KM’s Arsenal v Swansea thoughts -and Wenger flirting with England?

Is Arsene flirting with England to get a new contract? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellow gooners! After the boring week of pointless internationals, we’re a few days away from the Premier league action again, where Arsenal pick up off a great run ot 5 straight wins against a Swansea side that has just changed managers! And it’ll be a tricky one for a few reasons.

Swansea have a good squad. They have Llorente up front, who was one of the most hyped strikers a few years back, while Leroy Fer has been their inspiration in midfield. Most notably Swansea actually have a decent away record at the Emirates, winning last season 2:1 coming from behind.

The fact they sacked Guidolin means the ‘new manager effect’ will be coming in and I expect a really tough game, because we usually crumble after we build up a good series of wins, and last season was another example of that. We have four home games coming up and they are against lesser opposition and I really hope we pick up where we left off and we win those games, but again Swasnea will be a tough one!

It’s just after another international break that failed to impress for England who barely escaped with a point at Slovenia. Recent managerial events around England have been hilarious! Roy Hodgson saying he doesn’t know why he is at a managerial press conference, Sam Allardayce saying it’s not the manager’s job to say where Rooney would play and later being caught in bribe scandals and then Southgate finally got his dream of managing his country and has yet to change anything.

After all this talk of England being the laughing stock of football (true to some extent), it has been decided that a big name is required to drag the FA out of the mud and here comes the name of Arsene Wenger who’s contract is running out next summer. On the surface you could see why such talks are lurking around.

Arsene loves England! It’s football has made him what he is today and he’s a well known and respected name across football and he is famous for his free flowing style and attacking flair, which is something England has been missing in recent years to be honest. Look beneath though and it doesn’t really make all that sense.

Arsene loves football, it’s all he has! He split from his wife, he is in good health, rich as most of us will never be and he’s practically immortal at the club. Why would he leave to take on England? He’ll be under extreme pressure, because everyone will be expecting that it would just work and he’ll be faced with playing only English players!

Wasn’t Arsene the first man to start an entirely non-english squad in an english football match? England is full of exciting young players – true, but have they really achieved anything? What have Jesse Lingard, Dele Ali, Harry Kane, Daniel Sturridge and so on won combined? Even the English players who are performing well for their teams crumble under the immense pressure of playing for the national squad.

Flair in English football comes from abroad and the riches of the premier league. Name a few of the top PL players – Aguero, Silva, Sanchez, Ozil, De Bruyne, Ibrahimovic. I could probably go up to 10 before I put an English player. Would Arsene sack all the comfort in the world he has at the Emirates to take upon this mighty challenge? I wouldn’t say so.

For me, he is using this so he can say – look I turned down the chance to manage England to stay with you. I am loyal to those millions of pounds I earn evey year for achieving the top 4. I’d give Arsene to the FA right away and enjoy watching what he does managing England, but I think he’ll be looking for a new contract and he’ll get one if he wishes!



  1. Bravo, Konstantin. I don’t know how you did it, but you’ve managed to get inside of Arsene’s mind, and tell us all what it is that he thinks and wants. Truly amazing. Oh, in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m been sarcastic. How can you not be after reading such non-sense? Ridiculous article.

    1. He’s a visionary which up until recently he was spouting all garbage about the team. The very same team he praises today. If there is any synonym with fickle on this site then one of them would be Konstantin followed by KM. Obviously, Wenger had nothing to do with results, is all players making tactics and winning games. The very idea that not so bright people (because let’s be fair, footballers are not really known for their IQ) gather and have meetings on how to do tactics behind the manager is simply laughable. Yet, Konstantin had no issue in endorsing such a thing (because you see, papers heard from a player but no name is given etc).
      Just wait until the first defeat. You will see then the greatest supporter going by the name of KM. Just wait.

  2. Wenger has never been interested in the England job and I can’t really see why he would be now. If he was going to manage at international level it would probably be for France.

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