KJ’s Arsenal player ratings for Swansea – Chamberlain MOTM

Swansea 2 – 1 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 5
Don’t think he did anything of real note and wasn’t threatened much. Couldn’t do much for either goal.
Chambers – 1
He was absolutely mauled at RB. If he was up against Ronaldo, fair enough. But against Jefferson Montero, he has to be doing better. Wenger didn’t really help him and should’ve tried to tactically change it with how easy Montero had it on our right.
Mertesacker – 3
Poor throughout the game. Didn’t really do anything noteworthy in defence and missed a sitter with his head at a corner.
Monreal – 4
He struggled and was at fault for the second goal mainly. Completely out-jumped but it’s not his fault considering he’s a LB. That blame solely lies with Wenger.
Gibbs – 5
Didn’t really get punished defensively but didn’t offer much offensively. Like the rest of the team, he tended to lose the ball too easily.
Flamini – 2
Didn’t do anything that you’d consider “intelligent” or even remotely sensible. He ran around as he always does shouting without actually affecting the game. The defenders are absolutely terrified at passing the ball to him because he can’t play out from midfield.
Ramsey – 2
He was equally shocking. Didn’t do anything positive for the entire game. He has lost his first touch which means he can’t turn or pass as efficiently as he used to. It also doesn’t help that he plays like 15 yards further up than he did last season.
Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7 (our MOTM)
He’s the only player along with Alexis who can have their head held high after that performance. They were both good against Anderlecht and Alex was quality again today. He constantly made a mockery of Taylor and didn’t get much help from Chambers who was having a shocker. Was integral to our goal as well.
Alexis – 6.5
He was the only player out there with any real end product. I can’t imagine how he feels at the moment. The rest of the team constantly lets him down after he does his utmost to get us into the lead.
Cazorla – 2
Absolutely diabolical with shocking corners adding insult to injury. Just laughable football all round.
Welbeck – 4
Didn’t really threaten Swansea at all aside from the assist for the goal. Just clumsy all round and rarely made intelligent runs or passes.
Walcott – N/A
Had very little time to affect the game with Swansea time wasting but that’s Wenger’s fault.
Wilshere – N/A
Same as above.
Sanogo – N/A
Same as above.

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    1. Arsenal Fans are most afraid fans ever,
      If Wenger leaves we will never be great again, LOL
      Everyone is looking Swansea game, look Arsenal from different angle, we are in this position last 9 years, we are not able to beat big teams, and how can someone blame players LOL, i ve never seen that player is sacked, we fans are afraid of change, and that is normal, but change will come, like it or not, Wenger getting new contract is biggest mistake, its so obvious that he cant do his job on high level, he can keep arsenal in top 4 but never win it again, so ask yourself, do you want every year to lie yourself about winning or accept mediocre, your choice!!!

    2. What scares me most is Wenger probably thinks this team could challenge for the EPL and Champions League but we are miles ahead of even the likes of Southampton and West ham at least they have a squad and a sane manager.

      I’m f**king tired of Wenger giving us the same f**king excuses every game, i could predict what team we were gonna play today that’s how bad it is at the moment we never rotate players and Wenger always has his favourites the likes of Santi, Ramsey, Welbeck, Mertesacker and Flamini or i almost forgot Sanogo and Wilshere no matter how bad they play they’re always in the squad.

      I think this is a very critical situation and if we don’t win against Man Utd i suggest we protest outside Emirates stadium because we pay the highest ticket prices to watch this BS while Wenger pockets 8 million a year. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and i’m sick of these deluded fans who thinks Wenger will just change his approach, he won’t.

      1. You are right but Arsenal are not the same since Pat Rice retired,remember back then in the 60th or 65 th he made subs now he has no one Boulds was only a back up player he has no idea he sits there with Wenger where as Rice would be up and at em if things headed telling Mertisaker has to be the slowest defender the premior leg has seen Remember we had Toure Camble fast men the second goal can’t blame Monreal Mertisaker was out of the 6 yard box leaving Ramsey and Monreal to cope with the scorer who was so taller than them. When we scored at 1-0 Gibbs Ramsey off Bellerini on and Chamberland in at centre back Monreal at left back Gazola off Walcott on and you defend with early ball up to the front players not this square to Mertisaker back to Monreal up to Gibs back to Monreal square to mertisaker is Wenger that stupid to know it has to change back to how it was the team looked like the team Wenger used to put out on a Carling cup match in give the young guys experience Absolutly rubbish he has to admit he has not the brains now to know how to sub,granted he knows how he would like the game to be played but you need the right players to do it .Here endeth a lesson CB

