Kolasinac, Mbappe, Gibbs, Mahrez – Where are Arsenal going with this?

Arsenal transfers and the end of Gibbs? by Konstantin Mitov

So, it is the summer transfer window. A time of pain for the good ol’ Arsenal fan, because usually we bottle it. This summer could be even more painful as we cannot offer Champions league football to attract top players and we still know nothing about the new contracts of our star players.

We’ve signed Sead Kolasinac from Schalke which we all knew was coming and his primary position is left back. I’ve only watched him in Schalke’s Europa league game with Ajax, but he looks physically solid and I’d like to see the squad filled with more players like that.

Now the left back position was one that needed to be addressed, because Monreal isn’t getting younger and Gibbs is always a liability. And I think we’ll finally see the end of the Englishman who never really did something to impress us at left back and it’s about time we start clearing the squad of players who are not good enough.

I hope that we put an end to Theo, Jack and Ramsey too and replace them with quality. I doubt it though, but I’d love to see us go for Douglas Costa, who seems like he’s leaving Bayern. But the big hype around comes from the fact there were pictures of Ivan and Arsene in Nice.

The media and fans than jumped on the bandwagon that we’d sign Mbappe. Realistically do you believe that will happen? Even if we are willing to pay the incredible 110 million for him, where do we fit in the pecking order after teams like Real and others like City who can offer CL football? I don’t believe this one, because it’s so not Arsene to spend that much on one player.

This is ridiculous money, but spending it means we can and it shows, we can put some ambition on the table, that could persuade a top player to join us, despite the bad manager. Moving onto Wenger himself he did another thing, we don’t usually see him do – speak highly of a player and making fuzz about a possible transfer.

Riyad Mahrez is mentioned and I think he’s a player that is the typical Arsenal signing Wenger would make. It’s also interesting that clubs like Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern do this, where they talk highly of someone they want to sign and thats a ‘push yourself out’ plea to the player.

This one has more steam to it and might possibly happen, but the price tag of 40 million again feels so not Arsene, for a player who’s been a one hit wonder so far, which pretty much counts for the entire Leicester squad. Other questions arise from the fact of what will happen to the starting line up if he joins? Will we play the new formation at all next season or revert to what we know? If he joins, does Alexis move to the middle with Mahrez and Ozil behind him?

This would rule out another striker signing, but I feel like we definitely need one although I can’t see us getting Mbappe, but for nearly half the money we could bid for Aubameyang although without the CL I hardly see us convincing him either. Whatever the case though, If we’ll be doing business, we must do it early. We always leave it late and I fear that all this hype will come to nothing again and we’ll be left on the final day, hoping for a miracle.



  1. Venger says:

    Just a year without CL and you feel city is the bigger club already… deluded…very

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    Will Sanchez even be here?
    Could Ozil be loafing around somewhere else In Europe?
    Who does Ramsey’s hair and why do most other players look like extras from the only way is Essex?
    Will Wenger struggle with his zip again?
    Will G-Rudes hair product contracts allow him to buy another house in Sussex?
    When will Stan admit he is letting a gerbil live on his head?

    So many questions, so little time…

    1. Atid says:

      Ate u a hairdresser by any chance?

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          No, just bitter and twisted.

  3. WengerOut Bot says:

    Just get me Lacazette, Mahrez + Kolasinac and a Solid Centre Back I will be Ok for the Season!

    1. ramterta says:

      a centreback??Isn’t the central midfield more important first?

    2. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I thought we got Kolasinac already lol

    3. Twig says:

      Yeah, we need a centre back to add to Koscielny, Holding, Gabriel, Mertesacker and Mustafi.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Yes I agree. Numbers wise looks ok but when you look at age, then fullbacks, academy players, being cover you see we that could and should improve on the backline. Gabriel is untrustworthy. Mert seems to be throwing in the towel if he’s not playing regularly enough. And besides, there’s always room for improvement, it’s not like we’re locked down tight back there. It’s also not like we’re the tallest and most dominant back there. We should bring in a tall commanding specimen of a man, have people forgotten so quickly, we need a hero, he’s gotta be strong he’s gotta fast he’s gotta be up for the fight, a mighty quinn would do it.

  4. MPDwn says:

    Seeing as we are going to play Thursdays (FFS) we need squad depth to be able to give ourselves the best chance in all competitions. Having options wont be a problem, but I dont think we should get too many luxury players, so surely a top ST is up next?

    On that note, would love to see Lukaku in the red and white.

