Kolasinac return the key to Arsenal tactics at Man City?

I do like the fact that Arsenal are planning to go to Man City with the intention of taking the game to Pep Guardiola’s Premier League leaders and allowing the creative and attacking players in the Arsenal team to express themselves, as we really need to win and that is the best way to go about it.

It is a risk of course, as is Arsene Wenger telling the world his tactical thoughts ahead of the game, because the home side are fairly competent going forward as well, but I think the reason the boss has gone for this game plan rather than try to be defensive as we did there famously a few years ago, is because of the return to fitness of Sead Kolasinac.

The Bosnian international has proven to be an excellent summer signing and I do not think we have a player that can really cover for him, so when Wenger gave his injury update this week and Kolasinac was not in it, I for one breathed a huge sigh of relief.

For me the Bosnian hulk as some call him is the perfect blend of power, pace, defence and attack and on the left with Monreal behind him and Alexis Sanchez ahead the Gunners have a seriously strong left side. Do you like Wenger’s proposed approach and do you think Kolasinac is the key to making the tactics work?



  1. Midkemma says:

    Sorry he didn’t cost £55 million? 😛

    When I read about our interest in him I then started to look into him, couldn’t really get to judge if he was a consistent performer or not from the clips but getting into the team of the year gave me hope.

    He has so far exceeded me hope.

    I rated Cashley before he left but this guy… WOW!

    I can’t wait until he has adapted fully to the EPL and see what he could achieve, so far he has won me over and I look forward to seeing him play all the time.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I reckon Ashley Cole as the best left fullback Arsenal ever have. He looked faster and more skillful than any Arsenal’s left fullback.

      Clichy was very close to him, speed and skill wise, but unfortunately Arsenal did not play with wingbacks at his time. If Arsenal played with 3-4-2-1 at that time, Clichy could be very threatening for any opponents.

      Kolasinac is a smart wingback and has good competition in Monreal. Arsenal still have to find a better competitor for Bellerin.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I was gutted about Aurier, I wanted him with us and… bahhhhh
        I don’t rate Nelson as a RWB although I am happy with him playing against lesser teams in that role to learn how to defend better, I hope to see him as a AM that can press early on. Winning the ball in dangerous spots can lead to goals.

        I have hope for M-Niles for RWB and would like to see him get some game time on the right, he is right footed and although he has performed admirably on the left, I think he could grow in the RWB role ready for the CM which he wants.

        We want out CM to be able to defend and attack, RWB gives that experience while not being part of the spine.

        Wow… I’m talkative atm XD

      2. Midkemma says:

        Sorry for double reply.
        While Sead (KolasnaTANK as I like to think of him) has started well, Cashley had the advantage of starting out as an attacker, he had many years to prove himself.

        The person I really blame for losing him was Dein, he offered him a joke of a wage, Cashley even talked about it. I praise Dein a LOT, I think he was the heart and soul of AFC while I was growing up but no man(or woman) is perfect and that is one thing I begrudge.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Kolasinac looks like he’d fit into that Invincible side with ease, even though we’re barely into the season. Cashley is the best left back we’ve ever had, I believe this too, but if Kolasinac has the desire he looks like he could rival him.

    2. Midkemma says:

      Team I hope to see for the City game is…



      Let Ramsey bomb forward and get into those goalscoring positions.
      Wilshere and Xhaka sit deep and play nice long balls, Giroud a nice target man.
      Wilshere and Xhaka can hold onto the ball well which we need, Wilshere has the ability to step past his man and make a smart pass while Xhaka can hold off players with his strength.
      Monreal and Kos act as aggressive CB, stepping forward and if they fail… Per ensures they are not last man and get a red. Per can read the game well and is a communicator, let him control the def with aid from Cechs experience.

      It isn’t impossible to think we can win, they will let in goals if we go for the kill, we need to get the upper foot fast though and force City to step out. Once we get the lead, Ramsey needs to sit back a bit more and put counter attacking ahead of attacking.

      Hate to say it but Ramsey is key, if he plays well then I think we will win, if he plays poor then we would need to adapt FAST and I have no faith in Wenger making a fast tactical sub.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Alexis must play, I just hope he doesn’t do that thing were he acts like he is a man on a mission while the others look like they had different orders, whenever he faced Pep at Bayern he done this and it left a huge gap between front players to midfield. Either we press from the front or else we do it when they pass the half way line, it cant be both. Its like he wants to tell Pep something.

