Celtic fans threats made Kieran Tierney too scared to return to Parkhead

Kieran Tierney had a very successful spell as a player of Celtic before he sealed a move to Arsenal last summer.

The Scotsman was one of the Hoops’ most impressive and important players and he played key roles as they won multiple titles.

When his contribution to the club is considered, one would think that he is one player that their fans will never forget and that he will be welcomed with open arms whenever he visits Parkhead.

However, the defender has just revealed that he actually suffered abuse when it first came out that he will be leaving them to join Arsenal, and also when he eventually joined the Gunners.

He revealed that he is even afraid of making a return to his former stomping ground.

Speaking on the Keeping the Ball on the Ground Podcast, Tierney said, as quoted by the Mail: ‘It was just sad the way it ended. People turning and all that.” Kieran said.

‘Some people make it out to be what it’s not and it’s not that at all.

‘Weeks before when Arsenal had bid, people were like that “you’re a rat if you go, you’re terrible, you’re never a Celtic fan”.

‘I’m like “this is breaking my heart reading this” and as soon as this gets announced it’s going to blow up.

‘And the worst thing I did when it got announced was go on Twitter. Thousands of tweets, threats and all sorts.

‘When I went home two days later after signing, there was spray paint on the walls, ‘Judas’ outside my bit.’

Asked if he’d been back to Celtic Park, Tierney said: ‘No, I’m scared!’

This is yet another example of how fans can go too far and think they are free to abuse footballers who are just doing their best for their careers, and it is utterly unacceptable in this day an age.

But it also shows how footballers can be seriously affected by the abuse as well. Not everyone can simply ignore the threats and abuse and it must certainly affect them mentally when they are the victims…

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  1. Although footballers need to be advised and educated on using social media, it’s those ‘fans’ who are at fault. What he describes is nothing short of criminal activity and the culprits need to be traced and arrested. A mental institution is probably the best place for them.

  2. Bloody hell!!! Yes just imagine if EVERY player reads all what is said about them!! Smh!!
    Apparently yesterday when news broke of United’s ‘interest’ in Gabriel, he received a load of online abuse!! And he hasn’t even signed for us yet (or has he?!! 😉). I don’t know what the hell is wrong with some people!!
    At least we’re not all like it!

    1. The vast majority of us (Celtic fans) were gutted when he left, but all hope he has a great career with arsenal. Twitter etc is NOT a true reflection of any support.

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