Khedira transfer OFF but will Arsenal sign anyone?

It looks almost certain that Arsenal will not be adding the name of Sami Khedira to the squad list, at least for a year anyway. He had been heavily linked with a move to the Emirates this summer to strengthen that defensive midfield role, but now Arsene Wenger will have to look elsewhere or stick with what he has already got.

Despite the rumours suggesting that the Germany international was unhappy with his playing prospects at Real Madrid, their manager Carlo Ancelotti has either persuaded him to stay, stopped him from leaving or simply failed to agree a deal to sell him. He has now declared that Khedira will be a Real Madrid player this season, as reported by Metro.

The Italian said, โ€œKhedira is happy here and he is staying. The matter is resolved and he stays at Real Madrid.โ€

There have also been a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a move for the talented 22-year old William Carvalho from Sporting Club de Portugal, while earlier in the summer the names of Morgan Schneiderlin and Lars Bender were supposedly in the frame.

But there is also Calum Chambers to consider as well, with the 19-year old already showing great ability and versatility since signing from Southampton. So what do you think Wenger is going to do Gooners?

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      1. SAT- On- (deal already in place)
        SUN- Off (naaah he’s happy here)

        i think that’s right. these things are difficult to track.

    1. just a shame…another shameful transfer window for us. before all the retards start giving thumbs down just do a quick round up of who we sold and bought and you will figure out that we have just spent 30 mil on players and look at manure they are getting di maria for 63mil…just a shame…this is rubbish, we have no chance if we dont spend on a strker,defender and a holding midf…I’m sorry for myself and all arsenal supporters. I just dont understand where the 100mil transfer kitty went?where is it wenger?did you spend them all on biiiitches in Brazil? WTF? Bring in fking carvalho,alderweild and any striker will do at the moment. Giroud alone is not enough…we need 3 more signings…we fking need it

  1. There is just so much smoke and mirrors in this transfer process that nobody ever really knows what is going on. One moment, Ancelloti gives Khedira permission to leave and cannot be bothered where he goes and the next
    Moment, everthing is fine and Khedira is happy to stay. It is hard to believe that madrid is ready to let him go on a free next season. That is just foolishness. So me thinks that they are playing hardball now just to get his suitors to make up their minds with firm bids since no one has come forward when news broke that Kehdira’s tranfer fee has been dropped. Again, I think they are playing hard to get because di maria’s transfer has gone through and they have recouped all the money they spent on James Rodriguez. Still, there is no room for sami on the madrid first team and a champions league and world cup winner like him cannot be happy warming the madrid bench. Something will definitely happen in the last minute and if we dont get Sammi, someone else will.

  2. jus pay them the 30m asking price and we will have Khedira…..

    we have missed out on Di Maria to man utd

    how many top players are we going to miss out???

    come on Wenger,..

    Spend the money

  3. Gustavo is a very good signing…he protects the back 4 well in the world cup…..

    he was too good for Bayern

  4. Utd are now real title contenders after signing Rojo and Di Maria and more signings coming in….

    and Wenger is still dragging and refuse to spend

  5. Podolski looks likely to leave on loan with a view to buy. That would free a lot of wages, and if Wolfsburg are interested we could maybe arrange something with Gustavo who would be ideal.

    Interestingly Arsenal scouts watched Leverkusen vs Dortmund recently. Bender or Reus?? It’s tough to call with Arsene.

    We need 3 players though, that’s quite clear.

    1. That’s funny only Arsenal would send scouts to watch proven players like Reus,Bender and Gustavo,they should just put in an offer for them if they want them there’s no need to scout players who are known the world over!

      1. I agree, we do have a problem with pulling the trigger…maybe they were seeing what shape Reus was in post-injury??

        You know how we’re deliberate every detail over significant signings.

    2. And this rock solid news comes from where?

      Coming to comment on bullshit made up news that we are all capable of reading is really a waste of time.
      So scouts went to watch internationally renowned players when there is literally thousands of hours of video of them playing that could be ‘scouted’ more efficiently than sitting in the stands.


      1. We’re you neglected as a child? Why the hostility?

        Far is it for me to discern why scouts were there….maybe analyzing Reus’ recovery from injury to see if it’s worth bidding? Idk I’m speculating to generate conversation, that not what we do here?

  6. still can’t believe we are letting podoslki go he would have guaranteed us 15 goals max with giroud he will only scoare if he gets 4-5 chances like against everton I hope wenger knows what he is doing

  7. Wenger had scout at Bayer Leverkusenโ€™s win at Borussia Dortmund where Marco Reus played.
    or maybe for someone else

    1. Champagne Charlie just said that! Don’t you have an original thought of your own? Silly me, of course you don’t – just like the rest of the Ollie G haters!

      1. Leo is the Twitter rumour guy. Anything on Twitter will be reported here by Leo. It’s a good thing for people who don’t want anything to do with twitter.

        1. Every quote he has is from Twitter. Doesn’t make up anything. E.g. If you look below you will see a quote. Google search it and you will find Twitter user @ManUtd says exactly the same thing word for word. (“Liverpool …. turn holding it”)

            1. That’s what I meant – he’s a world class copyist and bandwagon jumper without an original thought in his head. Glad you sussed him out!