      2. Rkw says:

        It’s going to be very though against the most fluid team in EPL for a long time … But a defence of koz per and Monreal is inviting disaster … slow and backing off against this lot won’t work.. And an attack built around Ramsey giroud and lacazette is beyond pitiful … If we depend on Ramsey For a result we can kiss the game goodbye already … Solidity patience and counter attacks through the middle … As stones and ottomendi are their weakest points … The only hope tomorrow and a draw will be a really decent result

      3. gotanidea says:

        I like the 3-5-2 formation, but Sanchez must be included, because he is the most creative, skillful and penetrating player in Arsenal at the moment. Guardiola used 3-5-2 in the preseason and beginning matches, then transitioned it into 4-1-3-2, then finally 4-3-3.

        I think Guardiola wanted to make his players understand his football concept better, by gradually make them used to different formations, something that he did not do in the previous season. I reckon Fernandinho, the DM, as the most important piece of his strategy, like what Barcelona have in Busquets or Mascherano.

        Wenger is not as flexible as Guardiola, because he did not play as the main player in major European clubs and sticks mostly to one club in his managerial career. But if he could use 3-5-2 well, it would be a good tool to pressurize Manchester City with flowing attacks in the wings.

    3. Remember Resource? says:

      I think the best left back in the league was ashley cole..Coming to city we either lose 4-1 plus or we score 3-4 goals and go for a draw/one goal victory. For us to win we need to score 4 goals.. to draw 3 goals..

  2. gotanidea says:

    Both Kolasinac and Bellerin had difficulties in penetrating the opponent’s defense and going forward, because the opponent’s fullbacks preferred to stay back in their defensive area. But Manchester City’s fullbacks would not sit back and they would try to make some runs.

    This would be the opportunity for both Kolasinac and Bellerin to penetrate Manchester City’s defense, as long as they are supported by the three attackers. I am sure Sanchez, Lacazette and Kolasinac already have a plan to unlock City’s defense with Kolasinac’s runs, and it might be the same for Ozil and Bellerin.

    Arsenal’s star players would be pumped up to prove themselves in front City’s players and Guardiola, so it could be a very entertaining show. Result would not matter to me, as long I can see the old Arsenal’s style again.

  3. farook says:

    I have a good feeling about this game my worry is our defence we always look a bit shaky atthe back.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Is Chambers fit now? Think I read he might be…
      I am curious to if he could make the RCB role his, he played RB and CB, kinda like Monreal.

      If he can emulate Monreal but on the right side then we could have a future star on our hands.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    We do look strong down that wing. Monreal knows the fullback position so he knows when to cover Kol. Alexis is a pocket dynamite which teams struggle to hold down, then they see Kolasinac baring down ..it might be a little bit intimidating. Monreal comes out with the ball and shows us why Arsene put him at CB, he’s a smooth passer for a defender, not many CBs that can use a ball like Monreal can even in tight space.

    I just don’t think Bellerin is as clever as Monreal, even with his pace his caution lets him down. Then who has Bellerin got in front of him, also the CB position has an off the pace Kos who was used to playing left side CB, or else Mustafi the bull.

    Going forward Ozil and Bellerin can be dangerous, but on the whole they don’t quite mix and match as well as the other side. However, I think teams mostly come down the other side because Xhaka will not go out and cover in time and if Monreal comes out then our centre looks easier to get at. That’s what it’s all about ..pulling players out of position ..I often hear about our endless passing but that is why they do it ..but they do need to shoot on sight more all the same, and I think we do that now but no-one seems to mention it.

    1. gotanidea says:

      You are right about Monreal, he is usually Arsenal’s unsung hero in the games. His passing, technique, speed, aggression and anticipation are very good for a defender.

      Bellerin used to be smarter than what he is now, I guess the lack of competition and bad guidance have made him too relaxed. If Arsenal could find a smarter right wingback as his competitor, Bellerin could benefit a lot from him.

  5. lola says:

    If Arsenal can draw against man city, they should bring out bus parade and celebrate.
    Thats how far Arsenal have fallen.

  6. Mr pat says:

    I don think all those responding this morning has woken up yet, man City put seven past burnley and unless we adopted the same tactics of two seasons ago by being very defensive and hit them on counterattack because it’s important we get a result as we did against Chelsea when most pundits were fearing the worst and a point on Sunday will be wicked for it will do wonders for the players self confidence and send a message as well that arsenal can still do the business

  7. Grandad says:

    We need to match up with Man City in a 4-3-3 system.Elneny and Kolasinac should man mark Silva and De Breune leaving Ramsay to put pressure on Fernandino . Sanches should be deployed on the right where he should exploit the weaknesses of Delf and in the absence of Welbeck ,Iowbi should be used to track Walker,runs. Ozil and Xhaka should be left on the bench in view of their defensive weaknesses against a side like Man City who are likely to dominate possession.Mertz should not be played as he simply does not have the pace to cope with the Man City front three.This may appear a defensive line up but a similar strategy worked well against Chelsea earlier this season and may do so against the most impressive attacking side in the league.

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