Klopp very worried about Arsenal’s strike force – ‘Stop them or we don’t have a chance!’

Arsenal’s error-ridden defence have already conceded 20 goals in just 18 Premier League games, but surprisingly the Liverpool defenders have also let in the same amount, and their coach Jurgen Klopp has warned them that they need to be on their best behaviour against the Gunners tonight as we have created even more chances than even Man City this season.

“We are a team who are very offensive-orientated, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give any space away.” Klopp said. “The boys did well in different systems, which I really like a lot because that is the biggest improvement, but only because they now do the jobs in the moment, much more often.

“There are always things to work on, that’s how football is, but of course the numbers are important – only four (conceded) in the last nine is good.

“But it’s in the past. We have to be ready for a different challenge on Friday. It’s Arsenal and they have quite a talented group there! We need to be spot on in this specific part of the game.”

Liverpool tried extremely hard to prise Virgil van Dijk away from Southampton in the summer, and Klopp was asked if his defensive record had persuaded him to try and get more cover in the January window, and he replied:

“Everything we are doing has influence on our plans. That’s all I can say about that. So, yes, it has influence. But I don’t know exactly in which way. So you’ll have to wait a little bit.

“When we win a game and when we defend well, then I’m happy about it. If we defend not that good as a team, then I’m not happy about it, but I don’t think then the solution is a new player always.

“For example, Alberto Moreno did fantastic this season, and then we played at Sevilla and he did not well. People didn’t hesitate to say: ‘That’s why we need a new left-back’. And I think: ‘Wow’.

“So thank God, I, or we, here make the decisions and nobody else.

“We are not relaxed, but we have a view on everything and it needs to fit together and everything needs to work out in the end, and you need to have solutions for different situations and systems and all that stuff.

“So far, it’s okay. It could have been better, but it could have been much worse. Now, we prepare for Arsenal and we have to be defensively really, really strong in that game, otherwise we don’t have a chance.”

That is a very brave thing to say as it is clear that our strikers have lost their scoring boots at the moment, but I guess our luck in front of goal must change at some point. Let’s hope their defence is crap tomorrow and our strikers are hitting the mark, or WE don’t have a chance!

Small things make big differences….



  1. Sue says:

    Which translates to ‘We’ll thrash them 4-0 again!!’

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Hopefully Sue, but I think more like 4 each, the neutrals would like that.

  2. Muff diver says:

    Whatever jurgen
    Mane coutinho firmino salah

    If we had that ..we would be fondling each other listening to David hasselhoff

  3. TEMALAWRENCE1 says:

    arsenal will beat liverpool if we reverse to back 4(four)

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