Khedira transfer blow could be GOOD news for Arsenal

Arsenal were handed an unequivocal `forget it` by the Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti on our hopes of completing the transfer of the Germany international Sami Khedira in the January transfer window. It was thought that the powerful central midfielder was the top transfer of Arsene Wenger but according to a report in the Evening Standard the move is not going to happen.

Not in January anyway, after Ancelotti issued a statement yesterday declaring his intention to continue trying to persuade the 27-year old to renew his contract and stay in La Liga. And Ancelotti also stated that if Khedira did not agree to stay in Madrid, he would not be leaving before next summer.

Madrid’s manager said, “We have until June to reach an agreement with him. If he wants to sign an extension, the club will renew him. If not, he will leave the team at the end of the season.

“Khedira has come back really well, he trained with the squad and he’s ready to play. Of course he’s not in optimal condition after missing the last 40 days, but he’s an important player for us.”

It is possible that Ancelotti is not being entirely honest as sometimes happens in football with potential transfer business. The fact that Khedira is not being used by Madrid gives some support to this theory. The German is fit as he has been on the bench regularly but was snubbed again at the weekend, with Ancelotti bringing on teenage midfielder Alvaro Medran rather than Khedira.

However, assuming that Madrid are digging their heels in, I do not think it is really bad news for Arsenal, as long as Wenger moves his transfer sights a bit closer to home and signs the excellent France international Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton instead. He is not only as good as Khedira, he is fitter and already fully used to the English Premier League.

Schneiderlin would hit the ground running for the Gunners were we to sign him in January, whereas Khedira might not start to make a difference until the following season. Do you agree that the Frenchman would be the better signing?

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    1. Because his two countrymen at Arsenal are not good enough! He comes here, he starts competing for titles and not for top 4.

      Even injured Khedira is worth more than Flamini and Diaby. Detrimental day from Flamini against Hull. The problem is that this rather the usual of his performances.

  1. The injury train wreck Khedira should not even be an option. However world class HOLD UP PLAY legend Zigic should be. We could do with anything atm. Just not khedira. He will spend most his time competing with diaby on the treatment table.

  2. Facts of the season so far,we have half the points of the league leaders,less points than this time last year,only two fit first team defenders,more money in the bank than ever much proof do you need that wengers job is to make money for his boss and not win trophies.
    We the fans are being ripped off by Wenger and last week at the agm sir chips openly stated Wenger is 100% responsible for the club.
    Wenger out or Wenger to stay ? Something needs to change and fast

      1. Hi mate hope you are well,I feel our great club has lost it way and the captain at the helm cannot see the icebergs ahead which are going to sink us.
        My point is stick with Wenger and no top four this year or replace him and get our season back on track and our club back doing what it should be doing and winning league and cups yearly not making money !

        1. I am well thanks. I am starting to get busier thank god. I don’t think there is enough lifeboats do you 🙂 How are you good I hope.

  3. If no other option I would have been glad we sigbed khedira but for me there are much better options. Totally agree that Morgan S Is at the top of the list. French, young, pl proven and a great player. Unless we can get ourselves up the table and supersede Southampton by Jan would he want to leave to come to us? Also think Koeman will really dig his heels in and either not sell or sell for a very inflated price. Secondly I’d love Kondogbia and then there are the diames and mulumbus of the world.

    1. This summer I would say he is the answer. This season has made me change my mind,Morgan schnederlin hasn’t been playing def mid this season. I take it every one here hasn’t been watching him play. He now plays in the Ramsey role he reminds me allot of bender a tall energetic central midfielder who is combative. This season statistically he has been very poor even arteta,flamini have had a better def rating source squawka.attacking wise he has been very good cork and wanyama are the def mid at Southampton and wanyama has been excellent this season.

      The player I would go for is iturraspe of Bilbao this lad is quality he is good techniqualy and he has excellent vision and short passing as well as good strength and heading ability.he is as good as Morgan the same age and he is 6ft1.his market value is 10.5m (transfermarktt), but knowing Bilbao they would hold out for 15m

  4. I don’t want him, he is injury prone and not defensive, he attacks more than Alex Song, and we used to say that Song over attacked…. We have Ramsey and Wilshere. All we need is an actual DM who is strong, quick and knows his job.

    People keep saying we need Khedira for DM, but he has never been a DM, not for Madrid and not for Germany.

    Get a real DM.


  5. Khedira for nickels would bea great addition on paper.

    However he has never had an injury free season in his professional career, and that’s worrying. Not to mention his + 100k a week salary, I don’t want that kind of player playing Monopoly with Diaby for half of the season. IMO he is the much better, little less injury prone version of Diaby.

    So in other words cheap (almost free), injury prone, a DM who actually won’t play as a DM = sounds like a Wenger deal.

    Off topic, congrats to Jenko for the first start with West Ham, he got an assist right away!

  6. Schneiderlin would Be a perfect option big stron, good technically and already proven, he would be my first choice, I would also consider stones as a CB he’s learning but will end up quality, but here is the problem, Schniderlin would cost 25-27 IF they sell him, and Wenger won’t pay that for him, he would prefer to sing a possible youngster who may make it, and he won’t pay for stones either, can you imagine if and I say if Chelsea wanted them, it would not be a problem , simple agree a fee and get them now

    1. You can forget Schneiderlin Arsenal have already said we have got 20 million for transfers in January. He we go again shopping in the bargain basement.