    3. Yeap all AW fault:
      > No good CB, DM purchased
      > Cannot teach players to press like Sanchez Does
      > watches games as if he is a fan – don’t ever see him trying to change tactics and passing instructions to players during games…jes fckn sits there looking frustrated, or shouts at 4th official.
      > Cant blame players cos wen they fck up they don’t get punished…
      > Always substitutes late…
      > Doesn’t rotate squad and give other players sum game tym so they don’t look lost wen come in wen we 2-1 down and under pressure.
      > Jes players the way AW wants…never watches videos of other teams and improvise our style to effect outcome of games.
      > admits that we need to score more from conners but don’t see any changes happening there.
      > BTW: Carzolas corner was pathetic…how can u curve the ball outside – that’s really not getting the basics ryt.

      im tired of wengers Shit – he needs to go…..Fck, Arsenal is a BIg club (not fkn Spuds or Liverfoool), loosin to Swansea or Drawing with Leicester is UNACCEPTABLE.

        1. I feel bad for Wenger,he did so much for the club but now he lost it and he is allowed to go on unquestioned by the cluelless board.
          We should take in consideration his age,actual and past achievements and accept that the end is close and he should be shown the door with all the respect and honour that his tenure deserves.
          Personally I would go for Laudrup,he is not a big name but he has all the potential to become one and one sure thing the man knows about football.
          People say we need a striker,we have a Aguerro Tevez kind of striker in Sanchez,play Wellbeck in the left and giroud as the cameo sub.
          We need one or two DM,another CB,Chambers as CB,Jenkinson back,Ozil in the middle,Ramsey,Wilshere playing on merit not automatic so that they have more hunger,play more Podolski,Campbell,Rosiki,rotate so that everyone is happy.
          This is the year where the Arsenal Arsene love story must end and the club may move on to glory as Wenger is no more able to bring it to Arsenal.
          Whoever deny this let him reply me and put his his name telling that Wenger is still the right man for glory.

          1. Wenger not only lost his touch, slowly but surely is also loosing authority with his players, playing them out of position, privilege status for underperforming players, changing players the last 10 minutes and most of the time changing the wrong players, tactics all wrong and incapable of changing them midgame…..how much we needed Fabregas he was the leader on the pitch that we are missing, thanks Le Prof job well done..

  1. wilshere n/a? who is this impostor claiming kj’s name?

    there can be only one kj (highlander stole the idea)

  2. This game was the last straw for me i will no longer watch any arsenal game while that French twat is in charge i hope they fail to get in top 4 get knocked out of both fa and champions league and end season somewhere down the table maybe then the club will start to think about the fans and not the money and change everything from top to bottom until that happens i hope we get beat every week sick and tired of watching same mistakes happen every game Wenger out!

    1. u wrong on so many levels son. through the good an the bad u stand by your team.
      if you wish them losses and dont want to watch them because of who manages them…ah man i mean this respectfully- fix up

      1. I am not wrong son this team has same issues every game the manager had chance to address it in summer and failed miserably why should i pay to watch a team of losers together with a manager who is tactically clueless do us all a favour Wenger and f..k off!

        1. I know what you mean bro. Watching Arsenal these days is sheer torture. Sometimes i have to wallk off the bar bec i cant handle others people giggling and jokes. And for someone who actualy pays a fortune for this, this must be 10x times worse.

    2. Dan just express the frustration of every ARSENAL fan, I am pretty sure he doesn’t mean it, but the thought comes to me every time I feel powerless watching my team underperform due to lack of direction and inventive from Monsieur Wenger….we can express our frustration writing here or we can take this to the next level and pressure the board to at least make this dino uncomfortable, maybe this way he will change ways…

  3. Gary Neville, Tony Adams, Graeme Souness, Jamie Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle, Jamie Carragher, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Savage, Ian Wright, Steve McMannamam, Paul Scholes, Paul Merson, Dennis Bergkamp, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Martin Keown.

