Kieran Tierney reportedly edging towards a move to Italian giants

Kierney’s future at Arsenal is in doubt, as we previously reported. The Scotland International was Arsenal’s first choice before the arrival of Oleksander Zinchenko. Zinchenko’s undeniable contribution to Arteta’s project, on the other hand, has seen him eventually establish himself as Arteta’s first choice at left back.

Zinchenko’s ability to not only link up with the left wing through the lines, but also to drift inside and play through the midfield has seen him weaponize Arsenal whenever they play. Tierney also plays well through the lines, but Arsenal are better off with Zinchenko at the moment.

Tierney may leave Arsenal this summer due to a lack of playing time. James Benge, a CBS Sports journalist, has cast further doubt on Tierney’s future with his claim about how Ivan Fresneda’s move to Arsenal could affect the full-back position.

According to reports, Arsenal is interested in signing Real Valladolid’s Ivan Fresneda before the winter transfer window closes. Benge claims that if this deal goes through, Arsenal may be able to let Tierney leave.

“There is this growing expectation at Arsenal right now that Kieran Tierney could move in the summer. I don’t think Arsenal would push him out the exit door, but now he’s not a guaranteed starter. I think if the right offer came in, all parties are kind of thinking this is something that might happen, not guaranteed,” said Benge as per TallkSport

“In that case, what you could see is Fresneda coming in to play alongside Ben White as the two right-backs, and then [Takehiro] Tomiyasu actually basically becomes the back-up left-back, it’s a role he’s played quite a bit for Arteta.”

“It wouldn’t shock me if Arsenal were willing to do the same thing as Dortmund and loan Fresneda back. Tierney wins his Premier League medal maybe and moves on.”

So, where does Tierney go if he leaves Arsenal? According to Tuttomercatoweb, he could be on his way to Juventus.

According to reports, the Serie A giants are keeping a close eye on Tierney’s situation at Arsenal and see him as a long-term replacement for Alex Sandro.

With all that has been speculated in recent days, what do you think Tierney’s future at Arsenal holds?

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  1. Fresneda is a right back by trade. Can’t see him as a replacement for Tierney. The deal for Fresneda is no longer on anyway, at least not for this window.
    Maybe in the summer, Tierney could leave if he’s bent on it. Nuno Tavares could then be given a chance to show if he can be a good substitute

  2. Tomi’s an OK left back, basically solid defensively, but i don’t think he looks natural there – his current role of competing with White at RB and being the third option at LB makes sense, but I’m not sure it’d be ideal to rely on him as the no2 left back behind zinchenko. It’d also be a massive disadvantage to him because he wouldn’t be in serious competition with zinny, and apparently out of the picture for RB. May as well ask him to leave imo.
    If Tierney wants to move, that’s fine, but i think we’d need some sort of natural LB as a replacement.

  3. Thiery is with Arsenal this season. And has played very well for the team whenever he played. And that’s what matters.
    But for us to see him transfer away from Arsenal next summer is a possibility that can happen since he is a professional footballer. And professional footballers do a times transfer from a particular club to another one.
    But it’s equally a possibility that may not happen. Save, if he force a move away from Arsenal and they allowed him to leave. Or Arsenal sign a better than him new left-back and sell him. Will Tierney leaves Arsenal next summer I will think.
    Tierney is with Arsenal in the present and his playing regularly as possible. Next summer is future in which what will happen in it is not seen or known until it has come. And things start happening in it are seen and known.

  4. Just clickbait stuff / dartboard theory – if they put out every possible rumour some will come true and they can say “told you so”. No-one will say “What about the other 3,000 issues you were wrong about?”

    1. Best comment on this thread IDWIC, absolutely spot on regarding the dartboard theory and perhaps we should say “told you so” when it’s eventually revealed as BS, 😊

  5. One important issue concerning Tierney which I think he shouldn’t overlook to not mind to leave Arsenal next summer as being purported he might.
    But he has take into serious consideration before taking a decision to leave Arsenal next summer. But if at all he wants to quit the club at the end of this season.
    Is, Tierney I believe he knows he’s Unai Emery the former Arsenal manager signatory signed player.
    But who his successor Mikel Arteta retained him after he took over as Arsenal boss.
    But that fact which Tierney should be cognizant of, is he is prone to regularly picking up injuries if he’s playing regularly. The same thing applies also to Zinchenko. But because the duo players are top quality players, and are above the quality which Nuno Tavares brings to the team in playing at the moment for Arsenal.
    Thus, I think and believe made Arteta to decide to send out Nuno on loan. To go and gain useful experience in top quality playing and get matured in doing it.
    Hence, I think informed the decision taken by Arteta to manage the game playing of Tierney and Zinchenko for Arsenal by playing them in alternate to each other. And this playing them in alternate to each other has helped and helping them a great deal. As both Tierney and Zinchenko injury having has reduced to the barest minimum.
    So. If Tierney transferred to another club side next summer, let him be mindful of himself of being prone to injury picking that could see him sidelined for a long spell of time if he is regularly playing at the club he transferred to.

  6. It just seems like Tierney is one dimensional and that is not the kind of player Arteta is comfortable with.

    Look at most of the players he has signed? Nearly all of them can play in 2 different positions. Tierney is just strictly an old fashioned Fullback. But I like that too.

    He is a better athlete and defender than Zinchecko in my opinion but Zinchecko is much more multi faceted.

  7. Honestly I said this before it even came out on the news about Tierney, good player just not good enough for us now ,were have better and sadly that means Tierney will have to go at some point, he’s been a good player, loyal, always gave what he could, so if Tierney goes either by today or the summer ,he’s been a gunner and been in the wars for us, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💯🇬🇧

  8. With Trossard who is more effective behind the striker and with Tierney running up to Trossard’s position Arteta has more options in tactics and strategies
    I don’t Think Tierney will be sold
    Just my opinion and I could be wrong

  9. Whatever the speculation about Tierney, and this is pure speculation, I don’t think he would want to move to Italy. He seems to be a down to earth lad apparently liking home comforts and a simple life (hence Tesco), but not only that, he loves Arsenal and is happy to fit in anywhere he can at the club, presently that is!

  10. Arsenal should try and loan sander Berge from Sheffield. Having him in the team as cover for partey and also assessing him during the second half of the campaign will let the team know if he fits the system. With odegaard there it will sway him towards arsenal.

  11. What i can comment is that; mikel arteta should not allow K.TIERNEY To leave coz he is stil young has a great future at the club other than zinchenko.

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