Klopp comments lead Wenger to open up on being forced to sell Arsenal’s best players ‘every year’

Arsene Wenger claims that he had to sell Arsenal’s best players ‘every year’ in order to balance the books while the Emirates Stadium was being paid for.

The Gunners suffered through an extended period of being a selling club as they initiated their move to the new stadium, and had to sell a number of their star players in successive seasons during that time.

Jurgen Klopp yesterday conceded the Premier League title, despite only 24 matches having been played, and 42 points still available with only 13 points between themselves and the top of the table.

Wenger was speaking on BeinSports after the match, and he didn’t disagree with Klopp’s decision to rule themselves out of the title race, but claims that you simply have to do the best with what is available to you, comparing his final years at Arsenal to that of his Liverpool counterpart.

Wenger told BeinSports Premier League coverage: “Sell a player I didn’t want to? Many times, but for financial reasons…

“Of course (Arsenal would have gone under without selling players). I did (deals) every year. We had to pay the stadium back at the time, we had to be in the top four. We needed to pay our mortgage back…

“It was a different period. We just listened to Jurgen Klopp in the shock of a defeat, but at the end of the day he has to make the maximum potential of his team until the end of the season.

“That’s what I did at the start of a season. I knew we did not have the potential anymore to win the championship, but we wanted to at least be on target to be in the top four…

“I accepted this challenge and I think it’s a period that I worked at the most efficient and best for the club. It is what you leave behind that is important.

“Today the stadium is paid off, Arsenal can invest money and hopefully win championships again.”

Does Klopp’s situation have any similarities to that of Wenger’s final years? Am I missing the connection?


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  1. Pirate Dandy says:

    He actually complemented Klopp here.

    Wenger probably took care of the groundman’s contract as well. That’s how much he was dealing with.

  2. Reggie says:

    But Mr wenger, you spent 40 mil on Ozil, 35 mil on Mustaffi, 35 mil on Xhaka and 38 mil on sanchez. As well as others.

    1. damy says:

      All in one season right? Like you made it look….after not selling an influential player as well? Right? …. Sometimes we are just born to criticise unconstructively even when the situations we criticizing are well constructed…. What a pity reggie

      1. Dan kit says:

        He obviously hasn’t been keeping up with our transfer dealings Damy

        1. Anywar Isaac says:

          I think arsene Wenger is my Best manager in the world coz NP manager or coach WD accept to do what he did at arsenal fc and maintain being in top 4 for around 17 years competing with da likes of manu, Chelsea, Liverpool and man city and kept on winning da FA cups

      2. Reggie says:

        Didnt make it look anything different to what it was, he spent money but he tries to make out he was given nothing and had to sell the crown jewels. Truth is most of the crown jewels in the previous years he was alluding to wanted out. By the way wenger had a budget every year which he chose not to fully spend, his choice and he refused.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          every spending has to be authorised by the CEO

          if hes caught spending without authorisation, he will be behind bars

        2. Sleek says:

          That was just a ruse. His priority was to make sure the stadium was fully paid for. It was his decision. He didn’t put his personal success, ego if I may, ahead of the long-term success of the club. You have to give him credit for that.

    2. Tony says:

      Yes he did but it’s after paying the debt off.

  3. Chapo says:

    This alone should be a final answer to the man’s critics. But no, the AOBs will never get off The Great Arsene’s back.

  4. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    his half-truths are about 15 years too late…he should just keep his comments to himself unless he’s really willing to open pandora’s box and finally give a much more honesty commentary on his complicit role in the way this team was mismanaged since he joined forces with our absentee landlord in concocting the great North London stadium “rouse”…otherwise stop giving credence to the nonsense that continues to be peddled by AKBers since his long-overdue departure

  5. SakaRowe says:

    I really hate the fact that Asené was pushing the blames on the players, saying that they wanted out because of money. And today he is vomiting the truth. Thats not fair prof.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Every player will ask for wage increment through their agent…..

      of course they wanted to win titles tooo

      Club like City can pay them whatever they wants compared to Arsenal….

      would you go to a club that can pay you 200k or 300k and win trophies ?

    2. Sleek says:

      Some left when it wasn’t right. They forced their way out. Like Helb, Fabregas, and a few others. If they could have stayed together one, two three seasons more, Wenger would have had the foundation to build. He didn’t have a problem with selling players that have given much for the club already, that have spent up to 7-8 years. At least he mentioned that in the interview.

  6. AndersS says:

    Yes, you are missing something.
    The fact is over tha latest 10 years, only Man C and Man U have a much higher nett spend on transfers than Arsenal.
    So plenty was spent in Wenger final 6-7 years, only we went backwards. Whereas Liverpool and Spurs spent much less and overtook us.

  7. Sleek says:

    He was saying, Kloop had no excuse to throw I the towel just like that. Also by reason of the fact that he wasn’t making the best of his players. He didn’t really lose anyone, so really what has changed? He is punching below his weight, that’s for sure. When you make statements like that, you don’t give the players a reason to fight anymore. You also don’t put pressure on those above you on the table.

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