    They have all said the exact same thing about Arsenal’s problems and the problems with Wenger

    Please, to all the AKB’s. Can all of those professionals be wrong? Naaaa


      1. Since 84/85. So you remember when George Graham was manager and we could actually defend yer? We could also kill games off, we had a tactical game plans with intliigent decision making. You do realise you have made yourself look an even bigger fool.

        1. Rw

          Don’t rise to the bait.. NYG is as stubborn as the boss he will blindly defend Wenger regardless relegation and all..
          AKB’s paint this love affair with blind faith as though it’s an unwritten law we must all adhere to if you support a club..
          You are not allowed to vent frustration or repeat the same thing.. You have to ‘believe’ like they all did on the fekin titanic!!!!

  4. Wenger should have assessed the RB situation. He should have subbed Monreal at half time, put Chambers in CB and put Bellerin in RB. So far Bellerin has looked a bit shakey but Jefferson Montero literally ran down the line every time. We did not need anyone special in RB to stop him, just pace. Bellerin could have done the job.

    Wenger made Chambers look like a fool. Poor kid.

      1. putting a cb in rb is like putting a striker on the wing. would it be girouds fault for being too slow when running against wing backs like clichy and azpilicueta?
        players at this stage have adapted themselves to their certain position.

  5. Wenger has to assume responsibilty. The team was awful defensively, and he is to be blamed! FFS how hard is it to buy what you need? Defensive midfielder, centre back and that should be it! Also, first half we were the lesser team, in the second half the first 20 min we were the real arsenal. Then we scored. Can’t we keep a result? The quality is there, it’s been shown on lapses of various games. Yet the defence is pure shite. Not good enough for your fourth place trophy Wenger, not good enough. I expected the loss today, but what really frustrates me is the fact that we take the lead and lose it yet again. That’s poor mentality, poor tactics. Who to blame? Wenger gave us our best era, that is true, but all akb’s cannot deny he might be on his way to give us the worst.

    This paragraph might have been disorganised but I just wrote out of frustration. Anyway, let’s stick behind the team? What else can we do? not like the manager will get sacked… oh well, let’s hope for the best, prepare for the worst

    Chamberlain, credit where it’s due. Really stepping up his game. Arsenal gives glimpses of good football, that’s just not enough with the problem our manager has given us in the back.

  6. It still baffles me how people come here to rant after every defeat or draw.Its almost like they are surprised.Really?We saw when the window closed we were still several players short.We all know Welbeck is just a faster Giroud probably worse..
    You see AFC fans are so deluded that they actually believe that this present AFC team with or without injuries will go somewhere…Wake up people AFC has become a mid table club

    1. Mr Senile you must have me mistaken.I have watched one AFC game this season ..the first..I realize it was the same sh*t from last season.Hvnt wasted my time since.Why would i rant about games i didnt see?

  7. Welbeck is so unlucky with his shoots. He is always in good poz to score but somehow the keeper saves them every damn time. As for Chamberlain, i hope that he can learn a thing or two from Sanchez how to be more of a killer. We need more goals from our middlfield.

    Arsene should consider to give up on managing the team as Arsenal has currenltly no style whatsoever. We are weak up front, and we are weak at the back. Our passing football is miserable and our players form is poor as ever. No passion, no desire, no nothing.

    For the next game i want to see Wilsher in the team and Ramsey this time at the bench. Wilsher has more hunger and that for he needs to start. Cambell has also hunger to prove himself but, mama miaaaa Sonogo infront of him. Crazzzyyy.

    1. “Welbeck is so unlucky with his shoots. He is always in good poz to score but somehow the keeper saves them every damn time.”

      LOL…lol…lol…Thats why Man U got rid of him

      1. For F sake man i know. But what can we do, he is the best striker we currently have. The 4th choice manure striker is our best striker. Facepalm of death.

        1. Giroud is the best striker we have.. When he is back from injury he should be right back into the starting line up.. And Giroud too is a second choice striker, we should have got a better striker in the summer and Giroud as his cover..Welbeck is a Forrest Gump, he just runs and runs, no quality, he spend more time chasing down his own bad first touches..

    2. Lol, Welbeck is not a top striker, that chance he had, a top striker would have hit that ball across the keeper, but because he is an average striker, he took the easiest root of shoot in the corner Fabianski was already occupying..

