KJ’s Arsenal v Tottenham Player Ratings

Arsenal 1 – 1 Tottenham Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 6.5
Was rarely challenged because of how withdrawn Tottenham were for the majority of the game. Could’ve done better for the goal personally.

Chambers – 6
I felt he struggled until the 70th minute. Couldn’t pass his way out and just seemed to move possession back to Mertesacker.

Mertesacker – 6
He struggled for large parts of the game. Was easily bypassed when Tottenham countered but with Flamini in front of him, it’s difficult to blame him entirely.

Koscielny – 7
Did well enough against Adebayor and had to clean up Flamini’s mess numerous times.

Gibbs – 7
He was pretty good defensively and was strong offensively in the second half. He’s not a natural attacker but his pace allowed him to get into dangerous positions.

Arteta – N/A
He went off fairly early. Without him, we looked a mess so maybe that’s a testament to how he was doing when he was on…

Ramsey – 5.5
Didn’t do anything special aside from a decent bit of skill on the edge of the box in the second half. Lost the ball numerous times and just seems to shoot on sight without thinking about the other options. He seems a shadow of the player we saw last season.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6.5
He struggled during the first half but was pretty good in the second. Managed to score the equaliser but still could’ve done better generally. Just seems a bit raw.

Özil – 7.5 (our MOTM)
He was the only decent player out there today. Didn’t lose the ball unnecessarily and looked to actually hurt Tottenham rather than playing it safe. He took responsibility but the media will never report that because the players around him didn’t have the guts to help him out.

Wilshere – 6.5
Pretty average performance before he was taken off. Did more than Ramsey mind but he got booked early on and that meant his game lost its bite.

Welbeck – 6
Started well but completely fell off, especially in that second half. Chamberlain saved him from being the villain this week after Danny completely fluffed his shot.

Flamini – 1
He’s a diabolical player and it’s baffling that Wenger didn’t bring in another defensive midfielder. He doesn’t understand football. It’s that simple.

Cazorla – 7
Added some much needed urgency in central midfield but was unfortunately paired with Flamini who completely killed any momentum our passing had by passing it straight back to Mertesacker.

Alexis – 4
Struggled when he came on. Just didn’t get past any Spurs players as you’d expect and slowed down our game.

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  1. If we can’t beat a crap team like spuds at home we are going to to win SHITE this season. Hugely disappointed am I.

    1. Ox played well and deserves at least a 7. Flamini was not that bad to get a 1. Made a big mistake for the goal but otherwise ok.

      1. This is my opinion but i want to see where you lot stand. Does anyone else think our midfield connects better with ozil and cazorla instead of ramsey and wilshire?

        From my observations, they take too many touches while ozil/cazorla always look for the pass and move to keep our gameplay more fluid. but what do you guys think?

        1. If Wenger can get the right players in the right positions for a few games you will seen an improvement in the overall quality.

          Ozil and Cazorla both excel in the middle so ideally they should not start together.

          Ramsey and Wilshere both play better from the deeper role so ideally they should not start together.

          Almost anyone else in the club other than Ozil or Cazorla should be used on the LW – Ox, Poldi, Campbell, even Sanchez, Rosicky or Wilshere would be better.

          Vs. Spuds, Wenger started both Ozil and Ramsey in the wrong positions – he gets this wrong almost every week.

      2. I don’t know what game you were watching. Jack and Ox were ploughing forward to create chances. In defense of Ramsey, he should not bet starting at CAM – plays better deeper.

        1. I agree re: Ox who put in a number of dangerous crosses. Wilshere was not an asset. He did indeed plough forward but out of control, giving the ball away too often in dangerous positions to set up the counter attack. And his final passes were poor.

    1. KJ should be gone ideally. As a minimum we should ignore his ratings and analysis. He is only offering articles to create controversy in the comments. As far as football knowledge goes, he is a complete moron. Any fan on this site knows more than he does.

