STAR player explains why Arsenal DO need a new striker!!

Are you listening Arsene Wenger? If Arsenal fans are going to have more than a domestic cup to celebrate next summer, then you are going to have to listen to what the former Arsenal and France super striker Thierry Henry said about needing more than just Olivier Giroud up front next season.

That is the opinion of our Spanish midfield magician Santi Cazorla as well, according to a Metro report. But just as Henry claimed when he explained that he was talking about more competition rather than dumping what we already have, Cazorla was not having a go at Giroud but suggesting that the injury problems suffered by the big Frenchman and our England international striker Danny Welbeck, should have proved to the boss the need for more strength in depth.

Cazorla said, “Yes of course [Arsenal should sign a striker] because Danny had an injury.

“We had only Giroud up front. It’s better if we sign a new striker for the team and for the club.

“We want to be more regular. Last season we lost so many points against small teams at home – Hull City for example – and if we want to win the league we can’t lose those points.”

As well as agreeing with the Spaniard, I think that Wenger needs to listen to him. There have been Arsenal transfer rumours linking Santi with a return to La Liga amid interest from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and one of the best ways of making sure he is not tempted is to assure him that he can win the Premier League with Arsenal.

Wenger himself outlined just how vital Cazorla is to the cause in a report on the official Arsenal website last week.

The manager said, “Santi Cazorla played over 50 games and from the start to the finish he was absolutely top. But everybody has been great.

“Maybe with the quality and the consistency included from start to finish, it’s Cazorla [who has stood out the most].

“He had a few games where he was unplayable. I do not look too much at his individual brilliance.

“He makes the others around him good and that’s an outstanding quality for a midfielder.”

And it is a quality that Arsenal cannot afford to lose, so how about Wenger giving him another Arsenal striker to create chances for?

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  1. I’ll be the first to cheer a new striker arriving at the Emirates. But by Santi’s logic – if we need to spend £35-£50M on a striker in order to beat the likes of Hull and Sunderland at home then I suggest we have much deeper problems.

    1. Even a world class player doesn’t score every game. Their form still goes up and down. Just, the more world class players you have in your team, the more likely it is that at least one of them will be on form. For the most part of the first half of the season, Alexis was our only in form player. Around new year, Alexis dropped form, Giroud and Cazorla gained form, plus Coquelin had great form too, that kickstarted our run and made the team tick.

      All players go through ups and downs. When a lot of your players are out of form you get results like Hull and Sunderland, but the more top players you have, the less often those results happen, because top players are likely to be more consistent, and even their bad form is likely to be better than most.

    2. He didn’t say we need a new ST to beat Hull and Co. You’ve just mashed his whole response together and drawn your own conclusions, he was asked about where the squad needs improving and he said Welbz got injured leaving just Giroud so we need another ST perhaps to help the forward line.
      He then was asked what we need to do in order to challenge and he said be more regular with our performance levels and beat the smaller teams we often dropped points against.

  2. Arsenal are not getting a striker. Simply because we have walcott, welbeck, and giroud who can all play up top. And if we would get a striker, he would need to be a significant upgrade to what we already have to truly make a difference. Someone like Suarez, aguero, or Lewandowski which I can’t see happening. What I believe arsenal will buy this summer is another ridiculous winger to complement sanchez, on the rw of course. I would rather see someone like reus or griezman come in than j martinez. Goals don’t necessarily come frome strikers, and I know we’re far off from a barca or real, but all I’m saying is thier top scores aren’t strikers. Our top scorer wasn’t a striker, and next season doesn’t have to be. Fellow goons might not agree, but I’d be happy with another 25 goal winger on the right, along with a dm and cech.

    1. The point is SURELY! That a Top Striker COULD BE our top scorer!

      The more goals from more places we have the more chance we have of winning every/near every game.

      I’d like a Griezmann or Reus too also though.

    1. Bigger chance we won’t get a center forward at all. If Wenger sees a long term CF in both Walcott and Welbeck then it would make absolutely no sense to sign/extend them and bring in a marquee signing. That plus about 10 players that can play on the wide positions aswell.

      Only scenario where I can see us getting a new striker if Giroud is getting sold, maybe there will be interest from PSG if Ibrahimovic decides to leave them but can’t imagine much else happening, esp if Theo extends.

    2. Can’t chuba akpom come from bench… i wud feel we shud give kid a chance… plus if we are to go 4 a “WC” striker we should first sell giroud… coz den he is of no use… coz wud prefer walcot any time coz of his pace and welbz coz he can hold up the ball in front “like” giroud plus he is a better runner nd confident his striking can only get better… 4 me giroud is of no use to dis team coz we are developing into more of a counter-attacking type wid help player like coq available… so better first get a DM which shud be our prime requirement….
      WENGER plz get a DM!!!

  3. Every summer we talk
    Cavani Benzema Falcao
    Lewa Suarez Martinez
    Higuian and then we buy
    Girvinho Chamakh Park Bendtner
    Sanogo Podolski Campbell Wellbeck
    RVP got 37 goals so we sold him.
    Meanwhile Giroud is the best we have by far
    It can only get better.

  4. Cazorla and Monreal have given their opinion. I would like to hear the opinions of Giroud and Welbeck of whether we need a striker or not. lol 🙂

  5. I think when some say we need more goals from a striker they mean from the forward line. All three attackers in our scheme are expected to score goals. We only really had Alexis scoring when OG went out and Theo was still injured. When OG came back goals were coming from him and Alexis but not Danny playing on the right. DW I believe will become a more potent player for us because his work rate is very high.

  6. Another former player with another opinion. Sure a team will usually be better with a better striker. Difficult to argue with that but……

  7. He is correct and I’ve also noted in the comments here about us dropping points under near-ridiculous circumstances last season. The defensive calamity away at Stoke was another example, along with the Southampton defeat and associated goalkeeping errors. In other circumstances we could have been done up like a bunch of kippers at the Emirates by Sunderland. And we WERE done up like a bunch of kippers twice against Swansea. And at Chelsea…

    Bringing in a new striker and a different goalscoring option is just one part of the fix though. We conceded silly goals, and Coquelin and Ospina coming into the side helped to prevent that as was evident for us all to see.

    However, even world class strikers find it a lot tougher when they’ve got 7 opposition players and 3 of their own players crowding the area before they even get the ball to feet. We’d need our other attacking players to be on the same wavelength as an incoming striker and get the service into him nice and early.

  8. Having read another article in the Daily Star online, it seems no paper is printing all of what Santi Cazorla has said.

    In the Star article he talks of tightening up the defensive unit, in the same context of conceding silly goals against lower teams as the Metro article, where he talks about a new striking option.

    And he’s right!

  9. After securing Cech deal….Let’s raid Munich !

    Getting Javi Martinez would cost decent amount of money for the WC player he is. He can fill dm/cb positions. Only has 2 years left on this contract. He is not injury prone, just had 1 BIG injury last year.

    Aguero plz gtfo of and go to Real. Benz to Munich ?(I’m sure he would enjoy joining Ribery since they are very good friends + Guardiola would love to play him in his starting eleven) Then us getting either Lewandoski or Muller ( I believe we can make him our WC number nine, he has all the qualities tho.)


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