KJ’s Arsenal player ratings from Sunderland – Arteta MOTM

Sunderland 0 – 2 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 6
He made a few easy saves and was commanding but almost got caught out when he headed the ball away and was caught acres away from his 6 yard box.

Chambers – 6
Again, he was very rigid and Sunderland looked to exploit our right hand side when they could. Not sure Chambers can play the RB position in the long run. And I’m very surprised by that considering I was an advocate of dropping Debuchy for Chambers when we got that 4th CB in.

Mertesacker – 7
He was a lot more solid today and I was impressed with his passing from defence and his defending near the end of the game.

Monreal – 7
He also had a strong game with a good performance at CB as well as a good 15 minute stint on the left.

Gibbs – 6.5
He was decent all game. Never really tested defensively but had to come off early because of an injury. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out for the foreseeable future.

Arteta – 8 (MOTM)
He was a very calming influence in central midfield and shielded our defence extremely well. There were rarely any chances made by Sunderland through the middle.

Flamini – 5
Didn’t do anything impressive. Just kicked a few of the Sunderland players when required and kept it very basic.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 4
He struggled throughout the whole game. His passing was poor; he went anonymous for large parts of the game and constantly over-dribbled. He was given the opportunity to shine but hasn’t taken it.

Sanchez – 7.5
He was very good off the ball and decent on the ball. His tenacious pressing earned us the win today but we can’t rely on him to bail us out all the time. He must be pretty confused with how poor our attacking movement and passing is at the moment.

Cazorla – 5
Pretty poor all game and missed numerous good chances because he can’t hit a ball first time.

Welbeck – 5.5
He was pretty poor in attack as well. Sloppy hold up and went onto the wings far too much. Not really a focal point.

Bellerin – 3
Struggled immensely. Just couldn’t predict what Sunderland’s attackers were going to do and they tried to exploit that for the last 15 minutes.

Ramsey – N/A
Didn’t have enough time to influence the game.

Rosicky – N/A
Same as Ramsey.

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  1. I really cant wait to see walcott in the first team, sanchez and walcott on either wing is going to be mouth watering, that i feel is going to be our saving grace this season as i only feel wenger will stop the stupid experiment with am’s on the wing, cant wait to see good attacking football again, COYG

        1. KJ – hats off to you man. I don’t always agree with your ratings but respect that you come back each week given the crap people throw your way. Good on ya mate!

  2. When Poldi does not score to win the game single-handedly, KJ gives him a rating of “2”

    When Cazorla has probably the worst game of his life, KJ gives him a “5”

    Sanchez was miles better than any other player on the pitch and he is NOT MOTM?????

    KJ, you should just try another sport – football is not your thing.

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t go with –

    ‘Wilshere didn’t play today but you could see that Sanchez only scored because Wilshere is an Arsenal player. 11/10’

  4. Fellas..I’m serious worried about this team…its like all of them have a huge hangover..seriously?….I fellllll shiiiidd..when I luk at sanchez’s face..its like he regrets coming here..here was a bloke tht continually said Ox is lazy and got thumbed down..its starting to look true to our players have no spark or desire.

    What I’m hopping for is walcot to come back,bang a few goals,ramsey to return to form,..and get back to oour fluid game..where is diaby?….why is wenger letting campbell rot?…aiii

    I hope this is a blip our team is goig through

    By the way..madrid looked amazing tonight..wow..makes me think of the invinsiblles to a certain degree from an attacking point of view..


    1. I know you are trying to be positive but….

      Using players out of position constantly……… is not a blip, it is managerial incompetence.

      Not having any defensive cover…….. is not a blip, it is managerial incompetence.

      The decline of so many good players during their time at Arsenal is not a blip…… it is strong history managerial incompetence.

  5. Arteta gets a lot of underserved flak from the fans and somehow end up on the receiving end for the teams showing. He is a vital cog in the Arsenal field. Eventually when he is gone, i am sure atleast majority of the fans will remember him with great fondness.

    But that said, Sanchez was the MOTM not Arteta. You just gave the majority on here, a reason to make fun of Arteta.

    #FcukYouKJ (No offense bro 😉 )

    1. I wont miss arteta. Will feel bad he was played out of position. But hey its arsenal fc , where matt hummels could be a striker- an I can celebrate 4th place like its mardi gras

  6. Harsh on Bellerin. As much as he was nervous, he made sure they dint outrun him.

    I think Arsene should get ratings after every match. I rate him 4 today.