  8. Wellbecks fluff in the First half summed up our season.. He side footed it ffs.. Alan shearer Ian Wright Diego Costa aguero.. Oh ok we can’t have it all but ffs there was a gaping hole the other side.. Basics basics basics.. Again we see Gibbsfurther forward than wellbeck having to chase back fouling for their equaliser..
    Chambers caught out by montero – where was bellerin? Sorry to chambers fans( me one of them) but he’s barely quicker than the snailersacker..!
    Although we have zero chance of the league (after only 11 games) all our nearest competitors for the 4th place trophy are slipping up as bad as us..!
    Wenger out please..

    1. Twiggy

      The only way that will ever happen is if Wenger and kroenke leave and if ….
      IF Mr Dein returned

    2. not that it matters but do you have any specific suggestions?

      Hummels woult be a good buy. But where do we get the striker and the dm from?

      1. Ks

        It really doesn’t matter if we are linked with hummels Reus carvalho khedira messi klopp ronaldo guardiola pele maradona whoever..

        The shit is the owners.. They have given us shit since they moved us to the money making soul-less Emirates..

        Even if Wenger had a billion to spend he’d waste it on Shite!
        He’d give his annual statement (can’t wait for January when all the injured players start getting fit and he states we have a good enough squad) saying players that are better are hard to find in January as all the best ones are in European competitions…!!!!??? Total lLies

        Hello wenger- any half decent player would currently improve our team.. But sadly none will come as they would become shite playing under WENGER..!!!
        Wenger please leave..

        1. Wenger was many times close to retire, but the fans always took the bait in the end. Arsenal fans are very fickle. We can lose the next 10 games, but if we play decent in the end, the fans will end up being pleased. Same tactics are used in the transfer window. First the demand is high, but if the time is about to be up and we fans are about to go havoc, Wenger pulls up a rabbit (Ozil or Sanchez ) just to shut down us fans. It works everytime.

      2. Suggestions of manager?

        Hand on heart, I would suggest sticking with Wenger until the end of the season to avoid rifts and further issues but from tomorrow morning onwards start looking for his replacement. Klopp, Martinez, Simeone, Bergkamp, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the fcuking pooh! Anyone but Wenger

        1. Klopp all day.
          He has a similar style of football so there won’t be a Ferguson-Moyes style transition.
          He’s young, he learns and adapts his tactics to counter opponents.
          He’s energetic – he motivates the players and fans, something the Emirates desperately needs.
          He’s a very strong character so will be able to counter-balance Wenger when he moves upstairs.
          He’s shown he is good at developing young talent.
          He has proven he can operate under financial constraints and compete with the best in the world.
          He admires and respects both Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.
          And most importantly – he’s a winner, he will move the club forward.

          1. Dortmund are bottom of a league weaker than the Scottish premiership.. Klopp had 1 good season when he had scezenys mate and the fella who scored the World Cup winner whose names I forget..
            We just need WENGER out.. Worry about his replacement when he’s gone.. Kroenke out too! The board stink of rotten shit.. I don’t trust them!
            But one thing I agree with you on is that he seems passionate.. And he’s younger..

            1. Best option for us is Pep Guariola what with the players we have play like Barca did when Pep was in charge he can import big players Klopp is to aggressive for our players.

    3. This team needs new medical staff. We lose players for a supposedly 3-4 weeks then end up being 3-4 months. Wtf is going on with our club

      1. Then there’s people like Giroud who come back much sooner. It’s as if they have no clue and just say a player will be out for x amount of time just so Wenger can say something to the press..

  9. What will be Wenger’s excuses this time? The thing that irritates most about Wenger (after his stubborness) is his arrogance. He believes he is the only one in the world who understands football. If you dare disagree with him, he condemns you as a know-nothing critic. The entire footballing world can see the deficiencies in Arsenal’s squad except for Wenger. He has the arrogance to criticise everyone who doubts him as an ignorant fool. Well Arsene, look in the mirror. Who is the real fool?

    Btw, many critics who speak up about Arsenal do so not because they hate the Gunners, but because they love the club and want it to be better!

  10. On good news we might have signed Beckham.

    Brooklyn, has spurned Manchester United and Chelsea to sign his first professional contract with Arsenal, according to reports.

  11. I don’t want Wenger sacked. After all he has done for the club and all the time he has been here I’d much rather he left by choice without being forced, but the fact is we need change. I’m not entirely sure what has happened to him, perhaps a decade of only targeting the top four has taken its toll, perhaps that is all he now knows and he can’t return to his winning ways – they no longer work, the game has moved on.

