Kolasinac transfer to Arsenal CONFIRMED – Gibbs or Monreal to go?

Anyone who has been keeping up with the recent Arsenal transfer news and rumours will not be surprised to hear that the Bosnia and Herzogovia international star Sead Kolasinac is going to be playing for the Gunners next season, but we always need to wait for the official confirmation before being completely sure.

That has now arrived, reports The Mirror, with the 23-year old being shown in his new club colours after signing for Arsenal on a free transfer due to his contract with the German club Schalke having come to an end when the season finished.

The Arsenal FC statement reads, “Sead Kolasinac will join us this summer on a long-term contract.

“Subject to the completion of all regulatory processes, the defender will start pre-season training in July.”

The report claims that the versatile defender will be earning in excess of £100,000 a week and that suggests to me that Arsene Wenger is expecting Kolasinac to be a regular first team player and an intrinsic part of the side next season.

This begs the question of where he will play and whose place will he take, which is not as easy as you might think. With Schalke he usually played at left back but when he was coming through the ranks he also played quite a lot at centre back or as a defensive midfielder.

In a back four system you would expect him to play on the left so it would be Nacho Monreal and Kieran Gibbs who would be fighting for a place with the new boy. If Wenger continues to play a back three, however, things become harder to work out.

If he was on the left side of a three man defence I would say that Monreal has more to worry about as Gibbs is the more attacking of the two, but the Spaniard seems to be ahead of the Englishman in Wenger’s pecking order, so how do you think Kolasinac will fit into the Arsenal system?

Anyway, welcome to the Arsenal Sead Kolasinac. Do us proud lad!



  1. I think both will stay, because Monreal can play as wingback and central defender very well, whereas Gibbs is more specialized in the left side and Gibbs is an English homegrown. If one of them has to go, I think it’s gonna be Monreal, because he is much older than Gibbs.

    Kolasinac can play as central defender, so Arsenal’s defense is pretty covered for the next season. Now Arsenal really needs to strengthen the midfield area, because we don’t have another player like Cazorla in the squad.

    1. It looks as if Seri could be that midfielder and probably our next signing,he has a £34 million release clause in his contract. Wenger was spotted with Gazidis in Nice a few days ago, with reports suggesting it was for talks with the players agent.

  2. Good signing. If we do play a back 3 next year I feel we should let Gibbs go and sign another centre back. A potential option could be Pepe. Many will disagree but I feel he could be perfect in the middle of a back 3, would provide with vital experience, leadership and a bit of balls. Would not be a long term option but this would therefore not hinder Holding and Chambers’ development and free up more funds to sign a quality striker like Lacazette/Aubameyang as Pepe is out of contract.

  3. We still need another LB

    Kolasinac was a replacement for Gibbs

    We need a replacement for Monreal

    1. @John Ibrahim
      you always remind me of @Hafiz Rahman who was popular on this platform mostly for wrong reasons.

  4. Love Gibbs,

    but his time has come to an end. At 27 and still a string player at club like Arsenal, surely its time for him to move on. I would rather we keep Monreal for his versatility, leadership and his chemistry with our Spanish speaking boys. Bramal or someone else from the academy can be promoted to play at LB, Sead, plus the Ox can feel in too.

    Good luck Gibbs, 11 to 15 mill would be a good price. We can give Sead his jersey number; use his squad place; wages; and selling price to add on to a midfielder / winger or striker purchase.

  5. Cant believe City refuse to match 60m price tag of Van Dijk and 45m for Mendy

    and Chelsea refuse to match 48m tag for Bakayoko….

    Here is our chance to outbid City and Chelsea for Van Dijk, Mendy and Bakayoko

      1. Good CD are hard to find and with all the money being pummed into football prices will continue to inflate. TBH if find 60 million for Van Dijk more reasonable than 100 million for Mbappe or even 100 million for Lukaku.

  6. Apparently, Kolasinac started off as a striker in his youth days.
    Yup, he can play as a DM but he states that CB is his ideal position.
    He was mainly played as a LB since moving to Schalke but didn’t set the world on fire until his contract had a year left to run down on it,hence his old club failing to renew it in time, that was basically because he was mediocre before then and were probably thinking to let him go. This player had a bad knee injury back in 2014-2015, which was sustained on the first game of that season & kept him out for most of that campaign.

    Anyways, it’s said that Kolasinac is capable of bossing the complete left wing, he thrived with the three at the back system & even kept our old foe Robben in his back pocket lol and that’s good enough for me. ?

      1. Well, I don’t know about that, but to be fair he must have been around 19 years old back then ?? he was probably still wetting the bed and all that jazz. Time will tell if we’ve got the real deal or not.. It’s okay if his just another one season, he won’t get lonely cos we’ve got loads of them at Arsenal.?

  7. who to sell..i need a moment …nope no i dont



    G TO THE I


    i need a lie down

  8. Hopefully one of them is sold. If you can get money back Gibbs is the most likely choice unless he wants to keep playing 2nd fiddle. He had AGAIN his chances to take over from Monreal as he wasn’t playing that well this season but failed! Wenger has to be ruthless but he will also make some money and free up some wages. Jenkinson and Debuchy must follow him out the door.
    I’ll go a step further if Van Djik hasn’t signed for Liverpool I would try to make a move and here is why:
    1) Prem experience 2) Southampton plays a similar style of football than Arsenal 3) He can play in both a 3 and 4 man defense with his ability on the ball 4) Mustafi has been up and down and I don’t know which one we’re getting ahead of next season and will it be for 38 weeks 5) Mertesacker will go into a non playing role 6) Chambers has played well at Boro but well enough to play a big role into this team…not really and could be used in any deal for Van Djik 7) Koscielny is our best defenders but is dealing with a chronic injury not only that he hasn’t made the best decisions at times
    Everything mentioned above will free wages but also increase Wenger money to spend! Also decisions will have to be made on Campbell, Walcott, Giroud, Perez, Wilshere and Szczesny which I would and likely sell Ospina as he has come leaps and bounds a better keeper since leaving Arsenal!

