Klopp subtly aims a dig at Arsenal as he groups the Gunners with mid table sides

Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta clashed when Arsenal faced Liverpool in the Premier League last weekend.

The episode was the highlight of the early exchanges in the game before Liverpool took the lead.

The match eventually ended 4-0 in favour of the hosts, but it seems Klopp isn’t done with Arsenal.

Speaking ahead of his team’s match against Southampton tomorrow, the German boss grouped Arsenal in the same category as Brighton, Aston Villa, and Wolves while explaining how tough the Premier League is.

Klopp said as quoted by Football London: “The Premier League makes steps every year. It’s not about the top teams, the improvement of the league can be seen in (the) positions below.

“Brighton, Villa, Arsenal, Wolves… It’s just the league is so strong, really tough and exciting. For sure the best league I’ve had here so far.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Klopp’s comments are ridiculous and it seems the German has some problems with his choice of words lately.

Arsenal may have lost to his team in our last league match, but they are just 5 points ahead of us now and just three points separate us from the top four.

Liverpool has been competing above us in the last few seasons, but we remain a much bigger club when compared to Brighton, Aston Villa, and Wolves.

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  1. based on our performance and our manager’s antics last weekend we should be elated with his somewhat inflated assessment, as we looked and acted like a relegation side in that one-sided affair

      1. so wrong little guy, I’ve actually seen them play on 3 different continents, but as usual don’t let the facts get in the way of your weak-ass trolling escapades…btw I now know what the “B” stands for and your mine

  2. Regardless of our past accolades. At the moment, we are a mid table team. And have been for the past 3 years…
    So, Jurgen is spot on.

  3. Truth hurts, not a fan of Klopp, but he’s not wrong in his assessment.

    Finished 8th last 2 seasons, got bossed on the pitch by Chelsea, City, and Liverpool. Add to that no European football, and that’s all the ingredients for a midtable team.

    Also, we’re also about 3 points above 8th place currently, so he’s spot on with his “subtle dig.”

    Some choose rose tinted glasses over reality, despite the results and performances right in front of their face.

  4. Lets not blame Klopp for our position in the league, we are there on merit and bad owners coupled with bad managers. Our world fell apart probably around 2010 when Wenger started to believe the publicity that he could turn a jackass into Shergar, so he sold our best players and bought jackasses to keep us in top four when any team could acheive top four. Even liverpool who won champions league but never finished above Arsenal. Arteta now has the same problem from Peps warm up man to our manager he has no plan B, C, to deal with different teams just same now as when Wenger was there and we were known as Barcelona light. wake up smell the coffe and cop on we need a manager that will not persist with tactics that even the weakest teams can batter us. the club buys young players and our forward line are like the the dream team, legs moving rapidly but going no where. Sorry for the long read but its killing me to see my team being slagged off by pundit shit heads that are getting revene from the time Arsenal blew there teams away

  5. By his assessment I believe there is hope for arsenal who are improving unlike Liverpool who were midtable for 30 years won the league and went straight back to midtable. I think we all know the way from the top of the mountain is always down

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