Koeman can’t see ‘too weak’ Everton improving ahead of Arsenal game

This game tonight between Everton and Arsenal looks like a no-brainer, with Arsenal unbeaten in the Premier League or the Champions League since the opening game of the season, while the Toffees have won just one game in their last 11. But this is the Premiership and we have to accept that anything can happen, or could have happened in previous seasons. This year I think Arsenal are a different proposition and they look set to win yet again before their massive clash with Man City at the Etihad next weekend.

Certainly the Everton manager, Ronald Koeman, doesn’t feel that his team can improve until he brings in some more players to the club in January, or even next summer. He said after the Toffees latest defeat, 3-2 against Watford: “These are not the results we like to have but we have to accept it and we know the Premier League is difficult.

“The Premier League is not always about football qualities, it is about physically, second balls, and in that aspect the team is too weak at the moment and we have many difficulties against teams like this who play really direct and are aggressive.

“We have different players and they have different qualities and in that aspect we need to improve and need to do better because that is what you need in the Premier League.

“That is the big concern, you can’t change that in two weeks, you need time for that, you need January.

“You need the next summer and that is my job, to improve the team and to change what we need in the team and we need better balance in the team.

“We need more physicality in our team. That’s the Premier League. Or you have world-class players and that’s the difference.”

So it sounds like he has no confidence at all in his players, and that is hardly going to inspire them to battle hard against the Gunners this evening. I think we should just sit back and watch the show as Arsenal move back to the top of the League, and put more pressure on Chelsea who play tomorrow….

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. Godswill says:

    Not yet won but it’s going to be won through focus and determination to win.
    Being second and knowing that we can top is a major motivation to the boys.
    They will deliver. I know the goal are coming from all angel and it can’t be less than 3 scored.

    1. Jerick says:

      I’ve seen Arsenal bluffed too many chances to go top of the league in recent years. However, I believe the team’s mentality is different this time around but let’s not get complacent. We will have to work really hard if we want the 3 points today.

  2. Pablo Picaso says:

    Mind games really, their is no weak Everton. How many international players will be fielded by them today and some on the bench?

    With there recent bad form, this game will be like a final to them. Everyone likes an under dog who beats the big guy, in this case we are big guy and should be ready for a fight. Score early to unsettle them, keep calm and play our beautiful football without giving anything away.

    Go for the kill boys, show no mercy and come back with the 3 points.

  3. Reuben Joel says:

    Football was never mathematics and the end cannot be predicted until the final whistle. As much as I have confidence in us, Wenger has never beaten Koeman I think. Plus this game looks like a banana skin and we need to thread carefully. Onward and Upward gooners. Let’s keep the focus and we will win.

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    Koeman knows how to set up his boys to snuff out the threats in our squad…We have to turn up…He’ll instruct guys to mark Ozil and Alexis out of the game. This means other players have to notice this and step in. He’s well aware of how we like to play out from the back…He’ll target this also.

  5. Franko says:

    I hate this over confidence from Arsenal fans…..you have not learned anything all this years.

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