      1. Usual KJ’s rating… if he can give a rating/comment on player(s) that did not play, he would give Poldi a N/A

    2. Here here!
      Wiltshire did nothing apart from his special moves: fall over, get dispossessed and run directly and I do mean directly into players again giving the ball away.
      Saying he did more than Ramsey shows naivety of football, being a busy fool running with the ball to get dispossessed, collide or fall is not more than doing your job and getting the ball to the box which Ramsey quietly did, he was involved in almost every attack going forward from central midfield.
      I would say that Rambo and other players will soon tire of Wenger’s ineptness, you can see it in some of their faces already.

  2. wenger rating- 4 – knows full well where mesut belongs but his loyalty to certain players meant yet again wrong positions.
    the defence hes chosen and bought- looks poor every game
    nothing changed this time
    kos has saved wenger an our team too much now-its a joke

    1. hes my teams manager so i will critique the man where i deem it necessary- stop acting so butt hurt like anything towrds him bad means im immature or plastic.
      i love my club. no-one is above being questioned when it comes to my club

      disclaimer: no animals were hurt in the making of this message

    2. Sadly I believe you are right. His player favoritism is obscuring his ability to make sound player assignment decisions.

      Remember when Ramsey was playing terribly in 2012 yet he had more appearances than any other gunner? When Wenger finally benched Ramsey, Rosicky came in, Arsenal won 7-1, and won 7 in a row without Ramsey.

      Sometimes the manager must accept reality. Wenger lives in a fantasy which he narrates with nonsensical excuses after each disappointing performance.

    3. Totally agree. I can,t see Kos staying much longer, he is will be burnt out before long. How does Per get six points,was it for wearing his shin pads and tucking his shirt in. Oh I forgot he nearly scored, but he had to wait for a bus and ask directions to get back to his square of the pitch. Also agree that Wengers performance should be scored. What bullshit about no central defenders being available , there were so many I thought we were certain to get at least one. I kept thinking what is he waiting for. Please Arsene don’t insult our intelligence….

  3. Ramseys bit of skill in the SECOND half? Is that a joke????
    And as soon as sanchez came on we looked so much better, crazy that he didn’t start

  4. first half was soo poor and boring. why does it always take goal against us before we wake up.
    i want to make 3 points
    1.mertersacker is one of the main reasons why our build up play is so slow this guy has too many touches for my liking hes just too slow and it makes me annoyed becuase he is just crap to be blunt about it .
    2. just like mertersacker arteta and flamini in front of him are also too slow and are just useless they bring nothing to the team start bloody playing coqqalain im sick of these pensioners playing.
    3. JACK WILSHIRRE! i dont no what it is about him but when he plays the players around him do not perform it seems like only jack wilshire either plays well and the team dont or wilshire plays bad but so does the team with him. i really dont know why this . it could be the formation will see how he plays now with ramsey out hopefully wenger reverts back to the old formation with wilshire running from deep .

    1. There are many problems with Arsenal right now, but blaming Mert and Wilshere is not the answer. I find it difficult to swallow that Arsenal dominated possession and created chances but for their failure to score, Mert is to blame. That is a loooooooooonnng stretch.

    2. Gamer ,can’t believe that your comments have attracted more ticks against than for. All that you said is right. Are some of these souls watching a different team . How does Mertesacker escape criticism ? Are we still afraid of being invaded….

  5. I thought Ox had a stronger game than a 6.5. He seems to be more willing to take players on and also is cutting out the turnovers in the middle of the pitch. With Ramsey out and Wilshire questionable for Wednesday I could see him getting a start in the middle.

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this. We did much better on the break once Wilshere was out of the game. Wilshere needs to get out of “psycho” mode and play in control. Dribble less, pass more.

  6. Wilshire, Arteta, Ramsey and Ozil can not all play together, none of these guys is a winger, stop your stupid FUUUCKING experiments you senile old fool. Enough already, nobody gets this mad at other managers because at least they try to do the best they can with the squad and the money they have.