    1. @John Legend
      Bellerin is a solid young player. He lost the ball and tracked back to win it back. Clean tackles and good positioning as well.
      Sorry about Gibbs injury, but it does give Hector some time on the pitch, for a few games at least…

      1. To me he looks more of a winger. Great at attacking rather poor at the defense. Carl needs to be called back asap.

        1. @Ks-Gunner
          When I 1st saw him roll, I thought the same thing. His speed and dribbling, as well as his ability to take on players makes him cut out for the wing. but it seems he’s been molded into the RB position, which he does quite well.

      2. Exactly. He does well to coves for hir lapses. You could see from his game that he has alot to learn at RB. I tip him for our RB position from d end of Arsene’s tenure with us.

  7. Sanchez scored both goals. That’s good enough for me for MOTM

    I wonder if Sanchez regrets coming here to play with a pub team

    1. Every team has a star player. Sanchez is our star player. When Walcott returns and Ramsey and Cazorla return to form, he won’t be the only one chipping in with the goals.

      I hope.

      1. Ramsey is not a world star player neither is Walcott. Its Sanchez, Ozil, and Koscienly. Having one half good season doesnt make you into one.

      2. Couldn’t watch the match, but it scares me that Santi only got a 5. If he’s not creating for us in the middle then we will continue to struggle.

    2. Well take an example in all the players who have left us during these past years. Once we were called an one men team. What happened ? For an example, Van Persie off. Our ex captains simple thought of himself as to good for the team, and he was right. I know that you hate to hear it but its kinda true. I could take more examples but we know that in the moment Sanchez is way better then the rest of our team, and this is a big worry.

      1. @Ks-Gunner
        What’s even more worrying, is the rest of the squad seems to be intimidated by his work rate and skill set. When it should inspire them to up their game…Sadly it hasn’t.

        1. Mr. Yankee. They have been drilled by Wenger not to care. This loser mentality has been forced into the team.

          Another example. The likes of Wilsher, Ramsey, Giroud can screw things up how many times they want to, in the end they will play in the next week again. Players are to confortable with Wengers favorisem, and that for them not caring.

          The ones who draw the short straw are players like Cambell, who want to play but are not allowed to.

          If Fergi would be our current manager, he would beat the living hell out of our players or threat them with the bench or them getting sacked off the team.

  8. I just don’t know why our players don’t like changing their attitude, they keep playing the same lethargic way game after game..

    They can see SANCHEZ chasing down every ball, pressing and working tirelessly for 90 minutes, but they are not even trying to copy his attitude, they are comfortable with their comfortable relaxed ways..

    We are in deep trouble, I thought last seasons spankings would have taught him a lesson, but it seems like they still couldn’t care less..

    It’s a worrying attitude our players and manager are stuck in..

    1. the diff is in class goony boy. Understand the fact and the diff between a world class player and bunch of Arsenal overrated players.

    2. @GOONSTER
      That is some “perplexing” sh*t there dude. How the f**k can a whole damn team sit back and watch Alexis hump his spine outta wack and all they do is trot around like they’re on a Sunday stroll. Sunderland was a ball of nerves. Not wanting to get another 8-0 azz whoopin. then they saw that we were not in the match, so they decided to up their game and could have got a few past us in the process.

  9. Kj, i dont know who you are, but i want to tell you that i will find you, and then i will either kill you or teach you how to make proper ratings!!

    1. K’s gunner. Killing is stupid. Especially a fellow gunner suporter. Why not provide your own ratings to this site admin. Let’s us all be the judge of your ratings.

      1. hahahaha, cant believe you guys take me seriously, you all deserve a kick on the nutts for failing to notice me pretending to be that guy from that movie Taken. Liam Neeson

        1. Seriously bro?
          It was-
          “I don’t know who you are and what you want. If you are looking for money, i don’t have it. What i have is a specific set of skills I have acquired over a long career. If you leave my daughter and walk away, I will not look for you, I will not per sue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.”

          Then after a pause someone says “Goodluck” from the other side of the phone.

          This is the scene. You had just killed my favourite dialouge of all time. 🙂

    2. Everybody, plz take it easy on @Ks-Gunner, I’m sure he was only kidding, though the comment was just too extreme.

      @Ks-Gunner, see me in my office, we’ve got to talk.

  10. I just feel so sorry for Sanchez sometimes, he is always trying to lead by example by pressing, tracking back, hustling opposition players, he must be pulling his hair out…If I was working hard and my workmates were just lazying about I would not be happy..

