Klopp says Arsenal are “100% sure” to beat Man United at Old Trafford

Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City are the three clear contenders for the 2023–24 Premier League. At the top of the league, the Gunners and the Reds are tied at 71 points, but the Gunners lead due to their better goal difference, while the Cityzens trail them by a point.

Each of these three teams has seven league games to determine their fate. The Gooners have already noted one or two of their next league games that may jeopardise their title chances if the lads do not bring their A-game. One such encounter comes on May 11th at Old Trafford against Manchester United. Arsenal defeated the Red Devils 3-1 at Emirates Stadium, but can they do the same at Old Trafford? As tight as the title race is, a single draw might eliminate you from contention.

As some Gooners fret about that fixture, Jurgen Klopp, whose club on Sunday drew 2-2 with United at Old Trafford, has hinted that it may be one of Arsenal’s guaranteed wins. The Liverpool manager claims that if Manchester United do not improve in the next few weeks and continue to play as they did against his side, Arsenal will undoubtedly defeat them.

When asked if he will be cheering for United to beat Arsenal, he responded, ‘Probably; if we are still around, then that would be great. Yeah, probably.

“But Arsenal are a good football team, and if they [United] play like today, Arsenal will win that game. I’m 100 percent sure.

It is comforting to hear Klopp vouch for Arsenal. Interestingly, he is the third manager in the last week to comment on Arsenal’s greatness, following Rob Edwards and Roberto De Zerbi.

Of course we’d like Arsenal to beat Manchester United, but until then, it’s one game at a time. Arsenal’s next match is against Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarterfinals, .

Onwards and upwards!

Darren N

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  1. I like Jergen Klopp, have followed this big German for many moons.

    He always turns to mind games when his concerns starts to grow,
    But maker’s no bones about it, having banished to minor places, nothing would please Ten Hogs and the Old Trafford faithfuls, than to have a hand as to where the big jugs settles.

  2. With our patient and unique approach, i’m confident of a convincing win at Old trafford. forget about our record there.

  3. Anything can happen at Old Trafford. It’s the game that I am the least confident of us taking three points from. Knowing the history of this fixture, it’s the sort of game where their out of form players such as Rashford can suddenly come back to punish us. This one will be a true test of character where if we take three points I will humbly admit to Arteta that, ” I’m not worthy”.

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