King Ozil and Prince Kos are back – and so are Arsenal!

Now its time to make Our stars happy. By Galen Sona.

What a difference a few days make at Arsenal! First the signings of Mustafi and Perez then our performance today. The emotions are very high. Its gone from sooo low to sooo high. I just want to say that I love Granit Xhaka. That is how a top defensive midfielder plays. It’s not just about winning balls and tackling. Its also about what you do with possession. This is like watching Xabi Alonso play for Liverpool. Our strikers should tie their laces cause the passes are coming.

I also want to use this opoortunity to praise Rob holding. Its fair to say that Koscielny has this ability to make everyone look good. Holding has never been to London before Arsenal. This is a typical Northerner and he cost just 2 million. He will be a top CB in future. Arsene was right after all: “Nobody is talking about Holding because he didn’t cost £55million.”

We save the last for the best. Today for me, is all about the return of Mesut Ozil. And how he takes our attacking play to a whole different dimension. I don’t want anymore signings by Arsenal. All I want right now is for Ozil, Koscielny and Sanchez to be tied down to better contracts. I don’t think we shall sign any better players in the future windows than Ozil, Boss and Sanchez. I want them both to feel appreciated and given new contracts.

That should be the priority of Arsenal football club now. I am talking about £200000 a week minimum per person. Yes this is plenty of money. But this is what top players earn this days. You have predators waiting on the sides and they will do everything to take these 3 players away from us. Now is time to be strong and show no weakness as a football club.

We finally have a squad to go all the way. Looking at the bench today made me smile. Lets not forget the injuries to other players. I hope we can keep our key players fit.

The main priority of Arsenal football club right now is to give Ozil, Sanchez and Koscielny good contracts and make them happy.

Am I the only one that thinks Refs are a bit kind to usfor a change?

That said i wish y’all a great week. Enjoy the win and the signings. Yaah Gunners yaahhh.

BY Galen Sona.


  1. Are we back to challenge for top 4 ? yes

    Are we ready to compete and pip united city and chelsea? No

    Same old story in a repeat mode has begun.

    1. Thought we were 2nd last yeat? And we’re above city. Spurs. Man u and chelsea?

      Lets get behind the team and stop moaning

      World class dm and cf signed.

      1. Yes we were 2nd which means nothing since we finished 10 points behind champions.

        However, now is the time get behind the team – not necessarily the manager, but the players. Let’s take it game at a time and see where it goes from there.

        I hope Mustafi and Perez will have impact on us immediately!

        1. How does getting behind the team means getting behind the players and not the manager? Do you understand the meaning of team? Apart from that I agree with everything else that you say.

      2. Psytripps by beating a woeful Watford so you now think we are title contenders?I’m sorry no matter how positive you want me to be I can’t,I’m watching Man City they are already 2-0 up in the first half against a good West Ham side,Man United battered Hull City and were unlucky to only win 1-0 thanks to Curtis Davies being stellar at the back for Hull,Chelsea disposed of Burnley with ease so all I’ll say is Arsenal have lots of work to do to get to those 3 teams!

        1. the thing wenger needs to learn from pep is that if you want to be a top team playing quality football you have to have players that work and press … we are not there yet … apparently pep has increased sterlings av distance from 7.5km of last season to 10 this season .. i just dont think wenger knows how to do this anymore .. that said if perez and musfafi can integrate quickly we have a better starting 11 than last season so you never know

          1. If by you never know you mean we have a chance of winning the league then I’ve got news for you,Wenger is still our manager he doesn’t have a great league winning record,he came to Arsenal in 96 we had 10 league titles Man United also had 10 league titles in the 20 years with Wenger we’ve only added 3 titles to make it 13 while Man United have added 11 to take their tally to 21,Wenger averages a league title in every 6.7 years that’s not a great record for a so-called world class manager who earns £8m pounds annually!

            1. you dont have to tell me … all i am saying is if mustafi adds a bit more strength at the back giving confidence to midfield to attack more and lopez repeats his performance of last year and we dont get injuries and other do … you never know!!! man city dropped off against the hammers and werent as convincing in second half while man utd and chelsea havent come up against strong teams yet …. still wenger needs to get more out of his players thats for sure

        2. Um, of course we’re contenders.

          Look at the world class players we have in our side. Of corse we are. We are a world class cf short. Unless pires is going to bang in 27 or girud 27 goals we’ll fall short.

    2. Very true Wayne Barker don’t worry about the justarsenal fans they’re delusional at the best of times,Chelsea,Man City and Man United are way better than Arsenal as things stand,we’ve only beaten a useless Watford side but fans are making noise as if we’ve beaten Barcelona!

  2. cant say much abt our tittle credentials until perez and mustafi have been well integrated into the team

  3. @Bobbyraz

    You see, when a club signs big players,it isn’t just for the on-field impact but also the lift it gives to everyone associated with the club…

    Am sure Ozil and Sanchez will be happy we have signed some players especially Xhaka and Mustafi, and it will influence their performance too

    When we signed Ozil, we won a trophy,not necessarily because of Ozil’s play but the lift it gave us…

    So to cut my rantings short,I think we will challenge very well this season,we have cohesion and we have strengthened well..

  4. Totally agree with you with regards to keeping our best players, it’s one thing not wanting to spend big in recruiting but if we maintain the same stance of not wanting to spend big to offer lucrative contracts to our star performers we will lose them and we won’t be able to replace them. Go on Arsene ensure that our players are well taken care of.

  5. It was definitely a game of two halfs against Watford,
    So lets not kid ourselves with premature belief’s that we are going to challenge City, Utd and Chelsea for the title.
    I will start beliving if and when we start beating them.

    Anyways, it’s great to see Arsenal get a big lift in moral and i can’t wait to see how Mustafi and Lucas will improve our team, hopefully Wenger won’t drag his feet in introducing them into the starting lineup. COYG

  6. Damn, half the comments here are delusional, we are title contenders for sure. Who knows, maybe the others like Chelsea, City and Man U lose a couple of fixtures so that we can make up for lost ground. If you think its too soon to say that we are title contenders, it is too soon to write our team off. We should get behind our boys and hope for the best. We’ve got Mustafi and Perez, this is certainly the strongest squad we’ve got for a LOOONG time. And this is Wenger’s last chance at the Prem too. Up the Gunners!

      1. Who has United played in the league? Southampton Bournemouth and HUll? Am not disrespecting them teams. But I expected United to smash them. Didn’t you?

    1. Can’t agree more. Stronger BENCH than invincible season. Bringing Jack on and Eleneny-awesome

  7. arsenal fans i want you all to go back on look at some of the arsenal matches played my Jenkinson on you would see.the crosses that he deliver inside the box is run behind the defend on tell me what Hector bellerin does that he can’t. Hector bellerin never win headers cont defender one on one. weak not a good crosser tell me what make him a good right back

  8. Fvck it! I still can’t forgive Arsene for not playing Bosscielny right of the gate (against Liverpool). That mess wouldn’t have happened!

    1. What if he got injured cause he wasn’t ready? We shall be the very guys blaming the manager for playing him when he wasn’t ready. Lets move on from that lads.

    2. he should’ve done it. It was an emergency situation, and our opponents were Liverpool. Playing Chambers and Holding together was a guarenteed 3 drop points, and look what happened. It would’ve been a risk, but other teams played their Euros stars and did fine. What other Euro players got injured on their return besides for our Ramsey, the risk that actually didnt need having.

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