  5. ramterta says:

    this guy afc maden says we are in for mbappe
    .He looks a trust worthy source

    1. ojay says:

      You guys have started again with all these worthy sources.first higuan. then Benzema.hmmmn.we fans know better.where us Leo?the transfer guru

  6. Yossarian says:

    I just read about Jean Michael Seri:

    “Reports emerging out of Italy though have suggested that Roma had their first bid for the 26-year-old turned down by Nice whilst Arsene Wenger is rumoured to have met with Seri’s representative.”

    “He is also a secondary target of Spanish giants Barcelona. The Catalan side have earmarked him should their pursuit of Paris-Saint Germain’s Italy international Marco Verratti prove unsuccessful.”

    Sounds promising because if Barcelona get their man, surely Arsenal can out-muscle Roma in the finance department to compensate for lack of Champion’s League next season?

  7. Vlad says:

    Can’t help yourself but take a dig at Wenger, can you Konstantin? You talk about transfer window, and summer signings – stick to it.

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I don’t know much about Seri
    All I know is that he is a midfielder, costs as much as Xhaka did and that Barca and Roma want him.
    I assume Roma want him to replace Salah who is going to Liverpool

    But don’t know how good he is.
    If Barca are interested, he could be an awesome signing. Then again Barca signed Alex Song lol (who wasn’t bad but no Viera)

    1. Perfeect Ndlovu says:

      Why on earth would Roma replace a winger/forward with a cm? ?????

  9. Vlad says:

    First and foremost, we need a decent cover/replacement for Santi. How’s that position not a top priority is beyond me. If we get a good striker, and a winger it will be an added bonus.

    1. Atid says:

      Chambers, holding, Mertesacker, mustafi, koscielny, Gabriel, Monreal kolasinac, bielik.

      Of that bunch that can play cb, only Mertesacker is entering his last year and as club captain I can’t see him moving this summer.

      I just cannot see us going for a centre back now.

      1. Perfect Ndlovu says:

        Agree, dnt know why everyone keeps mentioning cb being priority

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Because Kos is unreliable. Chambers has not proving good cover. Bielik might have allot of growing to do. Mustafi went off the boil. Mert maybe taking a coaching role. And Gabriel needs to go because he is a liability. We need one big tall dominant CB as you could see we look better with more height, one to come straight into first team.

          Monreal is decent cover but not regularly, he’s not tall enough. Kolasinac is tall for a fullback, but not for a CB. Holding Koscielny and another tall good defender would be ideal, then Mustafi coming in for Koscielny as he cant play every three days, and eventually replacing him. Bielk and Monreal then enter when Mustafi is out. Chambers could take Gabriel’s place if we buy another first teamer, but I’d like another loan as he needs games. When we’re talking about fullbacks and academy players I think it shows we are not as much covered as people seem to think.

    2. Adam Criniti says:

      Seri would be that guy if these speculative reports have any merit.

      Lacazette or Aubeyang
      Sjidbe (If Bellerin leaves)

      U OK with that Konstantin?

  10. Jamaican gooner says:

    Why does it seem surprising to most especially the anti Wenger posse that we’re willing to spend that much for mbappe????

    Last summer Wenger laid out the 4 pointers he take into account when acquiring players, and mbappe fits everyone of those to the T.. The kid is so good, that even if he doesn’t live up to the 100+ million price tag, the worst case scenario is that he’ll still be at the level of lewy or Suarez when he hits his stride.. Wenger and the folks at Madrid know this, hence the reason why they’re so hellbent on his service.

  11. Peter says:

    Some of us are day dreamers.let us allow the manager to look for a good players to boost the current quad for next season ,stop confusing us with wrong information like some papers in the mole of metro spreading false news every day and now pls

  12. Dexter says:

    How about getting that traore guy from Ajax. Watched him play against man u in Europa final and he’s super good. My advice, sell Walcott and get him. I’m no longer a fan of mahrez

    1. Perfect Ndlovu says:

      Chelsea player mate

  13. Rustynuts says:

    Forget all this nonsense about not being able to offer CL football being such a massive handicap. I didn’t notice Pogba raising the point when Man U. came calling. It simply means that Arsenal will have to pay more in transfers and wages; bearing in mind that we ought to be able to depict next season’s Europa campaign as merely a blip.

