KJ’s Arsenal player ratings for Villa win – Ozil MOTM

Aston Villa 0 – 3 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 7
He didn’t have much to do all game except for a very smart save in the first half.

Chambers – 7.5
I felt he was pretty good today and he’s so composed on the ball. If only we’d brought in another centre back, he’d be a great option at right back and in my opinion, he’s better than Debuchy.

Mertesacker – 7.5
He was very composed today and kept the ball at the back. He calmed the game down completely in the second half and didn’t force any balls forward.

Koscielny – 8
A quality performance by the Frenchman. He defended well enough but his passing from defence is what really impressed me. His passing range is absolutely phenomenal and he almost always makes the right pass forward as well. This is why I rate him as one of the best centre backs in Europe as such ability is paramount in football at the moment.

Gibbs – 7.5
A good performance. Reliable as usual with intelligent link up in attack and he also made an assist for the third goal.

Arteta – 7
He had to put in a decent performance today after the shambles last Tuesday and he did just that. As expected from our captain, he calmed the game down in the second half and made sure that Villa didn’t create the chances required for the comeback.

Ramsey – 5
He was shocking today. He made a few decent passes but also misplaced many others and just seemed to lack awareness through taking extra touches. His confidence is definitely low and I don’t understand why.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6
He didn’t do much whilst he was on. He had a few good moments but he went into midfield far too much for my liking and didn’t really affect the game.

Özil – 8.5 (MOTM)
Who’d have thought that Özil in the middle would be able to affect a game as well as he did today? Everyone! He was world class today. He pulled Villa apart with his movement and passing. He managed to score and assist which topped off his great performance today.

Cazorla – 7
I felt he was pretty good today and kept the ball when needed as well as being quality in the one touch build up. He might have staked a claim to a starting position again which is good to see.

Welbeck – 7.5
He was very good today. Intelligent movement as well as good build up play. His passing was superb today.

Rosicky – 7
He definitely sped up our game when he came on.

Wilshere – 7
Same as Rosicky. We started to play a lot of one touch football when Jack and Rosicky came on.

Podolski – 6
Played too deep but I guess that was always going to happen with us not chasing the game at all.

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      1. KJ deserves anything but an apology. Rosicky and Poldi both came on, did their job, and touched the ball very little. For KJ, that means Poldi automatically gets a lower rating. He has no integrity whatsoever – ratings ALWAYS partly based on his many, clear and obvious biases.

    1. Too lenient on Rambo. Should’ve been a 3, against a better team that kind of shift would have KO’d us.

      Szczesny was sloppy with his kicking again too. He needs to smarten up or Ospina will be given a chance sooner rather than later.

      Sidenote: Joel Campbell injured, or just nowhere near what Wenger rates?

        1. Easy to stretch the term ‘involved’, at what point does an attack begin? He didn’t assist or do anything noteworthy in any goal bar have possession before the goals were created. He was a liability, extremely wasteful…and if he was German, with big eyes he would’ve been slated.

          Nothing against him, but let’s call a spade a spade. He has been poor so far this season, and today was no different.

          1. A small but important part of the one touch sequence leading to the 1st goal. Critical for the 2nd goal with a fantastic pass out to Ozil. Not really involved in the 3rd.

    2. Chambers didn’t have his best game he wasn’t any better than arteta I would give both of them 6.9

      Ramsey wasn’t bad he just kept on shooting of target he was involved in all our quick pass plays.7.2

      Welbeck was very impressive in the first half 8 but he didn’t have any effect on the game second half

    1. keep mesut as a number 10 who roams wenger-please!!

      his first game in actual position he was bought as- an he handles business

  1. kos is so vital for us, consistent quality.
    in my mind he is world class, and without him we would be fooked

      1. its cos he isnt making assists goals- the glamour stuff etc.
        but i would agree an say laurent koscielny overall is our best player

  2. Overall it was a good team effort to get us back on track, after that loss in dorthmund! We needed a response and the “gunners” gave just that! Coyg!

  3. Good performance but lets not get carried away.. It was the perfect game to get our players some confidence..

    Feet firmly on the ground, lets take it game by game..

      1. @t14… That’s what we want from him, showing some fight, hunger and passion. And as long as he puts on the shift and contributes towards the team then I won’t be bashing him..

        For this game Ozil played well, so credit to him, the lad deserves it on today’s performance..

        As u keep saying, as long as he shows some fight and passion even if things are no going well then we will all be behind him.

  4. Mainz 2-0 dorthmund wow! This is really turning out to be a fabulous saturday, but liverpool’s loss really capped it off for me! Coyg!

    1. The Bundesliga is surely catching up with quality. Klopp is a bit soft when the team he has to play against is Mainz.

  5. Ramsey’s performance was very concerning to me. He wasn’t that good vs Besiktas and Leicester, didn’t really shine vs City and today a very quiet role.

  6. Rotation is the key. Keep doing that Arsene and who knowes what might happen in the end. Villa was just a snack, a weak team which had to be beaten with ease. Cl is something we surely will get. With the current team i think we will end up in the 3rd place. With a potential good january transfer window, maybe Reus or Draxler, Cb, Dm and we could try to push for bigger things.

