Kolasinac ‘The Tank’ wants to be a legend like these superstars

Arsenal’s new boy Saed Kolasinac has certainly made a big impression since his arrival on a free from Schalke in the summer, and he has proved to be a very shrewd signing by Arsene Wenger.

Although he is a Bosnian international, the was born and bred in Germany. There were a lot of German superstars around while he was growing up, but he has admitted that the players he always wanted to emulate was a Frenchman and a Brazilian. “Roberto Carlos and Zinedine Zidane are the two that really stayed in my head,” Kolasinac said on Arsenal.com. “You don’t have to say much about those two, everyone knows them and as a child, they had a real influence on me.

“I remember I used to try to take free-kicks like the one Roberto Carlos scored against France [at Le Tournoi in 1997].

“But what I trained more often was that Zidane trick, which I practised a lot on the pitch. It’s the roulette – I did it against Leicester. We always practised it.

“I still talk often with my friends about our childhood. Looking back, as soon as school finished, we’d go to the local pitch and play until our mothers would drag us away late at night.”

The Tank certainly has got the build and attacking flair of Zidane, and at 24 he still seems to be improving. He certainly has all the power and the tools to become an Arsenal legend, if not a World superstar like his heroes, but you never know!



  1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    The key to being a legend is winning trophies. And he has certainly come to the right place to do that. 6 major trophies in 4 years and plenty more to be added this season.

    I can see the player and club doing very well together.

    1. neil says:

      Needs to work a bit on his defending in this league.. which is much quicker than Bundesliga… but he looks a great buy… ! Well done Wenger !

    2. John0711 says:

      6 major trophies did I miss them, imo there two CL and PL
      I’m guessing I’m your opinion it’s the FA cup but pleeeaaassseee don’t count the charity shield

      1. Break-on-through says:

        John is right WSACDG, your making a mug out of us as well as yourself by bigging up the charity shield, its a preseason game, may as well count that Asian trophy or our own Emirates cup while you’re at it ..it’s embarrassing.

        1. Incarnate says:

          It’s embarrassing until other clubs win it, then even the league cup is celebrated, listen to Ibrahimovic from last year.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            I didn’t say our genuine trophies were embarrassing, am talking about preseason being nothing to brag about.

      2. lerzbry says:

        he’s joking obviously and I can’t fantom why you did not notice

  2. Sue says:

    What a beast! I love everything about him

  3. arsenal4life says:

    At 150k a week he better be good.
    He is paid more than Ozil or Sanchez.
    So his impact on games should be
    greater than Ozil or Sanchez.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      You are so ridiculous, that has to be a joke, remind me how much he cost us?
      Did he cost more than Ozil and Sanchez??

      Anyway, I think he has more influence than Ozil so far and we give Sanchez a run for his money…

      1. gotanidea says:

        @arsenal4life is right. We could calculate his service cost for four years:

        150,000 per week x 192 weeks (four years are equal to around 192 weeks) = 28,800,000.

        That is very close to Sanchez’s and Xhaka’s prices. I am sure Kolasinac would help Arsenal in the future, but Arsenal have to make sure he is supported by high quality players as well.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          You need to add their wages too.

    2. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

      Well is he carrying any extra weight like Sanchez? Yeah didn’t think so!!!

      As for Ozil – remind me the last time he actually had an impact on a game? Dropped by Arsenal and dropped by Germany. He is only good for showing off on instagram.

      Kolasinac on the other hand takes care of his body and puts in a shift every game.

      1. Sue says:

        Kolasinac isn’t no Troy Deeney!!

    3. Incarnate says:

      By the same logic, the Ox cost 35, Henry was 10, so the Ox better be better than Henry, right? You don’t have to factor date and prevailing market prices, do you?

  4. gotanidea says:

    Great spirit, but he has to maintain his fitness as well. The good thing for him is he has Monreal, a very good competitor in the left wing back position and a good supporter in the center back position.

    Now Arsenal need a good competitor for Bellerin.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Love Kolsanic. Great Spirit and attitude

    However, there are two barriers in his way : Kroenke and Wenger

    To become a Legend you need to win the PL and or Champions League. Wenger isn’t in that mode anymore and Kroenke cares about money.

    But I am hoping Kolsanic stays long enough to see the next manager.

    Again, Wenger made a good decision signing Kolsanic. A top defender for free transfer. Could be the signing of the season

  6. Break-on-through says:

    The size of his face, he belongs on mount Rushmore. He looks the part. Luiz is lucky he went with his studs because Kolasinac would have steamrolled him into the ground.

  7. deleny says:

    break-on-through….luv that word ”streamed rolled”.

  8. lerzbry says:

    the guy’s so energetic and I love him so much but he will never be a legend under wenger cos he needs major trophies so I highly doubt arsene will ever give him that.

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