    I think we need a new manager. I don’t think it’s as daunting a prospect as it seems. I don’t think it will be like Ferguson leaving United. Wenger has brought Arsenal a distinct style of football, a style many other managers have learned from and used to help build their own philosophies – that’s something Ferguson never had. There was no clear successor for Ferguson as a result. But for me, Wenger’s successor is clear, Jurgen Klopp.

    Arsenal are not in decline, we are just stuck where we are. We need someone new to move the club forward and progress.

    1. In Football being stuck where you are is being in decline – there are always others ready to take you place.

      Look we were one and two with Manu 10 years ago always shooting for the top, then came Chelsea with Russian money, then came City with Arab money, now Liverpool, Manu, Chelsea, City are all gunning for top 4, we are no longer dealing with Everton and Spurs, we have real competition for the Wenger trophy.

      We are falling behind and with this mentality i dont see any way out. Inorder to fix a problem, you first have to admit that there is a problem. For Arsene and the board and AKBs this is just business as usual.

  12. @Mick The Gooner
    I don’t want Wenger sacked. After all he has done for the club over the last nine years 🙂

    1. He kept the club afloat for those mine years. Make no mistake, if he hadn’t managed to keep us in the top 4 all that time, the financial future of the club would’ve been at stake. Wenger has done a very good job at Arsenal, I won’t be convinced otherwise. I just feel it’s time to move on.

      1. He could have done more and kept us at the top. It was all about business.

        PS the business plan is now backfiring.

        1. Oh yes Andrew speaks the truth – the business plan of lets be mediocre and try to make it to CL year after year is backfiring and will continue to backfire until the board realizes that to make serious money in this game you have to win. Winners make more money then losers. Nobody buys Chamberlein shirts – nobody cares if you are 4th. Nobody cares if you make it past the group stages. These are small victories, for mediocre clubs.

          We need a new manager, who understands modern football, and modern football economics.

          We need a manager like Mourinho, who takes one look at his team understands what he needs and is willing to sell Mata and Luis to get what he needs and stays within FIFA rules. He got Matic for Mata – and then Costa and Cesc and now he is untouchable.

          We paid 16mm for Chambers – sold Vermaelen and loaned Jenkinson and let Sagna go.

          Wenger is a total and utter fool. Out of touch with reality, getting older and none the wiser.

  13. The whole season is unravelling before our eyes and the sooner Wenger was asked to leave gracefully,my he better for all. His sacking may even give the team some self belief again. As things stand now, we are having the exponential growth in the ranks of disgruntled fans. I am certainly one of them!

  14. I said it over and over and over…….Wenger has no clue…..I honestly believe the team he enherited when he joined Arsenal were the reason he made a name…………..

    he has got nothing more to offer to AFC…..why keep Welcott on the bench? Why play with Ramsey and Cazorla every time? They are rubish…..where is Joel Campell? why can’t he offer any feedback to the team..why is he just sitting there with no instructions to the players? why watch when Chambers was humiliated and do nothing about it? whoever told Chambers that he’s a RB was crazy..the guy is not quick enough to chase a one legged-chicken.

    I hate the son of a bitch…he’s ruining AFC….i wish that he’ll leave Arsenal and never come back…..soooooooooooo sad how AFC is being the laughing stock…..no tactics at all….three goals up, still attacking…….1 goal up still attacking not even thinking keeping possession for a while to frustrate Swansea….

  15. That was very predictable wasn it? Next we have UTD :S

    This season will be clinical for the club, i think if he loses 2 more (especially) back to back then hes out

  16. Goodnight all. The one thing the Wenger situation is going to do, is bring us all together in the end. 2years ago 1/4 of the fans wanted him out now its over a 3/4. How much longer will it take I give it a year.

  17. Why was our full back playing at centre back & vice versa? Do we have so much cover at the back that we can afford to play people out of position? And where was Walcott? And where was Campbell? It almost feels like Wenger wants to lose and ruin our weekends by his woeful mismanagement. The first goal was entirely Arsenal’s fault by giving the ball away through woeful passing and having nobody back bothering to defend. And the second – free header anyone? I can’t believe we are that diabolically bad, I think even Alexis is showing signs of having enough. I can’t even say Swansea were good, because they weren’t – lets face it, Burnley played better than us this weekend. Is Wenger boosting funds with Bet365 or something?