    1. YES! Ozil and Cazorla both excel in the middle and should be rotated there. Ramsey and Wilshere should be rotated also as Wenger wants to use them in a similar role.

      But this all means Wenger needs to give the LW to Campbell, Ox, Poldi, or even Sanchez if Ox is on the right But Wenger seems unwilling to give the LW to anyone but the 2 players who perform poorly there – Ozil and Cazorla.

  7. 1. Ramsey: Was sloppy at times but should be given credit for his participation for the key passes in buildup to 1st 2 goals. His pass to Ozil setting up the 2nd goal was exceptional. It was not all bad.

    2. Ozil: He played well in the middle. What a shock. Everyone in the world knows this – Wenger is apparently just figuring it out.

    3. KJ: just cannot stop being an idiot. Poldi came on as a striker and worked hard even though Arsenal were not really trying to score. KJ just had to give him a lower rating than the other subs who were also not much involved at that point. KJ you are a biased moron with no integrity or credibility whatsoever. Why they let you write articles is beyond me.

    4. ARSENAL DEFENSIVE SITUATION: represents criminal negligence on Wenger’s part. A few games into the season and NO DEFENDERS on the bench. Chambers should have been subbed – on a yellow and really committed a 2nd yellow but got a final warning instead. Wenger has so neglected the defense he could not even make this obvious defensive sub – shocking.

    1. Agreed. Chambers was lucky not to get sent off and it was a completely unnecessary foul. I was actually hoping he would sub Coquelin in for Chambers after that. However, Chambers did finish the game strong after that including some nice efforts on the attack.

  8. this is a very good day for me for a few reasons. both on this site and with friends i have been backing ozil this week while many turned on him and my main excuse was he isnt playing in the middle so today he had his chance . also before the game started when the line up was announced i claimed dropping wilshire will improve the whole team as a whole not wilshire fault hes been doing good as a individual but for some reason with him out the ‘team’ tends to play better. and lastly i made wellbeck my captain for fantasy league this week : )

    1. before i get total thumbs down for mentioning the wilshire issue i should add i hope wenger finds a way for all of the players to work well together maybe the best solution is rotating ramsey and wilshire

      1. Exactly. Wenger has enough quality players that he cannot get them all on the pitch together anyway. Clearly Wilshere and Ramsey should rotate to get them both playing time and because Wenger seems to want to use them in a similar role anyway.

    2. It’s not necessarily about dropping Jack just to drop him, it’s more about striking the right balance in the team and having the proper players in their proper position. Jack and Ramsey at the same time benefits no one, and pushes Mesut wide which kills us even more. I’d play Jack over Ramsey right now, but still in a 4231, not the 4141 that was tried.

      When theo returns Jack and Aaron must rotate in the cm role, Mesut and santi at the 10, and use proper wingers wide.

      In January we must buy a proper DM and a CB that can disperse Per. He’s too slow for the big games and LK6 must do the job of 2 people. The Germans in Dortmund know what Per is and isn’t. No wot a surprise he played so poorly there.

      3rd or higher is possible with proper additions and rotations.

      (Unfriendly suggestion – in January sell Poldi and get Campbell in the squad more. The kid can be a proper winger for us)

  9. Critics are at it again. Arsenal won because the entire Villa squad was hit with a virus or something.

    When Arsenal lose – they are a weak team. When Arsenal win – they were lucky because…….

    And so it goes on.

    1. Debuchy is a better RB overall. Chambers may be better defensively? – I am not sure yet. Also Chambers may have more value to the team because he is far more versatile and is young enough that his best playing days are ahead of him.

    2. yeah a Little bit exaggerated imo,
      he is good, maybe even as good, but debuchy imois better, just for the experience fact, as of today

      1. Debuchy is clearly better now but Chambers’ potential is huge. And, as mentioned above, his versatility is highly valuable.

  10. Sunday breakfast is very enjoyable
    after a 3-0 away win 🙂 Not seen
    the game yet but sounds
    like a promising performance.
    I did predict 4th after Villa 3rd after Spurs
    2nd after Chelsea and first after Hull 🙂
    Good that Sanchez was rested.
    Well done the Arse!!!

  11. can i add how refreshing it is for me this season not pulling my hair out due to the frustrations giroud causes me just 1 less thing to get frustrated over

  12. I think Szsesney’s save was one/if not the most important moment of the match, if we went 1-0 down then (when they looked on top) we would have been in for a tough match with them oozing confidence and a 1-0 lead to hold onto/add to.

    I think we should cut Ramsey some slack as he has played a lot and to me looks like it is more fatigue than a lack of confidence atm, and sure he will be back to his best soon!

    good win today though,

    1. Agree on Szseney save, great reaction on his part. Gibbs should have made that save not necessary. Great win overall. Hope they keep up the momentum for next week.

      1. Glad someone else spotted it. Gibbs was tracking back with Clark but for some inexplicable reason he suddenly stopped and just watched as Clark continued to take the ball unchallenged.

