Key Arsenal star close to suspension after fourth yellow in seven games

Gabriel Jesus has picked up four yellow cards at this early point in the Premier League season, and could well miss one of Arsenal’s big upcoming fixtures.

The Gunners take on Tottenham next, which is one match we can never expect to get through without the referee putting names in his book. Fingers crossed that Jesus isn’t amongst them however as our next opponents will be Liverpool, another side who will be expected to bring the fight to us.

If we are lucky enough for Jesus to avoid a booking from these two, we will still need him to avoid any further bookings for the next 10 matches in order to avoid a suspension, as confirmed by the Express, which could well derail our hold on top spot in the division.

While I think Nketiah would step up in Jesus’s absence, a re-energised Liverpool side will be tough to beat with our best XI out. Spurs also look strong so it’s not as if we could rest Jesus in order to keep him for Jurgen Klopp’s side either.

It could be worth taking a risk and getting a deliberate booking should he manage to avoid a yellow over the next 90 minutes, but we may just want to reign Jesus’s tackling in a little to see it out until the mid-point of the campaign.


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  1. If Arsenal fans say we’re unjustly targeted by referees. You’ll see some fans come tell you how it’s a conspiracy and how it’s made up in our heads.
    During his last 4 seasons at Manchester City, Jesus had 7 yellow cards. 7!!!
    Moves to Arsenal, boom!! 4 yellow cards already in 7 games. This is someone Pep called the best pressing striker he’s ever seen.
    Still think it’s conspiracies?
    As long as it’s Arsenal, we get treated differently and badly.
    Two out of those yellow cards he got shouldn’t be something he’d have been penalized for while at City.
    The other day he got a yellow card for coming in to defend Saka after he was roughly tackled by a Fulham player.
    You guys still think we don’t get treated differently?

    1. Every top team except maybe united might want to claim they have one referee or two being biased against them.
      There’s no reason for there to be a conspiracy against us alone amongst all the 20 teams we have in the league. Unless we haven’t received any decisions that favor us at all, then you can’t firmly proof and accuse of conspiracy. cause as far we are concerned every team does received that favors. Some just get it more often than the others. However It’s important that referees should be held accountable for their mistakes.
      If players and managers are being held accountable and even the club, then the refress shouldn’t be left out as well.

    2. No I don’t. He’s aggressive and having looked at them again think that perhaps one was harsh. He will miss the Liverpool game for sure as spurs will defo wind him up.

  2. To be honest tho’ I really think we have a shot at the title this season.Am sure most of you will agree with me here.However,I think what will be key to us lifting that trophy at the season will be our performances against the top 6 clubs.I cant see us dropping points against the rest of the teams considering how we’ve been playing.We’ve been completely dominant in all aspects in all our games so far.The boys look hungry and determined to get the points in each game.I strongly believe we can go toe to toe with city this season.Am not being over confident here but this side is destined for greatness.

  3. Play the best team every match regardless of the opponents,if he starts against the spuds and he gets a yellow and we win then perfect if he doesn’t start and we lose and lose against Liverpool that’s 6 points lost ,rather than 3 points gained 3 points is better than none .

  4. Yes, to try playing “poker” by Jesus attempting to be booked and miss a convenient game such as a CARABAO, is fraught with danger and is stupid.

    He will almost certainly be banned for one game. We just have to suck it up and not play silly beggars bytrying to make it fall in our favour. It rarely ever does.


  5. I just hope G Jesus doesn’t get Booked again since we have a a Tough fixture ahead of us which is Tottenham & Liverpool..The Gunners of London 4 Live

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