Klopp bombshell forcing Arsenal to decide on Wenger?

The subject has not come up quite as much among Arsenal fans recently, as the team have really turned around a poor start of the season to show that Arsene Wenger has still got what it takes to compete at the highest level. Our amazing run of results along with some good work in the recent transfer windows, some big improvements from individual players like Ramsey and Giroud and an ability to change tactics successfully have got us Gooners believing in the Prof again.

But the news today reported by the BBC that Jurgen Klopp is set to step down as manager of Borussia Dortmund this summer has raised questions again, as the charismatic German was one of the big favourites among Arsenal fans to take over from Wenger. At first it was being reported that Klopp was set to have a spell away from football as Pep Guardiola did but that now appears false.

Klopp said, “It’s not that I’m tired, I’ve not had contact with another club but don’t plan to take a sabbatical.”

Klopp is not the sort of coach to go to a club for just a year or two so what this means is that the Arsenal board must move for him this summer or miss out. I really cannot see us getting rid of Wenger when he is doing so well, especially if the Gunners finish the season strongly and win the FA cup trophy again. That would be risky and unnecessary.

However, I think that will leave Man City free to bring Klopp in and he could be the ideal coach to get them out of the doldrums quickly. That is a chance we are going to have to take I think but it could also be gopod for Arsenal in the long term because it means that City will not be a rival for Guardiola if he plans to move to the Premier League from Bayern Munich when his current contract expires next summer, which many in football expect.

In my opinion, the former Barcelona boss would actually be a better fit for the Gunners and the timing would be better for us. Or do you think Arsenal should not wait but go for Klopp this summer instead?

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    1. exactly what i was thinking. City don’t have the players to suit klopps style though. So i hope he doesn’t bring reus and gundogan etc to city.

      1. i see that happening.
        nasri yaya loads others going

        in comes klopp with reus hummels gundogan an bender

        man city find some ridiculous way to side step ffp spending hundreds of millions

      2. They need home grown players he wouldn’t have knowledge of these types apart from sterling and those he sees in champs leauge (arsenal and Chelsea’s players)

        City need to bring in quiet allot of home grown players this summer.only strikers (ings, Kane, qpr St )have stood out this season in terms of home grown talent the one area were city may not look to strengthen unless they get rid of (dzeko n jovetic)

        Will be the type of players that they will have to look at

      1. Does anyone else think that Klopp is being a coward, hes leaving while his stock is still high.. not risking another relegation threatening season so he can get a big move for big money. Some might say thats cleverness not cowardice but i believe seeing as he is the one who took Dortmund down the table he should be the one to bring them back up it, and what has he left for the next man regarding youth?

        I definitely wouldnt take him over Arsene and im not sure now if i would even want him later seeing as how he is abandoning the club whos colours run through his own veins.

    2. That’s based on sentiment and nothing more.

      I’d happily replace Wenger with Klopp, it’s like replacing a once great player with 1-2 years left in his career with an exciting younger player who’s been tearing it up.

      Funny how everyone on here applies that logic to players (debuchy out for Jenks, Arteta out for Schneiderlin) but the manager is untouchable. Klopp is City bound I imagine and that spells big trouble for us.

      1. Who the f*ck said Debuchy out for jenks? Debuchy is our starting RB you seriously chat sh*t so much

        1. Read the article addressing that exact issue a few articles back. I’m not you mate..

  1. I was never really an AKB or an AOB. I was in between… An “Arsene Change” fan. And since that pretty much happened this season, I’m content.

    But since Klopp isn’t coming to Arsenal, I don’t want him and his coaching talents anywhere near the premier league. Stay in Bundesliga please.

    1. Yeah I agree – I’d rather see him at a team which isn’t almost guaranteed to win the title (Barcelona with Xavia/Iniesta/Messi etc. bossing just about everything, Bayern with every good player who was playing in Germany) before people talk about him seriously

  2. Pep Guardiola, Roger Schmidt and (a surprise) Lucien Favre are my ideal candidates to be honest.
    Klopp is definitely off to either Manchester City or Real Madrid (if City get Ancelotti).

    1. He may not be a big name, or winner, but I’ve rather taken a liking to Gary Monk as a manager. He’s done brilliantly at Swansea, and they play a very good style of football too.

    2. Out of those two it is obviously city. But only if it is those two. I could never see him at real. Poison challis.

    3. Main issue with klopp is that he replaces quality players with average players. He should take a leaf out of simeone’s book. Lost quality players and replaced them with good players with character or potential quality like griezmenn.

      He reminds me of Rodgers without all the talk, false optimism and hype of rubbish footballers under his wing.

      Wenger’s main issue is he doesn’t translate to the players or the board what he wants and needs. Happened to pellegrino against united. Told the players to do something and they did it for only 15 minutes.

      Milner what a woeful player and some of yous were saying he’s good and arsenal should get him. MILNER…………..MILNER…….HAVE YOU WATCH THE GUY AND YOU STILL THINK HE IS GOOD. Epitomises what an average player is.

      Back to Wenger. He is great everything else especially spotting talent and bringing them in.

  3. What if Arsenal football club grant yours wishes and get klopp for next season and we fail to qualify for UCL?

    1. what if u wake up tommorow an realise someone has surgically removed your p#nis?

      ifs an buts bro

  4. In all the years Wenger’s been here, never once has he had such a bad season with us as Dortmund are having now. We’ve lost our best players, not been able to spend much, been crippled by injuries and yet Wenger always kept us in the top 4. Klopp has achieved a great amount with Dortmund, but this season’s collapse has really harmed his reputation. Klopp is a relatively young manager though, he’ll learn through experience.