  7. PS unless we sell a few players we don’t need and reinvest the money in players that we do need.

  8. Khedira should not be even considered as an option because not only he’s not a true DM, but he’s also injury prone, and demands high wages. Schneiderlin would be ideal, but I don’t see it happening. Soton didn’t sell him to Spurs, and now, when he’s a major part of Koeman’s team, why would they sell him to us? Not a chance. Bender brothers? Hummels, who can play as both DM and CB? I don’t have any other names of the top of my head. It’s a job for our scouting department, and they better get busy. Or how about this crazy idea – PLAY DIABY!

    P.S. Where’s Kallstrom when you need him? 🙂

    1. Wenger did tried to sign morgan last summer but soton refused to sell,i just hope wenger meets the asked price and jan we will sell podolski

  9. We need more than Schneiderlin…
    As a matter of fact we need more than Schneiderlin and Khedira…
    As a matter of fact we need more than Schneiderlin, Khedira and 2 defensive covers.
    As a matter we need all of that and Wenger gone at the end of the season (even if he wins the league, which he obviously won).

    it is inconceivable and unacceptable that a manager earning such a “outrageous” and “overpaid” wage is not delivering trophies and accolades on a REGULAR basis.
    We should be enjoying more than what we have been served so far (and for many years).

    It is unfair for the fans and it is clear that we are not in the board and Arsene Wenger agenda…!!!

    1. Are you listening Wenger in this order buy a DM, CB and a left winger. Sell Podolski, Arteta, Sanogo and Campbell if he wants to go.

      1. hes too busy burning 50 pound notes with ivan to listen

        u know very well what we are like in january windows- that list is not gonna happen

      2. There is no market for a player Arteta’s age and whatever car Wenger drives to work these days will fetch a lot more cash than Sanogo.

  10. The point is Wenger delivers what his pay masters want and that’s profit not trophies,untill stan sells up which is very unlikely or wengers grows some balls and stands upto him which will never happen we are heading in one direction and that’s out of the top four.

    1. Why don’t the fans at emirates or agm make some noise? I stay in India & still feel ripped off. Don’t know what fans in London must be going through. Highest season tickets in the world for this depressing scenario is a robbery.

    1. Wtf happen there ! Was going to say of to play five a side and if wengers interested I’m a CB,cheap,available and gets injured a lot !

  11. the one thing no one cant say against the board is they have always back the manager with funds they can afford to give him regardless of restrains of the past few years, and i dont care what they want to pay kronke.
    As long as they back and fund the wenger/next manager with as much transfer money in every window they can afford them fro the budget i would guess £70 million in summer windows and £30-£40 in January window will suffice a new manager would work wonders with that size budget, and i think we are a good draw for any new manager we are the arsenal any manager would want to manage us, as for wenger i dont know if he will last the distance on this contract if we scrap top 4 that would be a lucky escape for this season the way it is going atm.
    but this is not good enough or ambitious anymore we need an ambitious manager who wants to win above all else not worry about philosophies/styles and the sorts after, the board need to show some style and appoint a winner time to take the power back arsenal board and shape this club to win again. COYG

  12. Let bring down our wage bill by selling players we hardly use and buy players we will use. Wenger stop paying players more than what they are worth. Job done.

  13. I’ve just been considering our situation again and looking at the pl table. 2 points away from 14th place, but only 5 from 3rd. Considering how absolutely awful we’ve been so far, hiw many pkayers are nit performing, how many injuries we’ve got and rhe fact we’ve played some of the top teams this actually says to me things could be worse, was it last ywar we were in 16th place at one point. 8 games in based on our shocking start I’d take our current situation but things really do need to change/improve as of now, wake up wenger!! Ps I discount chelsea and city as our competition as soon as the sumner window shut. For me we are chasing 3rd.

  14. The Arsenal Supporters Trust say tonight that AFC have around £42m to spend in January based on the accounts + we can raise it further by sales of podolski 10-12m+

  15. Wenger soon will say that “I could have stay home and manage the team from my bedroom”, but “I am gracing you with my presence on the touchline, so be grateful, keep quiet and pay the most expensive ticket in world football, you “mugs”…”

    It is unacceptable that Wenger does not deliver trophies, major trophies (Leagues and CL…) on a regular basis…!!

  16. Winter Transfer we need to do what Chelsea did last year. Sell some players for good cash and buy what is needed.

    Sell: Podolski, Campbell this gets us 20 mil. plus the 20 mil in the transfer kitty. Gives us 40 mil to spend.

    Loan out: Sanogo

    Buy: Hummels and Virgil van Dijk (I see him as our new CDM as he is a beast and can also go forward). To buy both would cost 40 mil.

    If we want Schneiderlin as well we may have to sell Ozil.

    1. Oh and please let us not get Khedira, we do not need more injury cases.

      To recap on my 3 buys can you imagine our new super defensive setup.

      Debuchy – Hummels – Kosielny – Gibbs
      —- Van Dijk/Chambers Schneiderlin

      Ramsey as our number 10. We have a number 10 that can tackle as well.

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