Koeman expects Arsenal to struggle against Southampton

So we come back to a discussion about bogey teams and how they always give Arsenal a tough game no matter the respective League positions, well Southampton are rapidly becoming our latest bogey team.

When we went to St. Mary’s on Boxing Day we were on a run of 5 wins in row, and Southampton were rapidly dropping down the table, but the Gunners were severely embarrassed by a stunning 4-0 defeat. The Saints boss Ronald Koeman believes that his team’s confidence against Arsenal is more than just that game. “It’s not only about the Boxing Day game and the final result, no,” Koeman said on the official Southampton website.

“We played four times against Arsenal before Tuesday and we have won three of them. We won both at home and the away game in the League Cup.

“We lost in the last second by 1-0 last season in the Premier League. That means it’s close, even though they are fighting to win the title and we are not.

“But we showed we can be competitive against them and a very hard team to beat. We would like that again on Tuesday.”

“We believe in our qualities and we play out of good organisation,”

“That’s always difficult for the opponent to beat Southampton. That’s the reason why we have some good results in the last few weeks and we like to continue with that.

“We had a great result at home against Arsenal not so long ago. They will try to show they are the better team, but we know it’s not so easy to beat Southampton.”

Believe me Ronald, Arsenal know full well how hard it is to beat you! And so do Watford, West Brom and Man United, who you beat at Old Trafford last week! But now it’s our turn. It is us that’s going through a bad run, and the Saints that are on form. Expect to be shocked when we get our revenge with a 4-0 reverse this time!

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  1. Arsenal will win this 3-1 and only bad bit about this is AW will play BFG and that gets to me because I think we have a young defender who is better then him. AW need to play the new lad with FQ because I think he will give us something very different just have this feeling about the lad. And he can hit a ball. But will AW play him? NO

  2. Don’t worry guys win or lose Wenger is always a specialist in top four and round of sixteen in the champions league.

  3. This is Gabriel’s chance to prove he belongs next to Boss in defense. We have to bounce back from the away humiliation, COYG!

  4. Koeman is a pretty good coach in my book. He seems to know how to set up a team against most opponets especially the “big teams”. I’m sure he would do well even at a bigger club than the Sainst.

    3 wins out of 4 against us does not sound encouraging at all. We need big game performances from Sanchez, Coq, Theo if played, plus Kos and Gabi. The last time Long made us look like fools, I pray Kos has a steady game today and non of the 1 error per game his now having. We haven’t played with such a strong team in a while now so I’m expecting nothing less than a win”

    Bellarin Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Theo Ozil Sanchez
    Subs: Ox, Campbell, Elneny, Chambers, Gibbs, Ospina, Flamini

    2:0 to the Arsenal

  5. Good thing we have Coquelin and Sanchez back…

    Giroud need to be clinical in this game..

    Wenger might drop Campbell for Walcott….If that is the case, then Walcott need not to bottle up his chances tonight..Otherwise, Campbell should start..

    Gabriel need to have a good run of games…

    Southampton defeated Manchester United 2weeks ago and they know how to play us so i am not expecting an easy game at home…I just hope we win.

    Arsenal All The Way!

  6. I skipped Earth on transfer deadLine day………. Any idea of what it Looked like?

    Heard it was the bomb……and we were actually very busy!

    Oh wait!…….

  7. Its down to our boys to ram his words straight back down his throat….this is the time we separate the men from the boys, the chaff from the grain, the pretender from contender…no more excuses, we are playing at home, the pressure is on, Leicester might drop points at home because Liverpool will go for the jugular so its entirely up to us to lay a claim….a win is a MUST…..of we choke up again then I believe the repercussions will take more out of our campaign than just the 3 points at stake…a loss or even a draw will just go to show that we still lack that mental strength and fortitude to deal with pressure of been a champion…

  8. I just want to see who starts between gabriel and mertasacker. Then i will know for sure if i have to keep trusting this manager or not. Simple as that.

  9. Ronald McDonald Koeman, isn’t a Clown like someone we know, all too well ? I’m sure that he will do well at Arsenal, when Wenger eventually calls it a day or gets carried out in a wooden box… more than likely the latter, as there is no signs of him stepping down, aside or up into the Boardroom, in the foreseeable future.

    Anyways! … Wenger is our biggest Bogey at the moment and he fails to PICK Gabriel instead of BF”snail”G tonight, then we are in Big F’ing Trouble!
    We can’t afford any more slip ups!
    As I can see Leicester, Man City and the spuds all picking up 3pts tonight.

  10. Every team, small and big, can beat arsenal. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to know this. For those stupid ones who dont want to understand, they will be reminded in time over and over again.

  11. Let us all be prayerful at kickoff up till full-time for the Gunners to overcome the now our latest bogey team, the Saints and their resitance in the battle to collect all the 3 points in this game which will be at stake tonight at the Ems.

    True, the Boss will likely starts Rhinosacker for this match. Which to me is in order because of his aeriel advantage that was missed when the 2 CBs pairing of Koscielny&DeAberu were unabled to deal with a Claret’s equalising headed goal in the Cup. Who out jumped the duo to head past Ospina.

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