        Clearly the players are not all confident and comfortable with the set piece defense – it is still a big problem.

  13. Squad looking deeper.
    Injuries to Giroud Debuchy
    Monreal Sanogo Walcott.
    But we still have a choice of many
    to place on the bench Ospina Martinez
    Podolski Sanchez Wilshere Campbell
    Bellerin Coquelin Rosicky Hayden
    Zelalem Flamini Akpom.
    The best depth for many a year.
    While not quite Real Madrid this squad looks
    deep enough to survive any amount of injuries
    and will allow a lot of rest and rotation and Competition.

    1. You are highlighting the attacking depth – especially in the midfield and even more specifically the central midfield. Defensively the Arsenal depth is the WORST I have ever seen.

        1. Are we talking about depth or a clean sheet? The defensive depth is abysmal, we have none. Last year we had 7 senior defenders, this year we started with 6 and now have 5, let us all keep our fingers crossed that we make it to January with no other injuries.

  14. twas a gud game buh lest not b carried away ok? Next week that’s when w’ll know how they can withstand the pressure with the Chelsea game n totiharm.

    1. @mr lean
      It wasn’t about “hatin” on Ozil. It was about his approach to the damn game, which was piss poor. He brought the criticism on himself…

  15. Is it just me or is this site
    deflated tonight? After 3 days
    of pummeling the team post
    Dortmund the 3-0 away win has
    taken the wind out of many
    of those sailing “SS Disaster”

  16. Off Topic: Does anyone know why Joey Barton is still in the league? What crime must one commit to get banned from the EPL anyway? I know that in other nations/sports he would have been banned long ago.

  17. Is there one thing Wenger did right today? Bcos Whenever we win he deserves our praise unlike “Go” anytime we lost. Smile!

  18. Well done to Welbeck you first of many goals for our club, and well done to Ozil it’s nice to see you back playing in your best position. Lets kick on for here and take the EPL by the scruff of the neck.

  19. Off topic guys.
    I know a guy who swears he’s not gay but, he can’t stop talking about how handsome and sexy oiivier giroud is. Such humongous man crush.

    Great game by Ozil.

    And campbell?
    Remember last season, when we all thought sanogo was injured and wenger came out to say he sent him to the gym to go bulk up. Who knows maybe that’s what he’s doing with campbell because I’ve run out of reasons why wenger would not play him.

  20. having just watched the game i have to say yes ramsey mis placed a few passes but he played very well he was also involved in the second goal he had few shots and created a few too. seems like he found his space which usually wilshire occupies just reinforces my opinion they both cant play in the middle together. you have to keep either ozil or cazorla in the middle

  21. now is clear to mr wenger that ozil plays better in the middle. wenger was the cause why ozil is being criticized.
    i would have been happier if we added 2 more goals.

  22. why mert get so high retings??? hes gave up too easily on running because he know he has a world class player like kos alongside him. its ok with the small teams but not with the bigger teams who can have many attacking options.

    i hope wenger will buy a dm who can play cb as well, and let chambers play with cos, with debuchy as the rb.

    1. This happens every season. Mert is too slow. Yet, by the end of the season he is recognized for his defensive importance and durability. Last season he was 2nd behind Ramsey in the voting for player of the season – he must be doing something right.

      1. hes amaizung against the small teams as same as arteta. but even germany drop him to win the world cup. in the big games we cannot play him.

        hes a good player but hes looking better then what he really is, beacuse he’s playing with cos, who i thought deserved to get the 2nd place after ramsey

  23. Nerry start…great save from Szcz which seemed to spark the boys into action and then it was oh so simple wasn’t it? One touch passes and the Villa defense was carved open – the speed and accuracy of the passes! Cool finish by Ozil. And then Ozil FROM THE LEFT!!! puts a great ball into the 6 yard box for Danny-boy. Gibbs cross was wicked – Ox would have finished if Cissokho didn’t oblige 🙂

    The energy levels seemed a lot higher. Saw Ozil track back and direct some defensive work on the left side. Looked like a guy who’s keen, motivated and hungry…he was vocal! he was calling out to players…he’s come out of his shell! now don’t be a turtle please 🙂

    As exciting was seeing ABOU DIABY on the bench!!! I was hoping he would have been brought on for 20-25 minutes in a game where it was quite pedestrian in the latter part of the 2nd half (most of the 2nd half)…teased again by AW.

    Excellent response from the Gunners after Dortmund…something to build on…they are starting to click together. Impressed with Welbeck overall as a player….takes a lot of intelligence and natural ability to integrate with our system so quickly.

    Rambo – he just has to keep it simple and build up from there. He looks so frustrated with himself…could be a case of trying too hard to play himself into form.
    Chambers needs to watch those crazy fouls…thought he was going to get a red after pulling down a Villan.
    Kos – superlative…total authority.

    Lots to be pleased about….better stuff to come me thinks!

  24. Didn`t watch it so can`t comment. From what I read and managers remarks the Villa boy`s were not all that well so I`m not impressed enough to say we`ve `turned the corner`. Still a win is a win even if the opposition is on crutches.

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