Kiwior expects a difficult test against Everton this weekend

Jakub Kiwior anticipates that Arsenal will face a formidable challenge when they visit Everton in the Premier League this weekend.

Despite Everton’s struggles with relegation in recent seasons and their slow start to the current campaign, they have historically performed well against Arsenal, particularly at Goodison Park.

Last season, under manager Sean Dyche, Everton secured their first win with him in charge by defeating Arsenal, a victory that had a significant impact on the Gunners. This history underscores the fact that facing Everton is no easy task, especially in their home stadium.

Kiwior anticipates a difficult match when they travel to Merseyside to take on Everton.

He said to the Arsenal Media:

“It is going to be a difficult match.

“It was a difficult match last year and it’s going to be a difficult match this year. It’s an away match and there are no easy matches in this league, but we have to get on the pitch and do what we are prepared to do and win the match.

“Of course there is an excitement. I’m the sort player who always waits for the day of the match, so the day when the match is played is always very important for me.”

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Everton are always in their best form when they face us and the international break has offered them a chance to rest well and prepare for the fixture.

We now expect them to look for their first win of the season in the match, but our boys will also be prepared.

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  1. I suspect a lot will depend on wether we play a 10 man system like we have in the previous games, would rather go back to the old style 11 man system, pretty sure, ESR and Fabio must be scratching there heads as to why Mr Pointless gets game time and which results in us playing with 10 men

    1. Sorry I’ll try and stay up all night in future in case I have to approve a comment. I don’t have anything better to do anyway. Except sleep now and again I guess….

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