Kieran Tierney reveals what Arsenal works on most of the time in training

Arsenal has been doing a lot of tactical work in training Kieran Tierney has revealed as the Gunners continue to struggle since the restart of the league season.

Mikel Arteta’s side has lost their first two games since the return of football, and some may be wondering if Arteta has gotten it wrong with his style.

The Gunners had made giant strides before the suspension of the Premier League season, but much of the gains of that time seem to have gone now with the team looking to get their first points since the restart.

Tierney, however, believes that with time the result will start to come as they have been doing the right things in training.

He claimed that the training is quite focused on tactics and getting the process right, which is going to take time.

“Every day in training you know you’re going there to work,” Tierney told Sky Sports.

“There are times for a laugh and a joke – Mikel loves that as well – but when we’re working, we’re working. It’s a lot of tactical stuff as well, and that’s going to help us all get an understanding of how he wants us to play.

“I’ve said before, something like that is not going to just work straight away, it’s going to be a process, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and we need to stay focused on that. There are going to be bad results and bad games, but as a team we need to keep the confidence, stick together and kick on again.”

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  1. “There are times for a laugh and a joke – Mikel loves that as well” Mikel loves a joke or two during training, our opponents like a joke or two after taking points or two from us. Other fans enjoy a joke or two from the likes of Luiz, Mustafi or Xhaka. Lucky for them Tony Adams or Pat Viera are not around. Hope we do not end up being a joke or two for Southampton.

    1. We most probably will, Loose Cannon! This club are a joke and it’s not even that funny!

  2. It’s match day (half-hearted yay!)
    Mikel wants to see a reaction – so do I!!! Pleaseeee!! Nervous……..
    Be nice to see Pepe score again – that was a beauty at the Amex.

    Will the car-jackers win the league tonight??

      1. Hey, Sue. I hope for your sake we win later and Chelsea keep Liverpool from getting their hands on the League cup for a little while longer!

        You may just want to have those blood pressure remedies ready? 🥵 😡 🤬

  3. How about showing us what you learn but giving a better performances, I think Arteta is concerned about arsenal player weak mentality and lack of leadership, that’s why he is so bent on retaining Luiz, probably things work as he planned,

  4. The players have to show the tactics and training on the field as we have very little time left even to make it to the EUL. Still I would always say Viva Arsenal!

  5. Hojbjerg’s 40 shots without scoring is the most by any top-flight player this season.
    He’s bound to score tonight……😄

    1. Sue, don’t worry, we will try and find a way to help the lad, like we helped Sterling in his goal drought, Brighton their win.Other then helping ourselves (for which they are paid) we keep helping others. Such a big heart, very charitable.

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