Kevin Phillips tips Arsenal attacker to join Premier League rivals

Former Sunderland man, Kevin Phillips, admits there might not be space for Eddie Nketiah in the Aston Villa lineup, but he still thinks the England Under21 star would be a great signing for them.

The Athletic reported recently that Villa has a strong interest in the Englishman, and he could join them.

Arsenal has offered him a new deal, but he seems to have decided to leave the Emirates.

The striker has attracted attention from several other clubs, but Villa is one of the most ambitious sides in England.

Phillips believes they are not signing him because they need him, but they want to take advantage of his expiring contract.

He tells Football Insider: “I think the reason they’re interested is because financially it’s a deal that makes sense. He’s going to be available on the cheap.

“Danny Ings started on the bench yesterday. Do they need Nketiah? If they bring him in there’s even more competition for places.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is never a good thing to lose a young and promising player like Nketiah, but Mikel Arteta does not rate him.

The Spaniard has shown over time he prefers other attackers in the squad to the former Leeds United loanee.

Even if he signs a contract extension, he would still not get enough playing time, and it is best we allow him to leave.

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  1. What is very clear to SOME of us but far from a majority on JA, is that MA is determined to only bring in TOP QUALITY PLAYERS from last summer on and will not let the VERY moderate like of NKETIAH and such as AMN etc remain here.

    He wants determined and quality players only and it is clear to SOME of us that he is steadily getting rid of all the sub standard players AND troublemakers he inherited and replacing them, WHEN HE IS ABLE, with better class players.

    Some refuse to see that but such is life, as there have always been and always will be, wilfully blind and unperceptive humans in every sphere of life, including AFC fans.

    1. When you say TOP QUALITY players jon can you give us you’re thoughts on the six players signed in the summer then ?
      For me out of the six only Ramsdale and tomi have been quality and I wouldn’t say top quality except from Ramsdale .
      Ramsdale – top notch
      Tomi – very good
      White – hit and miss ,definitely not top quality
      Odegaard- terrible signing and now we are stuck with him as our main outlet as a number 10 ,definitely not top quality
      Tavares- very raw but could become very good ,the one player who as made me sit up this season and have enjoyed his performances
      Lokonga- again very raw but nothing special ,definitely not top quality.
      So that’s my view and reading other regularly posters views I would suggest they go along the same lines .
      So if you could please explain how Arteta is only signing top quality players I would love to hear it .

      1. Well Dan its there in print as I WROTE IT. YOU OBVIOUSLY DISAGREE.


  2. Its unfortunate that Eddie never got a run of games in the first team but I suspect the conclusion would have been the same. Don’t think he has the quality to lead the line for Arsenal.

    Doubly unfortunate that he will likely go on a free when you see what Liverpool was able to get for similar promise in Brewster.

    Maximising our assets has never been a strong suit. For every Iwobi we seem to have two Nketiahs. Or maybe the poor transfers are just more memorable.

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