogo and the other “legends” Chamak, Assano, Park, Andre Santos, Sebestian Squilachi, Mustafi, Manuel Almunia, Vito Mannone, Gabriel Paulista, Gervinho, Teo Walcott and the list goes on.
      Who cares for the opinions of Paul Merson or Piers Morgan? Not me! It is easy to sit in an airconditioned room and speak some irrelevent sentences, sweating it out in the training sessions trying to train Chambers, Holding and Kolasinac is another challange by itself. Just yesterday “our greatest manager” too agreed that the club is in the safe hands of Mikel.Enough of Mikel bashing. Support the club at all costs.

      1. I understand your sarcasm. But don’t mention Wenger the same sentence as the other players. He’s out greatest manager ever. Admin, please take legal action against this person the next time he criticizes Wenger

  4. One thing that Campbell says and I agree with, is noting and logging down what others say – it’s worth doing with comments on JA!!!
    Of course, people can then say it was taken out of context, or it was never said, but fans on here have long memories.
    As for Merson, Campbell is correct – mind you, he’s been just as harsh with MA and what’s been going on at our club since Wenger left.
    We are now second best to our noisy neighbours, let’s hope the juggernaut MA has designed, can finally turn our fortunes around.

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