KJ’s Arsenal player ratings for Anderlecht draw – Alexis MOTM

Arsenal 3 – 3 Anderlecht Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 6
He couldn’t do much for any of the goals and did make some decent saves in the first half.
Chambers – 6
Was decent offensively but was caught out defensively and was at fault for the first goal (even if it was offside).
Mertesacker – 4
Easily by-passed by the Anderlecht players and embarrassed himself late on with his defending of the cross that led to the equaliser. He’s 6ft 6 and managed to get outmuscled by someone of fairly average build.
Monreal – 4
He was really poor in the second half and gave away a needless penalty.
Gibbs – 6
He was decent but didn’t help to really control the game late on. Bombed forwards too often rather than holding position.
Arteta – 6
It was a pretty decent performance. Nothing special but the game seemed to have far more control when he was on.
Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7.5
Very good performance overall. Probed the Anderlecht defence and caused them trouble a lot of times. He took our third goal extremely well.
Ramsey – 2
Absolutely shocking performance. No control in his passing or movement. No real tactical understanding. It was like watching Lee Cattermole.
Cazorla – 4
Wasn’t much better than Ramsey and seems to be massively lacking in confidence. Gets a 4 as he managed to play some really good long balls forward early in the first half but completely disappeared in the second half.
Sanchez – 7.5 (our MOTM)
Again, he has shown up the whole team bar one player. He was vital to all three goals today and is constantly working for the team. It must be so disappointing for him when he does all that only for his team mates to bottle it and throw away the lead.
Welbeck – 5
Didn’t really do anything special all game. Should be stepping up against these types of teams.
Flamini – 2
He was shocking. He can’t do anything to control a game and just can’t defend all that well either. He only has one thing over Arteta and that’s basic mobility.
Podolski – 1
I wouldn’t have given him a rating but then I remember he completely fluffed a decent chance on the edge of the box and then had the audacity to have a go at Cazorla for it.
Rosicky – 1
Lost the ball when it was a 4 on 3 situation. That’s about it.

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    1. Ospina 9 Kept clean sheet.
      Debuchy 8 No missed tackles.
      Diaby 9.7 No one got past him.
      Wilshere 9.4 Faultless.
      Ozil. 10.3. Did not misplace one pass.
      Giroud 11.7. Did not miss any chances.

      1. Schernzy is escaping scrutiny. All oppositions whether league or champions league have been scoring goals with very few opportunities. I will like to see the chances created vs goal ratio against him.

        1. In that department he’s OK. What I don’t like at Szceszny and I never liked is the fact that he’s easily dominated in the air. He’s ok as interception or at sweeper role, even at passing but placement and dominance in the box for set pieces is his weakness.

        2. Those goals are not a goalkeeper’s fault at all. 1st goal offside and the striker was to close to him, 2nd goal, saving a penalty is just by chance, last goal…ask Martesacker!

    2. I really hope a club comes in with a bid for Cazorla after his first season he has been useless he might have one good game then 7 shit ones like i wanna see consistency from our players and Santi ain’t getting any younger either so it might be in our best interest to cash in on him and get a young CAM like Quintero or a young brazilian CAM just look at the likes of Oscar and Coutihno we need someone like that in our squad.

  1. there should be a rating for Wenger which is …. -10

    Wenger out!!!!

    had enough….

    i want to bring in a new manager

    1. How dare you question Wenger? It was his tactical brilliance that got us the whole one point. Otherwise, we would have had to settle for just 3 points.
      Tactical brilliance moment 1 : See Chamberlain terrorizing their full backs in the first half. So, put him in the middle for the 2nd half and shift Santi to the wing.
      Tactical brilliance moment 2 : Sub off our 2nd best player in the game.
      Tactical brilliance moment 3 : Play a central midfielder in the other wing also so that both their fullbacks can bomb forward without the fear of being exposed.

      And of course I shouldn’t forget the transfer market brilliance where Wenger was able to guide us to a situation where 1 CB injured = Play Monreal at CB.

      1. Just give Wenger little time, he’ll soon coach the best out of Sanchez and we’ll be left with his (Sanchez) worst. Just as he has done with Arshavin, Cazolar, Poldoski, Ozil, Per, Ramsey, etc. Even Welbeck has started declining. Giroud was French league highest goal scorer before joining Arsenal. Look at how good and promising Cambel looked like at the world cup. Will any reasonable manager be sidelining such a talent?

        Wenger is no longer making stars he’s now talents’ killer. The only solution now is for Arsene Wenger to quit

    2. B4 you go #wengerout, who should be his replacement? I doubt we find any one good now. Maybe at the end of the season. We would like 2 managers: Pep or Klopp.

      * Klopp is doing well in Europe but Dortmund are bottom 3 in Germany.
      * Pep might happen when his contract with Munich is over.

      If we kick Wenger out now I do not think we will find a decent available manager. So why not stick with Arsene and Arsenal and show as much support. Come end of the season we can all assess.

      Rodgers another manager that was in vogue last year is struggeling with Liverpool.

      Look at Pardew and BFS supporters wanted them out and now they start delivering.

      Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Sanchez worked so hard today scoring a goal and having a hand in the other two, but its a shame the guys let him down with some shambolic defending!

  3. Wojciech Szczęsny has to be one of the most overrated keepers in the world like cause we have been used to average keepers for years when Szczensy first came onto the scene he looked world class at first cause we were used to mediocrity. I blame him partially for that 3rd goal cause if you notice before the cross came in he was already off his line being his cocky self.