    I’d like to see Klopp at Arsenal, after Wenger has gone. But getting rid of Wenger for Klopp? Perhaps earlier in the season I would have been swayed by that argument. All those years or mistakes had taken their toll. But by a turn of luck with Coquelin, Wenger actually seems to have changed. We haven’t really played the same style as we used to recently, we’re more defensive, more solid, and more successful, though we still play our trademark attacking way too.

    I saw Klopp more as a successor, not a replacement. But now that he’s pretty much nailed on as City’s next manager (where else would he go?), I can’t see that happening.

  5. Wenger will probably see his contract out and he desperately wants to win a major trophy C.L or P.L before leaving. Klopp is a very able replacement but I would like an Ex player (Adams, Bergkamp, Henry or Vieira to follow suit.)

    1. Agreed but imo the ex players should come after an experienced manager succeeds Wenger, kind of like what Manchester are doing with Giggs. Although Bergkamp and DeBoer seem to have been doing well with Ajax so maybe they’ll be chosen.

      1. That would be my guess also, De Boer & Bergkamp Overmars. De Boer said recently how he wants his team to play the Arsenal way.

  6. I like Klopp a lot. Great personality, great coach. Whoever gets him will be lucky. The shame for Klopp is, wherever he goes he won’t be allowed the time to set up a legacy. He is similar to Wenger in that he has a very distinctive style that takes the right bunch of players and time. Its Real Madrid or City for Klopp and both clubs demand instant success. Good luck to him but I don’t see him lasting at either clubs as the players at both clubs don’t suit him and are lazy. We won’t get Klopp but it would be a mutually good fit. However, I see us getting Guardiola or Simeone or giving Bergkamp a chance like we did with Arsene. Either way we will be fine without Jurgen Klopp.

    1. This. Moyes was the same way with Man U. Some coaches need a couple years to get the right players and get everyone to buy into the system. Most of the big teams in Europe wont wait 2 years for a system to work. Honestly I thought Man U would give Moyes another year, but it looked more like they never really wanted him to begin with.

      Klopp seems like a good fit here, but the only way he comes here is as an assistant. We could groom him up while shaping the team for him next year. But that is almost as likely as Arsene leaving after this season.

  7. Wish Klopp all the best. It’s a shame that this had to be the season he left because this does not reflect all the work he has done. But end of the day they behaved like a small club trying to make a profit off the success of Klopp and hoping he would bail them out time after time while they sold off anyone remotely talented.

  8. Porto already 2 up v Bayern. Arsenal just don’t turn up for first legs, they think they got time, more time until we’re almost or as it has been, out already then we realize we have to get back in the game, when its too late.

  9. I love wenger and he will finish his project,but dont want us pick any sh*t mananger when he retires.i dont think manangers like pep and ancelotti are who go for a long term,so that makes me sweat a bit when people like klopp become available because i dont trust the arsenal board.every big transfer wenger does 95% and they do 5%.we fans need to know that wenger sooner or later will retire and will need someone who will be in for long too.

  10. Theres more goals here for Porto, Bayenr are starting to go suicidal at the back just like Arsenal.

  11. Klopp Is not our problem now. We should stop going about like a roving lion looking for what to devour. What should be our concerns now are how Arsenal are going to push out the Royals of Reading FC out of the FA Cup on Saturday evening at Wembley. And on the following Sunday, exorcise Jose .Mourinho’s devil strangle hold on the boss when he brings his Blues outfit to face the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium, in a duel that will decide where this season BPL title will eventually head to.

  12. I don’t know why people over hype Cavani.. I have watched him for a few seasons now since he moved from Italy..

    He looks like a headless chicken playing as a striker, very hard worker but poor finisher, reminds me of our Welbeck..

  13. I like Klopp but this rubbish about him losing his best players to Bayern being the reason is all excuses.. He only lost Gotze and Lewandawski. If only losing 2 player in 2 season is enough to take a 2nd placed Dortmund to near relegation then I am not convinced..

    Wenger has been losing the likes of Vieira, Henry, Hleb, Flamini, Adebayor, Toure, Clichy, Nasri, Rvp Cesc, Song etc..

    Klopp has lots Gotza, Lewandowski, Kagawa and Sahin.

    Kagawa and Sahin went back.

    How would he have performed in a much competitive EPL during a time we were losing players left right and Center?

      1. Very good point GOONSTER. I hadnt realised he used that for an excuse, i mentioned above how am not even sure if i would want him regardless of Arsene being here or not and now i think ill pass.

        Dortmund should be an easy task for any top manager considering pace, players and opposition bar Bayern. Klopp is supposed to be one of the great motivators… so what went wrong?.

  14. He would be great number 2 for 2 seasons then take over from AW. This would be dream team old teaching new and new teaching the old that things change

  15. I like Klopp.. a lot.
    If it was the issue of Wenger needs a replacement as he was retiring at the end of season i would gladly welcome him with open arms even though in our heavily competitive league it would most likely involve a few seasons of transition.
    But at the moment we, IMO have the most quality, deep squad we’ve had in a long time, looking in a solid position to retain the F.A. Cup and ultimately an excellent season despite a disappointing start. Though it’s not quite winning the league, i feel we’re in as strong a position as ever to compete heavily for the league next season as we’ve ever been.
    Wenger has taken us through a big period of transition, with a transfer budget that would suggest we were a mid-table team at times, in the wake of billionaires making a mockery of the sport with excessive spending and the very successful Ferguson era. He needs the opportunity to leave his managing legacy with financial backing to bring success, and not just stability, it seems he is finally being afforded this chance.

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