Kieran Tierney may have played his last game as an Arsenal player

Kieran Tierney may not feature for Arsenal again after embarking on a loan spell with Real Sociedad this season.

Despite initially losing his first-team spot to Oleksandr Zinchenko, other players, not natural left-backs, have surpassed Tierney in the pecking order at Arsenal.

The move to Spain provides Tierney with an opportunity to showcase that he is still a top-quality player, but it might not be sufficient to secure another chance at Arsenal.

According to Football Insider, Mikel Arteta is reportedly concerned about Tierney’s injury proneness, deeming him unreliable for consistent selection. The report suggests that Arsenal intends to sell the defender upon his return if Real Sociedad does not make the move permanent.

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Tierney was one of our favourite players before Mikel Arteta came to the club, and it is not hard to see why he is no longer in favour at the Emirates.

Unless he gets over his injury problems, he will still struggle to be a regular at another club.

If his loan spell at Sociedad goes to plan, several clubs will queue to add him to their group in the summer.

Otherwise, we will have to find a new home for him again, and it will not be easy to achieve that.

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  1. Players will be sold before any players are brought. Nketiah has been told he can leave Arsenal if any club match Arsenal’s asking price of £50 million.

    Not many strikers at his young age is capable of scoring a Hatrick of goals in the English Premier division.

    Arsenal will not let him go for a penny less. A few teams at home and abroad have shown interest and would be willing to match the £50 million asking price. The problem is whether they will pay the whole sum up front, is another matter.

    Arsenal have already made a net spend of Apx £130 million after total player comings and goings are calculated.

    If they sell both Nketiah and Ramsdale for £50 million each that would mean their net spend would be reduced from £130 million to just £30 million. That would allow them to spend up to £170 million in the winter market and still be within FPP rules.

    You would think the FFP committee would have their hands full dealing with the huge spending made by man city a couple of years ago and their false financial disclosures, plus the £500 million spent by Chelsea last year, which is more than 3 times the net spend of Arsenal.

    Plus on paper Arsenal is a richer business than Chelsea or Man City if you take away the owners financial inputs. Therefore Arsenal are entitled to spend more according to the calculation of business sales and the guide line of FFP rules.

    Seeing as Arsenal so far has spent a 3rd net spend of Man City and Chelsea, Arsenal’s lawyers will be encouraging Arsenal to spend a lot more as they have a lot of catching up to do to get anywhere near the spending of Chelsea and Man city. Let’s hope Arsenal spend big in the winter transfer market and get the likes of Gimenez for £60 million plus a versitile two footed Quality energetic Fullback.

    1. I can see some clubs wanting to add Nketiah or ramsdale to their squads, but i can’t imagine any of them being willing to give us 50m for either. I think we’d struggle to get 50m for both tbh.

      1. DAVI, I disagee.
        Ramsdale, prior to this seaon, had two excellent seasons and gained an Englnd place, playing for a team who finished narrowly second only behind the worlds best team.
        His reputation since coming to us is MASSIVELY ENHANCED and -unless MA is foolish enough to leave him rotting much longer as a foolish second choice- he will be leaving us next summer. Nketiah, like him or not, WILL certainly attract bids above £35 mill.
        Together, I WOULD ESTIMATE THEIR ACHIEVABLE WORTH AS AROUND £65 MILL PLUS. Possibly as much as £80mill.

    2. The trouble is Eddie is simply not worth £50 million. He cannot score goals with all the chances created for him by what is a very good Arsenal team.
      Aaron would get nearer £40 million and I would also look to sell ESR because he is clearly not rated by MA and his career is being wasted..
      I would also look to move Kiwior on because he is obviously not going to compete with Gabriel for the LCB.

    3. dave g, you are probably unaware- from the way your post sounds- that it is not at all common for top clubs to pay ALL of a high transfe fee to the selling club , upfront.

      What happens is that stages payments are agreed in contact and then , armed with that contract, the selling club is given the entire upfront fee by a bank, so they have all the money at once.

      All top clubs do this routinely, and it is entirely common.

      The selling club of course pays a bank, interest on the fee paid in advance, but this interest payment constitutes a negotiated PART of the whole transfer fee. Arsenal has also done this many times, even with current players still being paid for in instalments.

      Think of it as you would about a morgage on a house. It is all covered by insurance payments too,in case of a curtailing injury to the player THAT IS HOW the transfer market works. Just thought you needed to know.

    4. With all due respect, it is nowhere near, what you have written. It is your opinion and thats fine but factually, you are not correct. We have very little money, even if we sell Nketiah and Ramsdale, which if we do, we will get nowhere near, your valuation.

  2. Tierney certainly doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about a return, and who can blame him, sunning himself for most of the year in Spain.

    1. Is this on the field or nursing an injury on his Sun lounger?😊
      Seriously though, I do feel for him, but he is just one of those people who get more than their fair share of injuries

  3. Those among us on JA who are realists, will if we are sensible, forget all ideas of Tierney EVER returning to Arsenal.

    He does of course remain a very saleable asset and doubtless will become one at some stage.

    But to consider him returning AT ALL , is fanciful and for the birds(as politicians are fond of saying!!)

    1. I should perhaps say THAT is what I am sure WILL happen. It is NOT my personal wish and I would have never personally have ever loaned out or sold Tierney.

  4. Arteta is concerned about his injury record? So Zinchenko and Tomiyasu should also be a concern then?

    More so that Arteta doesn’t fancy a conventional fullback. Inverting is more important than defending, and sideways passing a higher priority than overlapping.

    What happened to “versatility” that Arteta spoke about? Our fullbacks are CB’s or CM, but I see no versatility in tactics, merely rinse and repeat.

  5. MA is turning to be another Wenger with his passing game.Even some lowly teams know when to shoot except the gunners who play an intricate passing game.
    The gunners have become predictable which is is fatal.The tika tika game can be over come by a swift sucker punch.
    Until MA shows adaptability,Arsenal willcontinue to struggle

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