Kieran Tierney ‘grateful’ for Mikel Arteta’s coaching and motivating ahead of Euro 2020

Kieran Tierney has revealed how Mikel Arteta has helped him to improve his game over the last 18 months, and his pep talk ahead of the European Championships has stuck with him.

The Spaniard took over as manager in North London in December 2019, and appeared to bring a rise out of his players almost right away.

Arteta is believed to have a very hands-on approach to coaching, and that appears to have had a very positive reaction from his players.

Tierney has now revealed that the Spaniard gave him a motivating pep talk before he left to join up with his Scotland side for the upcoming European Championships.

He told the Scottish Sun: “I had a meeting with the Arsenal manager and he just told me, ‘Go and express yourself with Scotland, enjoy yourself, bring energy to the team, bring energy to the camp’.

“He’s always so supportive of me, and tremendously positive. The manager always brings the best out of me.

“With regards Scotland for the Euros he also said, ‘Give everything you have, that’s how you get the best out of yourself, and it will help the team the most’.”

Tierney added that Arteta has helped to improve his game ‘massively’, saying: “I listen to everything the manager tells me, word for word. I love working with him, he’s helped me massively.

“If you can see the differences in my game in the last 18 months or so it’s because of Mikel Arteta and what his coaching staff have been telling me to do.

“I’ve been working on their advice every day. I’m really grateful for what the gaffer’s done for me.”

Are Tierney’s improvements proof that Arsenal’s decision to stick with Arteta was the right one?


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    1. No just a terrible finishing position in the league and worst season for over a decade. Giving “good” advice to an individual, doesn’t make you a good manager, motivator or able to run a team.

      1. Oh well, at least MA hasn’t gone 9 years straight without winning a thing at Arsenal. Could you imagine that?…wait…it sounds familiar!

      2. Some players you can work with, some you can’t some just think they know better. Looking at De Bryne, Sane, Stirling, Tierney, Holding, Saka, Smith-Rowe looks like he does give good advice, it’s wether the players as a whole want to listen. Those who do seem to be performing

      3. Another reply to your comment, football management Is about bettering individuals and forming a team. Working with individuals is far more difficult than spunking 1.5bln on the finished article and building a team.

        Arsenal fans should understand this more than any other fan. Wenger formed the title winning teams from unknown or unwanted players and coaching them individually to get the best out of them and how they can fit into his team.

        Arrogance and ignorance is the problem with gooners, we forgot where we came from

        1. James, I am interested in the list of “unknown and unwanted players”. If one has an ego centric view only knowing about the top division of English football most players are unknown.
          Every player is “unwanted” at their club, if the right offer comes in for them.

  1. OT….I see that Ancelloti has left Everton for Real Madrid, glad we didn’t get him then as we would be looking for another manager now. So much for loyalty then…

    1. Pity we didn’t because then we would be looking for another manager, instead ours wont go when he should have.

      1. My point being be careful what you wish for, we could have got Ancelloti thinking we were going to be settled for a few years and then he ups and goes when Madrid come calling and we then have more disruption.

          1. Thing is Ancelloti wast a success but he has gone to Real and they have another chance to sort it out. I really hope they dont get Rafa because he would be a great shout for an ambitious Everton. Rafa would make them better and me sick.

          2. I take your point that Ancelotti was a success – the emphasis being on was, but not in my opinion at Everton and has now jumped ship leaving Everton in the lurch I know you like RB so time will tell on who gets appointed and whether you get nauseous or not!

    2. 👍 Reggie.
      Plus Ponchettino is leaving PSG, apparently because of the continuing undermining by players, taking issues to the owners over the head of the manager. Doesn’t this sound familiar to the way an ex Arsenal coach was treated at PSG, yet people on here claimed it was all his fault.
      Ponchettino baled after one season in which PSG finished second. So much for any donkey being able to manage PSG to the Ligue 1 Championship!
      PSG won 2 domestic cups, and reached the semi final of the Champions League last season under Ponchettino. .

      1. It is reported that PSG’s Leonardo has stated that Ponchettino has two years left on his contract and they will try to keep him.

  2. Good to know that someone who really understands football at a high level appreciates Arteta.

  3. Wishing Kieran Tierney a successful Euro campaign. Make sure you return to Arsenal fit and ready for a strong 2021/22 season.

  4. There’s certainly a lot to like about Tierney and more to come I feel as he appears to understand that he needs a coach who can improve him as an all round player

    I think I am right in saying that a number of Man City players have previously gone on record in support of Arteta’s coaching abilities and I suspect most of the current Arsenal squad would say similar, just don’t ask Matteo!

    The question remains whether Arteta can take that forward and turn it into being a successful Manager, I personally believe that he can and will but my concern is that it may not be at Arsenal

    When he was appointed I seem to recall that most of our wonderful TV football pundits said that Arsenal was in such a mess that it would take Arteta 3, 4 or even 5 years to get them challenging again, one by one they have turned turtle on that during the season just gone, I understand their job is not to support Arteta or Arsenal whether they used to play for us or not but some fans follow what the pundits say and run with it themselves and in other instances the pundits say what they think that fans are already thinking and want to hear but either way it would be naive for me to think that it won’t affect the eventual outcome of whether Arteta stays or goes, the pundits are very influential at the moment as is the media in general

    So, I reckon we need to be “successful” in this next coming season for Arteta to achieve his management ambitions at Arsenal or he will unfortunately have to go elsewhere to be able to do it, using what he has learnt at our Club to do so

    I obviously hope that the former will be the case

  5. That is not dignifying enough for Tierney to say that.
    The Manager Arteta likes that kind of talk. Any player who becomes overly subservient and runs wildly is on his list. If the player has his own style and ego. That player is leaving his favorite list.
    It is either my way or the highway. Think about the discouragement Auba is facing.

    1. If you were coach, would you want players to follow your instructions?

      Or do what they want?

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