    You can always see him trying to encourage his team mates to press with, he keeps calling him, you can see his hand signals in most games, he is always asking them to join in closing and pressing for the ball, but what do they do? They just look at him like some crazy mad man running about..

    You can see him pressing from the front and he looks back and his team mates are just jogging and standing on the half way line, the guy just looks at them in disbelief and keeps shaking his head..

    Wenger man, motivate these sissys players… FFS..

    1. Don’t feel sorry for Sanchez GOONSTER. You know how much he earns in a week? I bet he feels sorry for you too 😉

      1. @Twig.. It’s not about money, I think he feels embarrassed playing with the weak excuse ridden players at Arsenal..

      2. he deserves that money quite honestly and more. think about it. if Wenger didn’t sign him, how many goals would we have to our name right now?

  11. The reason our players always look so tried and get injured so often is because Wenger over plays them and will not make a substitute before the 75th minute. Or if we are winning he will wait until the 85th minute to make a substitute, you can see the player on their knees and running on empty..

  12. Right now there are so many players who deserve to be dropped, it’s unbelievable how they start the next game. I’m struggling to make a good starting 11 for next weeks game.

    The manager is clueless, he will always give his favourites chance after chance after chance. But when it is a player like Joel or Podolski one bad game and they are dropped for the next month.

    1. seriously thought Joel would get the start after how he has played off the bench. but who am i kidding. this is wenger we are talking about.

  13. Watching that Madrid team, What a player that Isco is.. Modric just amazing and James Rodrigues, they were all wow…

    Arsenal used to play like this in 2003 – 2004..

      1. They dont need one, they can easily overpower any team in the world with sheer class. The teamm is almost perfect.

        1. Real Madrid all stand behind the ball, which is okay because they have a great defense and a deadly counter. Please dear lord don’t match us up with them in the UCL round of 16.

  14. Couldn’t watch the game, so I was happy to hear that we won. but I come to this site and no one here is happy. that just shows me how poorly we played today against a team who got their a$$ whooped the week before.

    This is not good, and I’m sick of saying “we’ll improve next match” to only see that we still stink up the joint again. We are just spinning in Wenger’s endless tornado that Sanchez continuously saves us from. And things aren’t gonna change anytime soon.

  15. I’m sorry but Joel Campbell HAS to start the next game, he is the same type of player Sanchez is, but of with a bit less ability. He will defend for you and try to take players on and deliver good passes.

    Chamberlain had the worst passing accuracy of the starting eleven not including the keeper at 67.7%. That is 9.4% less than the 2nd lowest outfield player who started ( Mertesacker 77.1%).

    1. that’s just god awful. That stat needs to be swept under a rug before it scares some little kid.

  16. Tune in tonight to MOTD and see the Sanchez show. I wish Wenger and the board would buy more players like him.

  17. its simple wenger should play ozil in num10 with alexis and theo on wings wenger wasted ozil till he got injured what a incompetent manager

  18. wenger has become so soft and weak he has lost that fire he had , professor turned into nutty professor

  19. @KJ
    Lets stop the bull sh-t and give a team a rating instead of players. For me it has to be 5 out of ten. I need to kick most of our players up the arse. GOYG play for the fans not your pay packets.

  20. Drop anyone that doesn’t preform at put them on half their wages that would sort it out.

    PS and give their money back to the supporters.

    1. Hi mate not seen the game but it’s three points,from what I saw last week and hear about today Santi and ox need to be dropped for the next game and I’d bring in Rosicky and Campbell .

  21. Goodnight all,

    From a pissed off f-cked off Arsenal fan. The players, Wenger and the board don’t give a shit about us.

    If you read this by any chance it is time to step up.

      1. How can you say that?
        I have been one of the only people on here that wanted to protest two years ago.

    1. @supertuur
      That wouldn’t solve anything he needs to manage the French team. Out with the old and in with the new.

  22. So called fans on here are pathetic we get a win and still people moan about performance had it been chelski or man city they would have just said job done if u want to be a glory hunter go support one of them!!

  23. Who cares I dont tonight three points but feel like we lost 🙁 something very wrong begind closed doors. Tell me why when sanxhez does something great or scores a few of the players dont look happy, I’ll tell you why they are being made to look average by him. Get your sh*t together and rise to the bar sanchez has set, stop watching in awe and get with him. Sanchez can have everyone’s points 110, 0 for everyone else. Yes feeling numb tonight about the team, wengers negative influence, the pending jan window etc. What a mess we are in!