    You buy the wrong players, play the wrong tactics, play players at the wrong places and then barely draw at home to SPurs. You are a FUUUUUCKING IDIOT you FUUUUUCKING FRENCH ASSSHOLEEEEEEE.

    1. You are right about the poor player assignment decisions. These decisions are the difference between getting a draw or earning a win.

      If Ramsey is on the pitch, Wilshere should not be also – they play the same role.

      If Ozil is on the pitch he should be central and Cazorla must then sit – both excel as CAM.

      Almost anyone on the team other than Ozil or Cazorla should be on LW.

      Sadly, for Arsenal, Arteta is the closest thing to a capable DM.

      Wenger has acquired good players but has completely disregarded any consideration of player positioning. Too many CAMs. No LW. No DM. No defensive cover.

  7. Seriously. If Wenger plays the wrong players and plays players in the wrong positions, we are screwed away against Chelski. We could have another 8-2 massacre like we had against United.

    Mourinho plays Fabregas and Hazard in the correct position and bought a world class striker who scores every game

    I hate Mourinho, but Wenger can learn from him.

  8. This game is now done so don’t want to dwell on it, the coming week is now key.
    With three more injuries today, free agents anyone?

  9. Obvious to everyone except the senile old fool would be…



    Jack – Ramsey or Ateta or Diaby instead of one of them.

    That is it. thats what we have, and if someone is not playing well you bring in Cazorla, And thats it. You dont have to try things that have proven not to work time and time again. These are the best players we have available due to injuries or stupid transfer windows so just play them where they belong and that is it. Ozil has played well in the middle WHY is he on the left, our BEST player is SANCHEZ why is he not playing against Spurs?

    1. Fans have been screaming for this all season. But the more Wenger is criticized for his decisions, the more he digs in and makes the same decisions just to spite his critics and “prove” he has a special ability.

      He is indeed showing us something very special – a completely self-inflicted early season surrender.

    2. I think Sanchez mus be carrying an injury, didn’t look sharp to me.
      Wenger is the problem
      MERTES statue was again exposed as slow and cumbersome.
      Kos was for me MOM for Arsenal

      A successful team is all about balance and I’m afraid Wenger has lost the plot on this one

    1. Sadly, I think the injuries are not Arsenal’s biggest worry right now. In fact some injuries might even FORCE Wenger to make better player position assignments – he certainly cannot do any worse.

  10. @fredcowardly.
    Mourinhos transition was much more simple.
    The defence core was established with a host of DM players.
    Wingers are plenty and all they really were missing was a playmaker, (since Mata left) and a reliable striker. With Just the two players of Fab and Costa they are sorted.
    We all know our squad shape and fluidity has issues and has so far way clicked.
    With the squad we have and new injuries I don’t really know how we can beat Chelsea?!

  11. Woah Flamini a 1? “He doesn’t understand football.”? Just because his mistake lead to their goal does not mean he doesn’t understand the game. Don’t get get wrong, i’m just as frustrated with him as everyone else but a 1 for a rating means that he literally did everything wrong, not just the one mistake. Especially after giving Ramsey a 5.5 and Wilshire a 6.5 for losing the ball. Clearly a personal biased against the player.

    Yes he is probably our least technical player but he is there to break up play and today’s game simply did not call for him. The fact that there are fans like you that ridicule our players for just one mistake, albeit a very costly one, is what makes the arsenal fan base seem so fickle.

  12. Trust me we will get torn to shreds against chelski will be another embarrassing score line we are nowhere near good enough to challenge for prem title top 4 is about all we can hope for!

  13. I guess the attacking players will usually get picked for MOTM more often. Koscielny was MOTM for me. He was immense and his anticipation and speed broke up many of the Spurs attacking moves. He also tried to set up the OX on attack with long balls on several occasions.

    1. Thank You. I have been screaming this for 2 seasons now. That Wenger was building a team of ALL CAMs so that he can move them around the pitch like interchangeable parts. Sadly, it has never worked as he he hoped but he still won’t accept that reality.