  18. Really I just don’t know what team Wenger is building, he has absolutely ignored pace in the team.. Santi, Falmini, Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, Monreal, Mert, Chamber etc very slow players, just a bit of pace and any team can just counter attack us with ease.

    Where was Falmini for that Gibbs foul resulting in a great free kick from Siggy? He is supposed to be our DM but he was so up the pitch and looked like he did not know what he was doing. All he does is point and mouth off, if he did more game reading than just looking like a donkey dancing on ice then may be we would be more solid, the guy can’t read the game to save his life.

    The whole team is pants apart from Sanchez and Kossy..

  19. @nygunner. Hi, can I ask if you are die hard akb now? We’ve often seen eye to eye on here and agreed and I’d not describe myself as akb or wob. I do agree a lot of the players are letting wenger down but also wenger needs to knownwhixh players aren’t performing at present and pick the team accordingly, its also his job to get them playing again through training techniques, nutrition, head shrinks, group hugs whatever. At present he doesn’t seem to be able to do this. Unfortunately the 8m suggests the butt will always stop with him. My biggest gripe with wenger is his lack of cb and dm buys in the summer, (and him going to Rome on dday) the injury situation could have been predicted somewhat but I agree we’ve been particularly unlucky with the number out so far. Inpeedict rheu current players will go pop, (due to game time), just as the others come back and so it goes on. I hope we get a slice of luck soon and long for either kos, hayden or debuchy to return soon. Ps why not sub chambers for bellerin today? Surely early on arsene could see chambers couldn’t match him for pace? Is bellerin that bad in wengers eyes?

  20. I just watched Wenger’s after match interview he is not only clueless about what to do on the pitch he also clueless about what to say he looked totally shell shocked the Man has lost it time to go and take Steve Bould with him.

  21. the target for wenger and the board is top 4 finish and a trophy is a bonus…

    guess its the fans that have raise the standard too high…

    1. How true – that is their target. I really feel bad for Sanchez, he deserves better, he was sold an ambitious club, what he is getting is Chambers at RB and Monreal at CB, neither have any quality in those positions, they could be decent back-ups at CB and LB.

      Wenger one more season he is going to do a mad dash for 4th and maybe barely make it and keep his stupid job, and for that he will get 8 million.

      The world is an unfair place.

  22. This AKB or AOB is nonsense, we are in illusion my friends, there are no AKB or AOB, arsenal wins wenger is good, arsenal lose wenger is bad LOL, think on higher level, next year man untd will have 700 mil sponsor contract, probably new top players, chelsea already top club, city will bring new manager, with new players (they speak about pogba) what will be with us? haha
    Wenger is responsible for this mess, last year and this year we had chance to do it, next year will be much tougher, if you can see wenger adopting some new skills, good for you, cuz he wont, i watched arsenal on regular base for 3 years, we didnt have good game exept UCL against Napoli, we are weak, lower demand or ask for changes!!!

    1. Not true – there are many here who want Wenger gone no matter what. There is no chance that we will win the EPL or the CL with that old fool. I dont care who we beat or what he does, as long as he is unable to do what is obvious to everybody he needs to go.

      Look I am not even asking him to be a genius, to do something totally unpredictable and brilliant like selling Mata and getting Matic or selling Luis for 50m and getting Costa and Cesc, I mean those are bold effing moves. No, nothing brilliant, just dont do idiotic things like getting rid off 3 defenders when you are already short and bringing in just two new ones (one of them being a future project)

      When people look at a stuttering City they are hard pressed to find why – the team is well balanced. When any pundit looks at Arsenal they can point out to our weaknesses immediatly because they are obvious to the blind eye just not to an old self-important senile fool living in faded glory and his a$$ lickers.

  23. Per – We must be serious for 90 minutes


  24. I’ve said this times without number and i will not stop saying it, that the longer wenger stays the higher our failure, frustration and hypertension. Wenger is no longer himself and his champion mentality as a coach is dead with him. Even if wenger manage star-studded teams like real madrid, psg, barca, bayern muniche and the likes, he will still fail because of his loss of focus, spirit of i-dont-care, correct-me-not, simplicity, belief that no substitution until 65th minute above, negative principle and racial nepotism.

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