Kolasinac or Monreal? Is Sead the new Arsenal fans favourite?

Sead Kolasinac just picked up his second Arsenal Player of the Month Award, but was he really our best?

Nacho Monreal was voted the PFA Player of the Month for October, with players from the whole division as competition for the award. The Spaniard played a key role in helping us win five of our six matches in all competitions, scoring two goals in the process, and his performances did not go unnoticed by the PFA’s voters, earning the award with 37% of all votes received.

His outings did not do enough to persuade Arsenal’s fanbase to choose him over his team-mates however, with Sead Kolasinac getting the nod for our best player of the month, collecting over 50% of all voted on our official website.

Monreal did come in second in the poll, with Aaron Ramsey closely behind in third place, and you would have to say that the trio have been our best players all season so far, not only in October.

Kolasinac is proving to be a huge hit in North London this term, having joined on a free transfer from Schalke this summer, and has quickly become one of the fans favourite players, but is he already ‘THE’ fans favourite?

Alexis Sanchez would usually be amongst the front runners for our monthly awards, but he is currently a cause for concern, but we appear to have a new star who is filing our hearts.

Is Kolasinac Arsenal fans favourite already? Does Lacazette look like he could challenge Sead in the long-run?

Pat J

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  1. Oh poor Monreal. The most unheralded hero of the present team.
    It is because we are craving for a change that’s why the new boy is more noticed than Monreal but he’s my number 1.
    Even as a CB when he’s not a CB he still does better than natural CBs.

  2. This team is so poor mentally and all seem to crumble come the important games so I cannot say that any of them endear themselves to me. Alexis was different but now he has his eyes on getting away even he does not try as hard.

  3. Can someone tell me why Iwobi is scoring at will for Nigeria (2 against Argentina and 4 in 5) but not so for us?
    Placement of players matters I suppose.
    Time for change.

    1. It shows the value of a decent manager.
      We could also say the same about Giroud, Ramsey, Ozil, Mertesacker and Mustafi who Wenger’s tactics make look poor but are good when they play for their countries.

    2. I always moan about Iwobi….. but that goes to show under the right manager he has got it in him & he doesn’t always run round like a headless chicken!

    3. Godswil, Arsenal players aren’t allowed to shoot, remember? All we do is pass, pass and pass and try to walk the ball into the net.

  4. iwobi is a passer a dribbler and a finisher

    I once said that iwobi has the ability to be world class and fans thumbed me down.
    The kid is special guys.And BTW iwobi would be a great addition for the england team

  5. Look, Iwobi is here in Russia gunning down argentina with a brace so far.
    Nigeria leads 2-4 with 6 minutes left

    1. Does Mr know all watch our players on international duties to see what tactics make them thrive and how they are deployed in their national teams? Iwobi in a very advanced role today against Argentina in a 3-5-2 formation combining upfront with Ihanacho. He did rubbished Mascherano.

      1. Iwobi is an attacking midfielder who is better suited to the PL than the one & only Wenger’s favourite Mr. Ozil.
        But once again I have got to remind myself that I support a team that plays under an aimless manager.
        As for the Monreal Kolasinac duel, Monreal is a better defender while Seo is better in attack
        In the last few games Seo has been caught out of position on numerous occasions but once again Wenger doesn’t care!

  6. Very many of our players perform well on International duties while they do not do well at Arsenal. Arsene has been so poor with utilization of players in the last 6-10years.
    We so desperately need a new and better Manager.
    Arsene should have left before now. He will eventually leave on a low when it should have been otherwise. I pity him

    BTW…. Proudly Nigerian

  7. Kolsanic is fabulous. Wenger did a good job getting Kolsanic BUT that doesn’t make up for all the screw-ups and horrible job he has done as manager. This season is going to be painful. I hope Kolsanic will still want to stay here come next season

  8. I feel sorry for Kolasinac. He should be playing for a much better manager than Wenger – who is renowned for having underperforming players as his favorites. I worry for Kolasinac.

    1. Are you not being too emotional about a player who chooses arsenal because the man whom you are sorry he is playing under. That is a bit funny you know.

      1. What like Ozil and Sanchez thought and now they are desperate to get out? Nothing emotional about that – I am stating cold hard facts. Looks like you need to leave your emotions of what the guy used to be behind. He’s a joke nowadays.

        1. Fact you say. He can clearly see the mess arsenal is from outside unlike Sanchez and Ozil you mentioned but he still chooses to come here. That is why I can’t make any sense out of you feeling sorry for him In case you don’t know, i want Wenger out myself but isn’t it too much to make everything about him. Koeman, Shakespeare, Van gal, Jose etc didn’t sack themselves or resigned somebody did. If you and i can see is failings then the board and Stan can and should and decide to do nothing. They are the one i think are responsible for the mess Arsenal his today.

          1. Nice try. The good old **** sandwich. You put the criticism in between excuses/compliments.

            Don’t worry about semantics. Try to explain why Cech now brags about FA cups when they weren’t even in his radar at Chelsea. Try to explain why Iwobi scores for fun for his country but his major criticism from your Messiah is that he doesn’t score. And so on and so on blah blah blah.

            It gets boring after a while when semantics is the only point to a discussion

            1. Your Messiah, are you being factual again. You don’t know me enough to think I’m akb. The fact that i disagree with your comment about Kolasinac doesn’t mean i want Wenger to remain. I believe and know he has overstayed. I also know that leaving derogatory comments about the man on justarsenal won’t get him sacked or make him resign. I do know a away though. It will only take one brave or stupid frustrated fan to sacrifice himself by killing Wenger or one very rich fan like Dangote to buy out Stan. luckily, i am neither of the two.

  9. Sorry to go off topic but with the teams just announced for the England v Brazil international. What a cheat and a coward Southgate is picking an almost reserve team because he’s worried
    about getting beat and can use the reserves as an excuse and cheating the public who have bought tickets to see two full sides

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