  14. you guys have no football brains, BUy BUY BUY That’s what you still screaming…. talk about tactics and try to give some facts instead complaining . when we won you exaggerate things and when we lose it’s like the end of the world…… dare me, you start to question the like’s of Rosicky,
    Today’s was fantastic performance played at high pace. Do you guys notice wenger twited formation 3 times. first 4-3-3, after ramsey withdrawal 4-2-3-1 and last when Alexs come in 4-1-4-1. stop saying Ramsey has been employed in N.10 wenger just change the shape of the midfield and lately wilshier has been great. Happy with the performance and we deserved to win today…………….

  15. Stupid ratings as per usual, Wenger again and his ridiculous formation, we can not afford to fall behind too far from the leader and we continue to give away 2 points. sorry to say but the only good thing today is that the injuries will put a dent in his ridiculous formation.

    Have you people notice when wilshere and ramsay are moving forward they look pacey, but when they run back from a counter by the opposition they look laboured, both can not manage wengers formation because they want to continuously move forward, which makes the space smaller for ozil to operate in, ozil was more in the game when Ramsay and wilshere left the field.

    We were fortunate in the first half because we could have been undone by several counters by the spurs, arteta was only seen going forward but no work defensively to break up those counters. rather believe we have enough players to show a better team approach.

    Just stop the Wilshere Ramsay experiment and put a team out there to compete

  16. “We were fortunate in the first half because we could have been undone by several counters by the spurs”. Yup. A better team would have put 3 or 4 goals in the back of the net. Spurs had great chances on the counter that they repeatedly screwed up badly. Despite 80% possession, the best scoring chances fell to Spurs, which is really side. Spurs did absolutely nothing on their own going forward but so many chances on the counter.

  17. One of the most frustrating things about Arsenal’s “score the perfect goal approach” is that we commit bodies forward, pass the ball around 50 times but inevitably give it away on the edge of the box setting up golden opportunities for the opponent to counter. If we play the same way next week, Chelsea will score 4 goals minimum and probably more.

  18. Ox was clearly our best player yesterday. Not only because of the goal but he created the most opportunities. When he wasn’t putting in dangerous crosses, he was winning corner kicks. Ozil was our second best player.

  19. I watched on French TV, they right said Mertes statue was ‘Zero’ and called him ” my sister Teressa ”
    I think Sanchez must be carrying an injury, he didn’t look as sharp as usual
    Kos for me was man of the match for Arsenal and Kaboul for Spurs, he and Gibbs have heart and desire and although it was a better game for OZIL , he rarely chased back and tackled and slowed the game down
    Has anyone thought that Vermallen could have filled the DM role in the event of Wenger not signing a decent one?
    We dominated Spurs but failed through all too predictable tactics
    Should have had a penalty against the Wilshire foul

  20. Next summer get rid of
    Wenger,mertesacker,flamini,arteta,podolski,rosicky,coquelin and Giroud.
    We need 2 centre backs 1 starter,1for cover.
    2 new central midfielders and a new striker.
    Next season
    Debuchy hummels kos Gibbs
    McCarthy diaby ‘type’
    Theo. Ozil. Sanchez

    New cb
    Manager klopp/simeone

    Not saying McCarthy is the answer but we need some1 to do simple things right and actually help out the back 4.

  21. When a club spends 42 million on a player as good as Ózil, you need to build your team around that player!

    When Wenger is picking his team he should be putting Ózil’s name down 1st in the number 10 position and then picking the rest of the team to suit him!

    Now i know some players will miss out because of this but thats just tough!

  22. The number of 4th place junkies on this site who trash wilshere and idolise Ramsey beggars belief….Ramsey gave the ball away all afternoon and his endless use of the back heel which he only executes abt one in four is schoolboyish .. Wilshere still holding ball too long at times but in part for lack of support but his holding and distribution play is good and he is getting in to more dangerous positions…problem is wenger and his endless team rotations until this stops we will underperform

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