Klopp: Liverpool should have won 6-3 but Arsenal are a fantastic team

Jurgen Klopp has rued the defensive errors that led to the Reds surrendering a 2-0 lead over Arsenal, conceding 3 goals in the space of 6 minutes, but he thinks that his side should still have won 6-3, which is down to mistakes at the other end of the pitch from Mane and Salah.

Klopp was asked if he thought that it was a criticism that his side were great to watch from a neutral point of view. He replied: “No, no. It’s absolutely positive. We didn’t give any chance away because we were so offensively orientated – if you would do that it would be bad. We conceded goals where we were all behind the ball. You cannot train that [a player] is there when another makes a mistake, it’s quite difficult.

“I don’t take it as a compliment, it’s a fact: we are a very good football team, that’s how it is. But to be much better we have to avoid mistakes like [these], we have to use our chances more often. It would have been strange but the deserved result would have been 6-3 for us. Scoring six goals at Arsenal, what should they say now? That you can run through all the time? We all will continue. Arsenal is still a fantastic football team, we are not so bad.

“I don’t need compliments, the boys don’t need compliments, what we need is consistency. We have consistency performance-wise, not always genius, but really on a positive side. Unfortunately, it still leads to too many draws, that’s another truth.”

The match on Friday night really was brilliant to watch but it was very worrying for us Arsenal fans watching our defenders flailing when Liverpool came at us. Maybe we’ll get to watch a boring win one day for a change!



  1. Tatgooner says:

    When you have monreal playing centre back partnering with an out of touch koscienly and Ainsley Maitland Niles playing lb while xhaka is protecting the back 4.
    Then you come u against a midfield of coutinho can and milner and a strike force of firmino mane and salah.
    There is only one outcome you can predict.
    If you cant win that game with a margin of over 5 goals that tells you you are an average manager.
    Klopp should take a long look at himself in the mirror and asks himself questions

    1. Tatgooner says:

      Did i forget there was iwobi and a dwight gayle form of sanchez playing in this match?
      With wenger also managing the team?
      Mourinho would have won 7 1 in your place klopp.Things are not looking good for you so far

      1. RSH says:

        iwobi is truly dreadful. How did he get a start in a big game?

        1. lcebox says:

          l think he was suppose to help with the defensive side of things ……… so no help there.

          1. kev says:

            Some of our players are not average.They’d improve a lot under another manager because they’d be playing with a new better mentality.That’s how come when some managers are changed certain players start improving.Arsenal’s problem is more of psychological than tactical.We need a change.

          2. Maks says:

            Wenger out!

        2. Maks says:

          He is still young and I agree with Wenger (one of few things I agree with him) for giving Iwobi playtime, and for Niles also. That’s part of clubs tradition (contrary to Chelsea and ManCity) of developing young players.

          1. RSH says:

            is dropping points also tradition? Why is Niles starting over Kolasinac in big games? Why is Iwobi near the lineup when he cant even put in a good game against midtable opposition? These spots need to be earned.

      2. Maks says:

        Mourinho would have not won 7:1 cos he would not have those players and this formation and a style of play. Mourinho is still Porto manager and soon he will manage Greece cos they are perfect for his vision of football no-game.

    2. kev says:

      It’s funny how Klopp is making himself feel.good.Liverpool were not fantastic because they were but it was because we gifted them a lot of chances just like the Man City match.If both Liverpool and Arsenal had played to their best Arsenal would’ve won that match.Man City were not good in that match but were also labelled very good because they had so many chances which Arsenal gifted them.But of course we hardly ever play to our best.

      1. RSH says:

        youve got to be joking me. Rewatch the last match, Arsenal cant even complete 3 passes. LFC had so many chances to score against us, and we were just good for a 5 minutes period in which Liverpool gifted us some of the easiest goals in the game. Xhaka’s goal should never have happened if Mignolet wasn’t a complete useless clown, and Joe Gomez was 99% responsible for Sanchez goal. WE were the team that got gifts. Liverpool played circles around us for much of the match

        1. Sue says:

          Cech should have saved Firmino’s!

  2. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal defending ability might be bad, but there is no way they will make blunders that can change the score to 3-6. Cannot wait to see Arsenal bounce back at Crystal Palace’s stadium and Liverpool’s demise against Swansea.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I would re-watch the game if I were you. I said exactly what Klopp was saying after the game, they missed so many gilt-edged chances, that it’s the attack that had an off day. Should have been around 4/5 nil by the time Sanchez scored.

  3. Durand says:

    If, if, if…….
    If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle. If Arsenal decided to sit back and put game to bed up 3-2 3 points for us. If Sead played maybe they wouldn’t score. If we had mike oliver from man utd Leicester city match we lose 45-3.

    Would have, could have, should have.
    Welcome to Arsenal supporters world Mr. Klopp, going strong for over a decade now.

  4. Mark says:

    Koscielney is the problem. He has been poor for at least 2 years and seems to be undroppable. His mistakes are shocking and unforgiveable. He gets sucked out of position regularly. He believes he’s a ball playing centre half and consequently gives it away in dangerous areas. He has never been strong enough and will wimp out of challenges and get brushed aside. Amazingly Arsenal fans rate him and Wenger won’t drop him. On Friday he played like a school boy.

    1. RSH says:

      All our CB’s have become like this lately. Drawn to players so easily, and just make poor decisions. Kos is unfortunately no longer reliable, and Mustafi has always had an error in him every game or two. There’ just no discipline or defensive work at the club, and that isn’t about to change as long as… well you know .

    2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Koscielney is affected by a damaged achilles and should not be playing injured.

  5. Mitch Connor says:

    Well half his statement is right. LoL
    I would not say Arsenal are a “fantastic team”

  6. Jack reacher says:

    Merry xmas my arsenal family

  7. Twig says:

    Thumbs up for David Luiz and William Carvalho in January?

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