  24. @dan. Xheksea and city are stronger mentally and physically than us. Also they dont tend to go on a bad or good run, if they lose a game they have the quality and character to bounce back quickly, we don’t we need leaders for this, who’s our Vincent kompany or john terry? Since pre season we’ve been playing cr*p snd players don’t seem bothered that much. The manager seems confused, didnt make rhe signings needed, injuries stack up, playwrs start to openly crticise training and tactics. You telling me a Chelsea or city fan wouldnt be worried in our situation, absolute rubbish.

  25. Still too many AKB around to make the board and Wenger take notice,love arsenal but sad at the sorry state of our club.if Gibbs is out for a while we are well f#cked.who is that down to mmmmmm ?

  26. oy, once again Alexis Sanchez was the only player that really stood out. Its still not good enough, but at least we got the 3 points. We’re seriously struggling this season…

  27. How can any fan still be a 100% blinkered akb? How can they not even have a doubt or question or fear? Have the been hyponotised secretly whilst at the emirates? And at this stage I don’t want to hear about arsene building our atadium developing young players, etc etc I thank gim for all hes done butbim focusing on the now and future. It would be sad if wenger left on an all time low and destroued what we had. Love to post a confidential voye to all the players: whi thinks wenger should atep down? Who doesnt? My guess it would be 70% go and the rest stay

  28. I am thinking about calling it quits after 42 years. If the board and Wenger don’t give a shit about us why should I give a shit about them.

    Thats how bad it’s got over the last 10 years we have gone from world beaters to forth place is good enough.

    Sort it out or you might lose a lot more supporters.

    1. Mate don’t give up just yet,yes it’s hard at the moment with a greedy board and stubborn manager but think back and we have been through at lot lot worse in those 42 years.

      1. Yes we went through it but things don’t add up. The wage bill and high ticket prices, I have not got mug written on my forehead. I love our club but things have to change.

        1. Right we are on motd day now so I’m going to watch and I will predict an Andrew AFC score of two nil to the Gooners !

  29. Heard reports of AKB and WOB fighting each other in the stadium Wednesday night that’s not right we all support arsenal.just shows how passionate yet divided our great fans have become.makes me sad and angry.

  30. @andrewafc. I totally hear you im 43 and a fan since 3yo. Im not angry now just really saddened and frustrated that I cant control / influence the situation. It’s like a painful declining marriage to someone yoy used to love, at what point do you xut your losses? I’m not there I love my club but have already stopped buying tickets and merchandise. Sad sad 🙁

    1. I still go when I can but as I love arsenal FC but have no love for the board of manager and that’s shame.

    2. i agree. I see no reason why anyone would buy an overpriced Arsenal ticket to watch the rubbish we’ve been playing so far. And this thing is, the board, and the manager, and possibly even the players aren’t even trying to improve. One thing we know for sure is that Wenger and the board’s ambitions do NOT match the players/fans ambitions at all. Things need to change big time or there’s going to be an even worse period than this where we just do even more poorly.

    1. I’m off now mate got work tomorrow,hope you are ok mate you seem a bit down tonight take care and speak soon

  31. When Ozil played in number 10 position (I believe they were Galatasaray and Aston Villa) he was really good. So, to me it’s clear. When Ozil comes back play him in middle with Walcott and Sanchez on the wings and Welbeck up front. Ramsey and Arteta further back.

    Ideally (when injured return)


    Sub: Ospina, chambers, monreal, Flamini, Wilshere, ox, Podolski, Campbell, rosicky. Cazorla

  32. Wenger is too old..We’ve just got to accept it .. Stubborn,egotistical, naive, rubber faced, skinny, weak willed mild mannered..whatever he is We all want Wenger to leave and let a new manager instill some pride and passion back into our club..said it weeks ago that Ronald koeman would be a good replacement.. (If we don’t get guardiola)

    This win only papers over the canyons that are gaping..
    Was going to write an essay but can’t be bothered..

    We’ve been Poor all season.. Particularly Against hull last Saturday, anderlecht midweek and today stuttering against the worst team in the pl..!

    Wenger out

    Keep an eye on Sanchez’ body language.. Reminds me a bit of ozil after things were not going his way..!!!!
    Sorry but it’s a worrying trend and unless Wenger rectifies the glaring weaknesses in January ( which he won’t’) then we all know that the top 4 will have gone and although we might qualify for the last 16 in Europe..
    I’ll be buying money- backing whichever team we face come February!

  33. Aside from kicking an opponent in the face and being lucky to avoid a red card, what did Arteta do? He was OK but MOTM????????

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