              1. Yeah well he should use quotation marks. In theory he is a criminal, copying other peoples stuff and claiming it as his own. Every writers nightmare.

    2. Why bother scouting a world class player like Reus every person in the football world knows his talent,Arsenal are wasting time our squad is weak compared to Man City and Chelsea we won’t win the BPL at this rate!

    3. Bender wasn’t even playing. and Giroud was our top goalscorer, how many did Podolski get? how much more did Giroud do for the team that Podolski? people slate Giroud but look how he changed the game after replacing Sanchez. he’s never going to get any confidence if all people do is jump on his back. no one is on Chambo’s back for all of his misses. not even sure he hit the target out of how many shots?? Giroud got us a point. be grateful

      1. giroud is not good enough to be our 1st cf.

        and podolski had a couple “game changer performences” too remember the west ham game last season?

        u could even bring bendtner on and when hes lucky enough he will have a game changer moment as well (cardiff).
        its luck. nothing more.

        giroud should be our plan b and not our plan a (which seems to be the only plan wenger has).

        1. Yeah, but while he’s our plan A, support him. We only make it worse for his confidence if we bash him. And i know you dont want an “average” striker who is low on confidence.

          1. @Mistamonn
            Exactly. Ya see what happened with Gervinho. even though he wasn’t our striker. Look at him now.

      2. I think many are too harsh with Giroud, and yes he did earn us a point….BUT Cavani/Falcao would have bagged a brace in the 4 chances Giroud had and that’s 2 more points earned.

        It’s that clinical, star quality Giroud misses. Great plan B guy, but he’s not from the very top drawer which is what should be leading an Arsenal 11.

          1. Well clearly it’s not an exact science, but probability and quality tells you Cavani is far more clinical than Giroud.

            So while you want to argue the outcome of one games chances, it’s as close to a dead cert that Cavani would earn us more points with his striking exploits than Giroud. He’s scored 129 goals in the past 4 seasons and his strike rate is far better than Girouds.

            Let’s just call a spade a spade and stop the petty squabbles, Cavani/Falcao are superior marksman than Giroud. It’s no slight against him, just fact.

    4. haha who needs a scout for reus now? hes one of the hottest prospects in the world. a 2 year old could write a scouting report for him.

  8. Liverpool haven’t got much training done today.

    Mario Balotelli brought his Premier League medal in so they all had a turn holding it.

  9. EPL is gonna be a box office this season, with the amount of stars that EPL clubs have. It will just benefit every club to play in the EPL from TV revenues and sponsorship, whether you are a relegation battle team or a defending champion you will be rewarded fairly. amazing

  10. WE simply HAVE to sign a top CDM!!!!! If Podolski does go, I hope we get Reus…… still a CB short. It seems all those available want guarantee of playing time and aren’t prepared to fight for spot. Still think we can get a quicker CB than BFG, although I still like him.

  11. we will sign someone, attacking positions seems very unlikely but DM n CB will happen. and I know many wont agree when I say this but, lack of proper pre-season with missing players is costing us. the lack of “Cohesion” is the outcome of this. We had the worst pre-season in terms of preparation. I dont rely on results.

  12. Wenger just need to buy two players Dm and Cb then we will fight for the tittle. If madrid plays game with Khedira it is nor of our concern. Arsenal’s board are focus they know the right thing to do. Let give them our support.

    1. no. wenger needs to bring in 2 players:

      a cdm who can play as cb too
      and a fukin striker coz arsenal fans will die seeing giroud leading the line for a third season!

      the guy has the ball control of hulk and the speed of an old injured turtle.

      look at the strikers we had in the past and then look at giroud and sanogo – DIS fukin GRACE!

        1. Jim A
          Can you believe some of the comments on here about Giroud no clue about football or formations or what we obviously or Wenger wants from our lone striker!
          Hopefully when we start playing Sanchez wide left and Walcott wide right we will look a more potent team going forward.
          And I’m amazed at the Podolski love in aswell I mean the guy is literally a passenger in a lot of games for us.
          I could list all his obvious weakness but i thought that was obvious to people CLEARLY NOT!
          Khadeira might happen it might not all paper talk.

          1. Yes but Podolski is HOT !!! you guys just don’t consider us girls at all !! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Wenger has to but a cb he cannot risk having just 3 recognised cbs especially with kos also carrying a injury so we are certain of at least 1 new addition if i had choice of either a dm or forward to also be added i would go for a dm think we are crying out for a powerhouse in the middle of the park protecting the back 4 and also breaking up play and then letting our flair players do there stuff in the final third think it would make a huge difference to our team!

  14. I’d like to see Chambers tried out in a CDM role at some point. Maybe not this week, or maybe this week is the perfect time?

  15. The only reason why Madrid is saying this is that they want to extract the highest price for Khedira. By delaying it till the end of the transfer window they hope that they will achieve that. They have bought Kroos (bargain really) and Rodriguez. How often would Khedira play.

    Looks like we have a busy 6 days ahead of us for transfers. Plus Besiktas result needs to be positive. Some players will not come due to lack of CL. Plus some players might not be needed due to lack of CL.

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