    I wasn’t even expecting him to make a save today the bloke couldn’t save money on his car insurance, I just look at the likes of De Gea and Courtois, Lloris how they win their clubs points with world class saves please when last has Szczesny done anything close to that

  4. Giroud >>Welbeck

    And i was on of Giroud biggest haters last season but he offers us so much upfront tbh i don’t see Welbeck as a striker he is never in the box

    1. I don’t see either one as our st we need a world class st if we could’ve clone #17 only iff… #17 iz more st than wellie & giroud!!!

      1. Fair enough but this is the very reason i was not happy with us signing Welbeck. I don’t see us signing a top striker or even any striker because Wenger is gonna say we just signed Welbeeck and we already have Alexis who can play there and the usual crap.

    2. Problem with Welbeck is he either has decided to try to do everything or been told to track back, so instead of being near the last man ready to make a run he is miles away and the advantages of his speed and size are lost.
      He needs to be up front, he is simply too big to be wasted tikka takka balls in the box.

      look at Welbeck when he arrived, making runs and using his speed, now it is clear he has been told to play like Giroud.

  5. That moment when Ramsey thought he was the next Ronaldo shaping up to take the free kick.

    Most of our players are not hungry to make tackles and win the ball back. We need to bring Joel Campbell into the team, he wins challenges especially if he loses the ball, he will chase down the opposition.

    Ox, Ramsey Wilshere and Ramsey cannot be in the team next match, too inconsistent at the moment. We will have to do with the same defense since there is no on else.

    If you go to the Arsenal.com page and hover over teams, we have new players. Hayden and Akpom have been added recently.

    Why did Wenger loan out Coquelin to Charlton recently? We could’ve done with him in the next game, now that Arteta seems to be injured, and with so many midfielders out of form.

      1. That is his problem, he thinks that he is that good, doing flicks almost everytime. He needs to stay grounded and work hard and do the simple things right. Then he will be a beter player. But you can count atleast 3-5 or occasions more today where he did flicks, and trying to be clever. Other things include doing pass across the field that are way too short or way too long.

    1. There are good defenders out there who are not in CL this year. Question is, will Wenger go and sign those defenders or a cheap young unexperienced defender. Even if a defender is CL cup tied shouldn’t be a barrier not to sign him. He can help in the league.

      Also on a side note

      Emiliano Viviano, 7 starts for Sampdoria, only 2 goals conceded.

      Did he even get a game for us last season?

  6. The ‘fans’ in the stadium are just as much at fault for that draw tonight. They were silent the entire game! The anderlecht fans were miles louder and more vibrant. I was sitting at home at 3-2 getting really angry at not just the players but how quiet the fans were. It was like they were at the cinema and not allowed to make any noise. Also even when we were winning some ‘FANS’ had already left. Discraceful. What player would want to give there all for fans like that? I guess thats what happens when the ticket prices are high. Cant bring in the highbury crowd. The emirates stadium is indeed a library. Infact my university library is louder.

  7. i didnt watch the game and i am trying to find out who wasat fault for the goal.
    even tho i can have a clue

    1. when we went 3 up, everyone pumped the breaks, thinking that the game was over. We can point fingers, but everyone is to blame someway or another.

  8. sad thing is, i for one look at this as a getwaway/stress off kind of hobby,
    then for a while it was sstress on,
    nw its like….sadness and sorrow…more stress…
    it is inevitable that Arrsenal WILL lose fans if thiskeeps on happening, i for one am not a masochist so i have to stop at some point,
    just too painful….

  9. Now for the panic buys to save his skin, all the work that should have been done in the summer, money to be thrown away at the worst time of the year for buying players. Wenger, you`re an old fool, and take it from one who has been following Arsenal since before you were born.

  10. “He’s 6ft 6 and managed to get outmuscled by someone of fairly average build.”
    You are an ignorant kid. He was outmuscled by a “beast”, Aleksandar Mitrović, who is at least twice as strong as Mert is, for the information.

  11. Mr Wenger blaming defense???. Oh nooooo.. you have only yourself to blame. You are the manager, you should have given the word to the players to change tactics when it was 3-1. But instead the team were clueless, the full back keep going forwards leaving the defense vulnerable. Frustrating for all the fans. Please Mr Wenger buy a DM and a CB in Jan if you want a better defense.

  12. Fans are also to blame here.
    We must be the most pliable fans in the PL, we simply don’t make enough noise when things have obviously been wrong at the top for years.
    A concerted effort from a united fan base would have forced a new manager.
    I monitor the level of Wenger out vs Wenger stays and it is incredible to see the Wenger out support half after a win over Burnley, sheepish fans get shagged, simple!

  13. Just like arsene said he is an attacking manager whatever he does will only help the front three and my god in his interview after match stated thier heads were down and first goal should have been disallowed. I mean no usage of the word “embarrassed” and if a reporter had asked about the January market arsene might have grilled him. But you know no one can ask him tough questions and the AST as usual won’t the have opportunity to ask as well. I will be happy if Chelsea can go unbeaten this season cause they deserve it, just look at them a manager who is more passionate than ours.

  14. Mertesacker has been the worst player this season. I know he is slow but most of the time he just lazily jogs back back. And slides. He was at fault for all the goals we conceded last night, as well as most this season. Some people blamed koscielny and monreal for some of the goals but when they made those mistakes they were covering for the absent tall plank. We were better when he wasn’t playing. I’d rather bellerin play at rb with chambers and Montreal at cb. Meet is just tall, no strength or pace just a waste of space. We wouldn’t have conceded the way we did against city or Chelsea if he wasn’t playing.

  15. When is Arsene Wenger get the sack? I am long fed up with putting up with scrap while someone being paid 8 million can’t be able to fix obvious defects in the team which he had all summer transfer window. I have even stopped watching football this season and don’t know when my miseries will end.

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