Kieran Tierney will come good for Arsenal declares former team mate

Celtic captain Scott Brown is convinced Kieran Tierney will come good for Arsenal.

Arsenal has been assured that in Kieran Tierney they have a fantastic full-back that has all the tools he needs to succeed.

The Gunners signed Tierney from Celtic in the summer and the Scotland International has been working his way back to fitness following a lengthy injury.

Brown was saddened when Tierney moved to London over the summer, but he admits that the 22 years old made the move at just about the right time.

Tierney hasn’t had the fastest starts to his career at Arsenal with Unai Emery easing him back into the setup after a long injury layoff, and Brown believes the club’s fans will soon get a glimpse of what he is about.

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT’s James Savundra, the Celtic skipper said: “He’s a fantastic full-back, he’s got everything you could ask for.

“He’s got pace, he’s got strength, he’s got that drive inside him that wants to win.

“He had that at Celtic, he showed his qualities and that’s why Arsenal wanted him.

“I was sad to see him go because he’s a great player and a great friend as well, but it was the right time.

“He will kick on and show everyone what a quality player he is.”

I think we have already seen glimpses of what Tierney can do. However, it is reassuring to read these comments from Brown. He obviously knows the defender well and knows first-hand what he is capable of.

We have not seen the best from him but that is because he is clearly not yet back to full match fitness. But with the games he has already played under his belt and this international break there has to be a high chance we will very shortly see the lads true potential.

Hopefully, Unai Emery will utilise Tierney more often because we will need him at his best with so many tough games coming up.


  1. I don’t doubt Tierney at all.

    Huge doubt over Emery though.

    Next 4 PL matches are “easiest” as it gets. PL is never easy but we are facing a team who haven’t won in 2 months and another who got demolished 9-0 at home.

  2. Emery has made every other player worse. Tierney will become worse with time too. Even Guendouzi is not progressing as expected. Ceballos has retreated into a shell and has been thrown all over the pitch. Lacazette is nolonger scoring, Saka is nolonger interesting to watch, Martineli is the only one still with his flame burning, albeit, weakly, just like Auba’s. We are doomed friends. Doom is upon us,

    1. Some way of looking at things Aracca lol
      -Guendouzi is progressing just fine, he has far less headless chicken moments now and has become far better with his positioning, like many of the team he needs to get quicker moving the ball around but for a youngster who was playing in French 2nd division until last year I think he’s done great 🤷‍♂️
      -Ceballos hasn’t retreated into his shell at all imo, he has struggled a bit with the league since Lpool took him by surprise but he’s getting there and imo is the best midfielder we have for playing it out from the back
      -Lacazette has just come back from injury and has been improving with each game, I’m expecting him to be more like his old self again after the break
      -Saka is just fine, he’s only 18 and his game is not completely developed yet – simple fact is some games he will set the game alight and others he will struggle, consistency comes with age 🤷‍♂️
      -Martinelli still seems a bright spark because imo he is the most promising of our youngsters and his hunger to succeed surpasses any of the others youngsters too.
      -Auba only escapes criticism because he is a fan favourite and due to the team circumstances has been the one scoring the most important goals for us so far (like he should be as a striker) – he is just as culpable as the others in the team for our form, there have been a few moments in our last few games where if it had been Xhaka or Ozil who had been stood around out of position or slow in closing people down like Auba was they would have been torn apart for it but its barely mentioned when it’s Auba 🤷‍♂️

      As for Tierney – I’ve been saying the same thing since long before we even went in for him, he will take our league by storm and will soon be recognised as one of, if not THE best LB in the league. I know its slow in coming but I can’t be alone in thinking this is one area Emery definitely has things right, rush players back after long layoffs with injury and either they suffer a relapse (depending on the injury) or they suffer another injury where their body is not in peak condition – I much prefer him being cautious with their reintroduction to avoid that.

    2. Absolutely ridiculous
      Guendouzi and Martinelli are doing fine.
      Aubameyang won the golden boot last season without appropriate assistance

      What are you talking about every player

  3. I don’t doubt him, it’s the coach selections, tactics and instructions I doubt.
    The day Emery will play Bellerin, Tierney will be on the bench.
    The day he plays both fullback, Pepe will be on the bench, the day all three starts, Lacazette will be on the bench, the day they all all start, Torreria will be on the bench and Willock, Guendouzi in midfield..
    Emery is yet to field our strongest 11.
    He takes one in, he takes the other out.
    Do you get it?
    I’d love to see all our best players in their natural positions on the pitch at once

    1. The thing is though we don’t actually have a strongest 11 imo Eddie – we have a few players who are ‘guaranteed’ starters but most of our players are young and are missing part of their game and the consistency to go with it or they are older with errors in their game 🤷‍♂️

      Torreira, for example, is a good DM, but he is also terrible at playing out from the back – if he receives the ball facing the defenders it takes him far too long to turn round and get his head up to find the next pass – both Ceballos and Guendouzi are better at this aspect than he is 🤷‍♂️

      Add in that it’s almost impossible to play all our best players in their natural positions – for example, people want Pepe, Laca, Auba and Ozil on the pitch at the same time? Well only way that is possible is to move Auba out of position into a wide role, where he has doesn’t have the right inclination to track back and carry out the defensive side of the position, nor do you want him doing so – you want him playing off the defenders shoulder to put his amazing pace to good use.

      Things are not as clear cut as many like to make out imo 🤷‍♂️

  4. OT – nice to see AW land the decent job of Fifa’s new chief of global football development. He’s seemed a bit lost lately.

    1. I was pleased to see him get a job suited to his many talents and abilities. Isn’t the truth that no top club are likely to appoint any 70 year old as manager. And WENGER WOULD NOT GO TO, NOR EVEN CONSIDER A LESSER CLUB. NOR SHOULD HE. I will be hugely surprised if he ever works daily in taking training again at club level. Simply his age!

  5. Well I hope Emery never ever picks Tierney again. But I also hope Emery never ever picks ANY Arsenal player ever again.

  6. He will of course. Natural talent with a great working mentality will help him.
    Off topic anyone read the Cazorla interview published by the independent? Oh how I miss watching that guy a joy to have him at Arsenal. Having watched him in yellow I swear at 34 he could still do a job for us!
    He talks about missing Arsenal and never really getting to say goodbye properly and not knowing where he stands in club history!
    For me a testimonial and statue wouldn’t be over the top.

    1. Yes I saw it. Totally agree with you about how he’d still do a job for us.
      I would love to see him playing at the Emirates one more time.
      What a guy! What a player 👌

      1. Hi Sue. Really miss Santi. The first goal for us in FA cup final! I’ve always felt we had 2 players that were well liked by everyone:other clubs, refs other managers that being Santi and BFG Per.

      2. Arsenal started going backwards the day Cazorla was injured. One of the best players ever to play for Arsenal. I doubt we will ever get another like him as all the best are at the top clubs in world football and would not come to AFC even if we could afford them. How OZIL misses Cazorla.

  7. Put him on City and he’d be shining. Only with Arsenal and Emery do we see players with bundles of talent lose their edge suddenly. Hopefully Emery is moved on before Tierney becomes another victim.

  8. I dont know wenger seemed pretty good at damaging or restricting players too, Ox for one! I think it’s become just an Arsenal thing. It’s about the ingrained belief and mentality at the club.
    For example MU players used to say ‘that’s no good, we are Manchester United!’ Said with an air of arrogance, hell that used to annoy me I was like yes and so what 🙂

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