Klopp looking forward to Arsenal ‘solutions’

The new Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is well aware that Arsenal play the possession football that he wants his own team to play, but realises that it is too early to try and match them at their own game and instead is working out a plan to stop the Gunners taking control of the game tomorrow night.

“Arsenal and Arsene [Wenger] have their own style,” Klopp said. “It’s possession football, so it’s clear that if we want to play the same way we will be without a chance because they’ve been doing it for longer.

“Arsenal are not only a good possession team, that’s the problem; they have good counter attacks too and that’s what you have to be aware of. It’s a job but it’s a really nice job to think about solutions and how to stop them coming through with their plan. I like things like this.”

“It’s always a big challenge to play against a club like Arsenal,” he continued. “But if we have shown something over the past weeks and months, it is that we have a plan against good football playing teams.

“We haven’t had consistency in performances but Stoke away was a good sign of what my team is capable of.”

I don’t think that Klopp has any choice but to play a defensive game considering the amount of injuries he already has, and he has now ruled out Daniel Sturridge as well, who was supposed to be fit for this game. Even under Brendan Rodgers Liverpool managed to draw 0-0 at the Emirates earlier in the season, so we will have to expect another very tight game at Anfield.

1-0 to the Arsenal?

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  1. Certainly expect a defensive side but I don’t expect them to sit back and park the bus entirely. I think there will be some high pressing. Once we get into their half I expect them to park it and make us break them down and wait to counter.

    Flamini will be a big part of the game in my opinion. If he is able to slow down their counter and win back possession quickly is when we will be able to have our own counter which we’ve shown thoughout the season can be deadly.

  2. O/T
    I’m just going to go ahead and point something out here. Granted I don’t comment as prolifically as I used to before here, I counted more than 10 articles submitted yesterday alone by ‘Admin’ and Bob collectively. That’s roughly an article every 2 hours. Now, I don’t know if more submissions mean more money and to be honest, I’m not particularly blog savvy, but I like this site and I’m a frequent visitor of it even though I’ve more or less demoted myself to lurker status. My point is quality over quantity. You basically post stuff that we’ve already read in the Mail or the Mirror. And this makes it difficult for people here to read and contribute thoughts via the comment section. Hence, the 10 or so comments per editorial piece. I mean, look at Untold. They’ve got their own banner at the Emirates FFS. Just saying we’d all benefit from dare I say it, more effort on the quality front? That’d be swell

    1. I would love to have quality news and 50 comments per article, but you won’t find that in the middle of the night i’m afraid. We try our hardest to provide quality but could YOU find that many interesting things every day?
      We strive to improve every day…..

      1. You both raise good points.

        However @ xan remember JustArsenal is international too, speaking for myself here in Zambia I don’t have time to go through all your papers and sites like the Metro, Mail, Talksport or whatever they are called but at least I know I will probably find them here. BBC and Skysports and probably a bit of goal.com we can read because of there reputation. So to Admin keep posting the news and look at it at an international level, as long as its a quality story of course and worth steering conversations here.

        Just my though and I respect both your views.

      2. As I’m sure any person, me included would do. I’m in the journalism field as well and I pretty much have an idea about goings getting tough, even though covering Football or even Sports in general would seem a breeze to the nonsense I’m assigned to. But thanks for the response. I’m just a follower of the site with a little bit too much free time and all I intended was a genuine suggestion- to wait a while longer before posting stuff so as to allow the readers time to discuss and you know, argue. What would be even better is if the authors would participate with discussions. Cheers. WAR JustArsenal!

        1. @007
          That’s fair, I didn’t think of that. Good point. Although you might want to re think your “007” username. One might assume you’re as British as it gets

          1. Haaha, I would say I’m half British since you guys colonized us and all. All in the past now though and we are buddies. I’m a huge fan of the old Bond movies too, only thing they played on TV growing up plus the Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris movies. From way done here but I still bleed red and white, such is the greatness of our club.

  3. klopp truly knew that the gunnerz meant business,so he wll try to spoil the party,he wll approach that game on a defensive mood

  4. Liverpool vs Arsenal is always going to be a tough game. I just don’t see them winning us and that’s down to their injury problems. I just hope we’ll exploit their weaknesses and ensure we bring all the three points back to the Emirate. COYG

  5. It sounds like Klopp has not been watching us when we play big teams lately. We have given up on the dream of emulating Barca and play a more settled game (hold back and wait for our chances).

    We play less in the midfield now, most of our possession in at the back with Mert and Kos pacing around the ball, some quick passes in midfield and we sometimes slow down again and pass it around near the opponents box. Other than its the good old counter attack.

    We are not the same team he played against Dortmund. Hope his in for a good surprise – 2 – 1 in favor of Arsenal.

  6. The only thing I worry about was the result Liverpool got at the Etihad, which was very impressive. Admittedly, they had plenty of personnel available and capitalised on the hilarious defending of Mangala and Otamendi as a pair. I’m convinced Arsenal will win but really, really cautious of overestimating them.


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