    1. City wouldnt pay the 65m for Van Dijk

      Lets take advantage of its and sign him up

      We need a quality CB to partner Mustafic and Kos

      1. Holding should be that partner and he deserves a first team place in the team every game. The kid is brilliant. Arsenal play him!

  9. For an answer to the question – What has Gibbs done in a decade since his first appearance?

  10. BOOOOM!

    Arsenal are ready to offer a staggering £120million to sign Monaco’s teenage superstar Kylian Mbappe and make him the world’s most expensive player according to reports in France.

    ??That’s a whole 1 million more than what Real Madrid have just offered.
    ?? Wenger loves his poker, I still say his bluffing.

    1. I would change my opinion of the man (Wenger) if he is truly willing to write a 120 million check. I would think that is silly money for an 18-year-old who scored 15 goals or so BUT I would love the ambition it would show me and it would force me to revise my opinion of the man since I always thought accounting was more important to him than winning the PL.

      PS: Wouldn’t Aubamaynag at 60 million be a wiser bet? But then again at his age, he might insist on CL football.

      PPS: Needles to say but if these rumors are false I will not blame Wenger because at 18 years old this is silly money for a club like Arsenal IMO.

      1. It’s more than likely just a publicity stunt, there’s no way that Wenger will spend the majority of the so called war chest on one player, let alone on a 18 year old who he nearly/ could have signed for £230,000 last summer… But hey, I’m just enjoying the entertainment of it all ??

        1. i think he may actually spend because he knows that most probably he is not going to be arsenal manager after two years (retiring). so he wouldent mind spending on Mbabe… …and actually, i think being 18 suits arsene more because at this young age, he will be easier to control than an older super star.

        2. I agree its probably a publicity stunt and we may look foolish commenting on this after a while. But as of why Arsene may place most of these funds on this kid is because:

          1. Sead – free
          2. Henry – 7mil
          3. Mbappe – 120 mil

          The man did promise 3 signings, and there you have it. From the 150 he will even remain with some cash to give back Stan, plus the EPL and Europa money.

      2. Actually Mbappe scored 26 goals and assisted another 14 in 44 appearances (29 starts), and he just turned 18 in December.

        That is special, but +100 million for a player who got 2 years left in his contract? I wonder if such offers have actually been made.

        1. Don’t forget that this is the number one prospect in the world. With the way football prices are going, What do you think he’ll be worth in 2-8 years? In comparison, Aubameyang will be worth how much in the same time period? Plus the guy has proven to have a below par attitude over the past couple of seasons. He also has no loyalty at all, so why would he come to us without CL? PSG suits him, a team ruled by $$$.
          Mbappe 9. Sign him up. Lap it up. Cheer the team to glory.

    2. Giroud was top scorer in french league before he joined us. Wenger offering £120m for an 18 year old with one good season in the french league is just nonsense. We are all wasting our time discussing it. Wengers offer would be closer to £12m.

    3. That’s ridiculous money for a kid that has one good season-ridiculous!

      We are better off going for Lacazzete and Mahrez and putting the rest of the money to keeping Alexi and Ozil and if a few quid left that Nigerian winger kid.

  11. Love Nacho but sell both and bring in a Gaya, Mendy or Sandro type player that has pace in buckets down the left flank. Adding Kolasnic and the rapid rise of Holding has made NM somewhat expendable and A Bilbao would snatch him up for decent money in a Basque minute.

    Gibbs has had his decade to impress much like Theo and remains a $70K week fringe player.

    $20M and call it a day, and ironically Gaya is valued @ exactly that sum.

  12. Out : Lucas Perez (on request), Kerian Gibbs, Carl Jerkinson, Matheiu Debuchy, Wojciech Szczesny, Yaya Sanogo……

      1. The players I listed are those who are certain to leave this summer.
        Your list is probable but not definite.

    1. Could well add Joel Campbell, Ospina and Wilshere to that list, 3 players I actually like but I would rather see extra funds coming in and put to good use than see them sitting on the bench or sent out on loan again!

  13. I would just like to welcome Kolasinac to Arsenal and know he will be tremendous for us, in deciding who should go is not going to be easy, all signs points to GIbbs, but Monreal could also decide to leave. I think physically it gives the arsenal defense a harder look and is not going t be easily broken down.

    Really glad to have him on board, lets get the other additions in early also, so that we have a settled squad before the first matches in August.

  14. Not seen much of him but looking at youtube vid looks similar to ivanovic (big and strong). Hopefully turns out to be as solid a signing as he was for chelsea

  15. I think our “3 signings” will be


    Pin down ozil, alexis and the ox and that could be our summer window done unless wenger decides to sell wojech and ospina, which might lead to another keeper coming in although martinez and macey are highly regarded and have recently signed extensions.

    1. I reckon you have that about right, wouldn’t mind Mahrez though if we had a bit of spare cash- on his day he can be brilliant.

    2. Would be very, very satisfied with this summer business however any other manager but Wenger would give the likes of Theo and Jack there justified walking papers and bring in a Mahrez or Tolliso type with the profits.

      One can dream. Lol

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