Kolasinac transfer a sign Arsenal tactics to be more defensive?

Just because the first new player to sign for Arsenal since the end of the season is mainly known as a defender does not necessarily mean that Arsene Wenger is looking to make the Gunners a more defensive team next season, nor is the fact that we are losing a striker at the same time, although some might say it is a bit of a stretch to call Yaya Sanogo a striker.

What does strike me as a sign of Wenger’s tactical intent, however, is what he was reported on the Arsenal website as saying about the signing of Sead Kolasinac on a free transfer from Schalke. The Arsenal fans were instantly wondering how the Bosnian international would fit in and I’m sure that is even more true of the club’s current options at left back, Nacho Monreal and Kieran Gibbs, and I think that both could be feeling a little more secure right now, especially the Spaniard.

Wenger said, “He’s very compact as a player, very strong and determined in the challenges. He’s good in the air as well, so overall I believe he has all the attributes to adapt to English football

“The game here is very demanding physically on the commitment front and he has the ingredients to adapt to that.

“What he will give us is the fact that he’s a player who can give assists, who can go forward, who can contribute good crosses.

“It’s very important that we have that as well, because we have Kieran Gibbs, we have Nacho Monreal and we have him. But Nacho plays a lot now in central defence and in a three-man system I see him in there.

“So overall, I think [Kolasinac] can contribute a lot to help us to be more dangerous going forward.”

So it seems like Wenger is thinking of playing the defensively solid Kolasinac in the left wing back role, at least some of the time and that suggests to me that the boss wants Arsenal to be harder to beat. That may sound obvious but we all know that we often sacrifice solidity for attacking intent.

Gibbs is probably the other main contender for the wing back role in a back three formation, especially if Wenger does want to go on the attack more, so could there be a good role for all three left backs next season?



  1. Dude I’m pretty sure most of us think Gibbs should and hopefully will move on this summer. Monreal has proven time and again to be better defensively and I believe actually better offensivenly. Not that he does it often but don’t forget his Man City goal in FA semis. So pretty clear cut answer here. Gibbs OUT, Monreal/Kolasinac as both hopefully good options. Not sure why you’re so determined to keep Gibbs in the fold.

  2. I wonder if there are any legs behind the Bellerin press reports? Why I tend to disbelieve them is because they say he’s discussed personal terms with them, which would be blatant tapping up, and a transfer ban could be imposed on them. It would be annoying if they think they can just snap their fingers and raid our team. We should sell him in 3 years time if we are going to, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by selling him now.

  3. Tell me…. Can James Rodriguez play as CM, if he can then just sign him up…..
    If not then don’t have to bother

  4. If a player is really unhappy and can have a career elsewhere, I would let him go. Gibbs cant cut it at Arsenal, when he plays with that no-confidence face, I feel for him as he has been loyal. We should let him go. Chamber should cover the right back and Debuchy should leave. Per has a year left, so that makes defense covered completely. We should look for other demanding positions and tie down Ox. Ramsey can be offered a new deal, but he is expendable if a replacement comes. If Ozil/Alexis go, we need replacements. No lazy players this time please. And add a striker to that we are done. Jenk can go on loan, get rid of Wilshere/Walcott for got sake

  5. I think the reason that Seo was bought in is because he is a better player overall. Sure he adds defensive steal but he’s better on attack as well. He made team of the season in the Bundesliga over David Alaba. I’d like to think that the players Arsene will bring in are going to give us the tactical flexibility to play the 4 3 3, 3 4 2 1 and 5 2 2 1 formations.

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