  14. RSH says:

    I think the Mbappe rumours have some legitimacy, but of course he will not come here. Lacazette hasn’t ruled us out at least and that should be our second option. And we need a midfielder, but we of course won’t be getting one. Wenger is too predictable. Will wait on Cazorla getting healthy and say he is a new signing when he returns in 2018. Or worse, we will rely on Wilshere, a player that is proven not to be good enough. Ramsey has just recently found form but is still very unreliable, but Wenger is too blind to see this, and Elneny is squad player quality. We won’t start the season with the players we need to win anything. And this is all without addressing the fates of ozil and Sanchez.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      We need to be careful not to let one player slip while we talk to another one. We missed Higuain because of that stupid business with Suarez and no buy out.

  15. David Rusa says:

    I think we need to give Wenger the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think it is all doom and gloom at Arsenal. Let’s look at the other big teams. Only three of them, Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal came out of the season with any form of silverware. What happened to the rest? Have their fans run riot? It is long since Liverpool won any trophy. Man City has not won EPL for three consecutive seasons, having only won it twice in the past few years. Tottenam has only won the Capital one cup in the recent past. Contrast that with Arsenal which has won three FA trophies and two community shields in the last 4 years and has been finishing in the top 4 for the last twenty years save for the just concluded season. Is that really the team you would say is horrible? Some people would rather Arsenal had a one season wonder like Leicester and then disappear into oblivion! Everyone should appreciate the high level of competition in EPL unlike the other European Leagues which are dominated by two or three teams. Arsenal will soon win the EPL. All that is needed is having quality players with the right mentality and fighting spirit. Leicester should always serve as inspiration to Arsenal and any other team with determination.

    1. RSH says:

      This is a great comment if you believe nobody can do a better job than Wenger.

  16. Kane says:

    Next season will be much tougher especially if city, united, chelsea, liverpool and spuds spend big on world class players….we need to have a strong start & start with a very strong squad from the beginning isntead of the regular rubbish we are used to, signing players late , kolasinac, Mahrez,, a quality CB (tho per surprised me in the FA Cup final) , a world class CM if Santi carzola & wilshere fail to stay fit and one CF to replace dead wood like sanogo & akpom….this means we need 5 Quality signings of at least £30m each to replace Theo (mahrez), gibbs (kolasinac), chambers, per (Out)

  17. Break-on-through says:

    I can understand people being on Ramsey’s back. He’s never made a proper claim for a starting berth. But I also think people can’t acknowledge when he’s actually helping or when he’s one of the good ones. Because we played some terrible stuff last season, our quick passing game totally abandoned us. One thing I noticed coming to the last ten games, is Alexis Ozil and Xhaka do play better with Ramsey there. If anyone doesn’t notice that Alexis, and Ozil esp gets more freedom and interchanges passing more fluently with him in the team well then they need to start looking before talking.

    1. Sal says:

      The only reason why Ramsey starts is that cazorla is on the treatment table and we have noone better at the moment, I’m sure our attacking players would be playing even better if ramsey was able to make a quick pass to launch a counter,didn’t waste the ball so much,or run around like a headless chicken without even making a tackle or interception, at least shut the passing lanes but no he’s unable to do that either, yes he has scored some winners here and there and for that he will always have our love but whether you like him or not in mid he’s a liabilty, just imagine granit with Naby Keita by his side Now that’s someone who would be able to play the Cazorla role to perfection, pace creativity and the ability to run into space, plus the kid can tackle and launch a quick offensive he would be the missing piece in midfield would love to see him playing for us!! In this window we need to keep our star players sanchez and the ox maybe ozil if he’s reasonable with his wage demands as I don’t think he should be paid as much as our hardest working player Sanchez. We need a 30 goal striker, a keeper if we lose Ospina and scezny ( Donurrama from Milan would be ideal to replace Cech eventually) and at least one if not two world class mid. a creative mid to replace our aging cazorla and a hardtackling midfield to break up play like gueye would be ideal ,now with Saed and one or two young talent signings we got a team that can challenge on all fronts next season minus the deadweight ( Walcott, elneny,Wilshire, Gibbs, Perez, debuchy, Gabriel, Campbell, Ramsey if if we sign two midfield players) COYG

  18. Nick says:

    Can’t you see that it’s not Wenger ‘s fault it the board’s fault ,Wenger’s is taken all the blame and now that us fans put pressure on and that usmanov whants to buy us The American is thinking Iv got to show that I care !! If the board backs wenger and gives him some cash to spend on players he will win the league and moor .. A great manager does not become cr,,p, … every 1 wants to play for him …. Don’t forget before the American came he was winning things ….

  19. lawal says:

    arsenal shouid by mahrez this summer

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