Kolasinac set for Arsenal return for financial reasons

Sead Kolasinac is set to return to Arsenal after his loan spell at Schalke 04 because the Germans cannot afford his wages.

He joined his boyhood club in the January transfer window as they struggled with relegation.

They eventually lost the battle and will be in the German second division next season.

He is ideally the type of player that they need if they are serious about bouncing straight back to the Bundesliga.

But Sky Sport Germany journalist Dirk Schlarmann tweeted that he would not stay with them because the club’s financial troubles will stop them from keeping the full-back and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

The club also posted on their website that it is sad that they cannot keep the Arsenal loanee, but they are restructuring their squad and have to be realistic with themselves about what they can afford and what they can’t.

“This decision hurts us both in sport and human terms,” said director of sport Peter Knäbel.

“In view of the current budget and squad structure – all the known and publicly discussed challenges – there was no alternative. We have to be so honest.

“In view of the short preparation and the early start of the season, we cannot afford a week-long hang-up game either, but have to make decisions for Schalke 04 now. That’s why we decided on this clear cut. “

The full-back isn’t one of Mikel Arteta’s favourites and this news means that Arsenal will likely look for a new club for him.

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  1. Just another player we’ll be forced to run down the contract and get nothing for!

    Suppose the positive is we needed a back up LB and now we have one

  2. I thought we had got shot of him. As for a back up left back, he should just be left back in the changing room!

  3. You can’t expect a second division club to pay his wages even in epl most teams in bottom half will struggle to pay what he currently earn, arsenal is a generous club that pays ridiculous wages for anyone.
    Yes his wages were inflated because he came on free transfer, but now is the time to put him on transfer list, £5m or any amount paid for him is ok, just ship him off

  4. Isn’t the real truth that he is unsaleable at any even modest price and is also not good enough even to be our deputy LB!

    Because of the long term crazy contracts policy that our club has disastrously misrun for so many years, he is far too highly paid and it will be almost impossible to even loan him as any club will not be able, or willing, or both, to pay his wages.

    So he is likely to come back here and be a burden on us and still not be good enough to deputise efficiently when TIERNEY IS INJURED OR NEEDS RESTING.

    1. True, so he will be another to “honor his contract” blah blah blah………The fruits of Wenger’s obsession with mediocrity, freebees, wannabees and rewarding them with lucracative contracts. An inquisition into his transfers needs to be done and be brought to justice.It is never too late to start the process.Another example of humble Kante vs the arrogant Xhaka. Kante UCL, EL, EPL plus a World cup winner. Xhaka? FA cup?

  5. OT.. It’s being reported we’ve made a first offer of 30m for Buendia – rejected, Norwich want 40m!!

    The haggling has commenced 🤪

      1. 30 +1+nketiah should do it. I would have said willian but we would have to pay them to take him.

      2. Mikel is no Wenger to do things foolishly. That 40+1 is not a disgrace to Arsenal, it was a disgrace to football itself. Anyways disgrace and Arsene go like a dog and bone.Initial bids are always off the evaluation. Trust Mikel.

        1. Why are you so obsessed with Wenger, he had long gone but you still blame him for anything that goes wrong. If Arteta’s pet refuses to eat, put the blame on Wenger….

  6. Kols was another of those famous “free” transfers who we paid a ridiculous wage to in order to secure their services…the only way he could even be a cover LB is if we completely change our tactics and move to a 3 back system with a LWB…looks like our “mole-man” is back in play

  7. Nobody wants him. What is wrong with this club when it’s discarded deadwood just keeps floating back. Meanwhile why are there rumours even suggesting that ESR could be involved in a swap deal out of Arsenal. This guy if properly nurtured is our future.

  8. We had such high expectations of this player. He made such an impressive start in the Arsenal shirt – impressive runs through the midfield and scoring impressive goals. Just another example of a player that failed to match up to his hefty price tag.

      1. Yes, we got him for free and he was initially very good like many others before him that came and showed flashes of excellence only to turn out ridiculous. I think the problem(s) might not be entirely the players fault, something is wrong with the club, we need to look inward rather than blaming everyone available to be blamed. Emery won every Europa league finals he featured in except with Arsenal.

  9. Sorry to say, i do think Kols is an able deputy for Tierney and we can use him in the cup game. Obviously he is not Monreal kind of player, but still ok.

    I dont think we can get a good left back as no player want to join us, big club without any europe competition.

    1. Think so too.

      But I’m sure we can lure them with a large salary. Just like we did Partey.

      1. And the assurance of paying them to play for their “boyhood” or”dream” clubs once they create nuisance out here

  10. At least @Sue is happy that her boy Kolasinac is back to continue to bless us with his dazzling attractiveness 😊

  11. Just keep him, he cost us nothing apart from wages, he has a year left, to play understudy to Tierney. Hopefully with no European matches Tierney will be able to play all the league matches and both domestic finals 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Bravo to Arsenal for turning a player who made bundesliga team of the season to a player degraded by her fans. It not a coincidence that we have to much of such players in our team in the past and present(Laca, Auba, Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi…..). If I’m a player I would never go to Arsenal for the money in the world.

    1. If he was so good then how come he came to Arsenal on a free transfer? How come no big clubs ever came in for him?
      He has always been an average player that we hyped up because he had a good season in a one club league (German league).

    2. You have spoken my mind, we tend to blame everyone without looking inwards, something definitely is wrong with the system.

  13. A looser mindset is to blame others. Fans can have looser mindset but MA cannot. You support Arsenal and not managers. I don’t blame managers but the passive and uninterested owners.

    I believed when you followed and watched matches during Arsene’s era (not those years when Arsene can spend money), the commentators’ usual comments were thin bench.TH14-TW14 has commented before.

    I agreed Arsene has to go because he couldn’t bring us title after spent money. But why you blamed Arsene when most of his first team players have gone (TH14-TW14 commented) before Emery took over? Why you blame Arsene when the first team players are selected by the managers and the new players were bought by the new managers, not Arsene?

    Loosers blame others but not themselves. You are what you are NOW!

  14. We definitely need another left back in the squad but I don’t see Kolasinac as the solution

    I think it’s going to be a tricky find as unfortunately there is reason to think Tierney could could continue to be injury prone so we don’t just need cover we need a suitable alternative

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