Kolasinac was the star in a brilliant Arsenal performance against Chelsea

Sead Kolasinac looks a real beast for next season! by Konstantin Mitov

Well, well! It’s the third community shield in a row that accompanies the an FA cup win the last in 4 years and I must say, when it comes to Wembley, we dig in and put out a performance and today was no different. I thought the best team won and there were some really good performances.

I though Lacazzete will be a real treat at Arsenal. We finally have a guy with whom I feel the ball is likely to hit the net when he gets into a dangerous position. The way he freed himself up and hit the post was sensational and deserved a goal. I don’t think we have another player in the squad bar Alexis who can do such things and hopefully it will soon be rewarded with goals.

Moving up Xhaka and Elneny were the bosses of midfield and I really wish we played more of them two. Xhaka started looking like the player we needed to buy in the end of last season and he was really good again. I was actually happy not to see Ozil and Ramsey on the team, because I feel like they are dragging us down. I saw players who wanted to fight today and the more of them, the better!

And there is no other than Sead Kolasinac who showed the desire to put in a fight and his “never give up” attitude resulted in a well deserved goal. He made a few excellent runs, he had a good preseason and I was really surprised not to see him start the game.

I though this was the only mistake we made in the selection. The Ox suffers on the left and I really hoped we’d see him on the right, but we started Bellerin who started training late and you could see it with Holding too how they weren’t that sharp and gave some balls away easily, but the Ox just doesn’t work on the left, where Kolasinac should be starting more games in my opinion.

So the defense remains the big worry. You could see Cech going out a few times and it kinda felt like he didn’t trust the 3 players he had in front of him, who are not the regular 3 you’d see if everyone is fit for sure, but I thought for a makeshift defense we were alright, and thank god we didn’t play Elneny as a CB.

The community shield is nice, but Leicester is the big one! We’re starting at home again, but we’ve started poorly the last few seasons and we desperately need to get off to a winning start. We have two difficult away games after that so I really hope we start well.

Mertesacker suffered a nasty head injury, so I’m not sure what the back 3 will be on Friday and if we’ll try to rush Mustafi back in, like we did with Holding, but please Arsenal please, let’s start focused and determined and win this first game of the season!



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Media reports Lemar deal is off

    Wheres Kev = Resource ??

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Probably lost his Trumpet ? and is hiding under his Bridge, like the good Troll, that he is.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        There’s no need to add extra sugar coated bull? to the rumours that are already out there!

        According to reports in Brazil via the Daily Star, Arsenal have made their move to try and sign Paris Saint-Germain attacker Lucas Moura with the French giants ready to sell for £27m.

        Apparently, we have already had a typical low bid from Wenger rejected (24 million) I reckon that Moura is a bargain and it would be a good signing for this 24 year old Right winger, who can play anywhere in the attacking positions.

        1. Coldzero says:

          He is probably being touted as a replacement for Oxelaide who apparently liked some comment or other about a move to Liverpool.

      2. nero says:

        fat boy,

        your just excited to prove resource wrong

        cant you get over him?

        what makes your own rumors right?

        people need to grow up

        praying we dont sign lemar so you say can ”am correct”..geez

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Kolasinac sure looks like he will score a few goals for us from set pieces this season and with Xhaka’s ability to execute a long pass, we didn’t miss Ozil.

    It’s always nice to beat Chelsea, even if it was for a two Bob jinxed trophy ? but I just hope that we don’t come crashing back down to Earth against Leicester. Apparently Ozil and a few more, could miss this game too. ?

    1. McLovin says:

      Iwobi played well in Özil’s position. However, we do lack certain amount of creativity when he’s absent, however uninterested he sometimes looks.

      1. Paul says:

        Ozil drags us down with his lazy attitude, we dint miss him at all………….. when he plays it’s like we are short one, ozil will never dribble like owobi did in the center of the pitch, he prefers to play a pass than take matters into his hands, I wish he gets injured and either Wilshere or sanchez or iwobi or anyone else plays his role

  3. McLovin says:

    Mertesacker will be fine I reckon.

    Leicester at home and then tricky away fixtures to Stoke and Liverpool. Koscielny will miss the opener, and Özil and Ramsey huge doubts for the Friday night clash.

    —————— Cech
    Bellerin – Mertesacker – Holding – Monreal – Kolasinac
    ————- Xhaka – Elneny
    ———— Iwobi – Sanchez
    —————- Lacazette

    If Mustafi is fit, then start him.

  4. Nothing changed says:

    I thought we played better than expected but I also think it is dangerous to celebrate.

    We were at times better than Chelsea yet as always we found ourselves trailing. How often has that happened? There were also patches where Chelsea was better.

    I thought it was brilliant that we beat Chelsea in the penalty shootout thanks to two missed penalties. To call our performance brilliant is a stretch.

    I so look forward to Kolasinac this season, I have missed a physical player in our team.
    It is also clear to me that Wenger still has trouble with team selection. Ox on the left? You have got to be joking. Iwobi on the right? He pretty much played on the left all of last season!!

    Once Kolasinac came on we should have switched Iwobi and Ox. Some of Iwobi’s best actions yesterday were on the left side anyway.

    Laca and Kolasinac appeared big positives!! Well done Mr. Wenger. Now don’t rest on your laurels and sign some attacking talent like Mahrez.

    1. Lugdush says:

      I agree….im happy with yesterday performance…but the fact that when chelsea play well and control the game its 3-0 and when we played well and take the control we just draw…it tells u something

    2. jon fox says:

      Well said “Nothing changed”. Lots of sensible comments and in a sense of perspective too. It beats me how so many do not agree with your shrewd and completely accurate comments.

  5. iffybright says:

    Holding. Mustafi Monreal

    Ox/Bellerin. xhaka Sead

    Iwobi Sanchez

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Like the line-up except I would not play Ox and Bellerin so in the 11 you list I would sub Bellerin for Ramsey or Elneny

  6. iffybright says:

    Holding. Mustafi Monreal

    Bellerin. xhaka Sead

    Iwobi Sanchez

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    I do not want to see Kolasinac starting on the bench again!

  8. smokescreen says:

    ANYOnE ELSE FRAUSTRATED THAT WALCOTT IS STILL AT arsenal.the guy comes as a sub,then he goes into hes usuall mode…running from the ball,cant driblle,..losing the ball.i mean how long will we put up with this guy…Get Mahrez already

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      The only way he will leave Arsenal is on a free transfer

      1. smokescreen says:

        am tired of the guy..

        1. rkw says:

          have been tired of him for 4 years … wengers misplaced infatuation with the whippet has kept us from strengthening in that position since at least then

    2. Twig says:

      Maybe if you learned how to spell, Walcott will leave…

    3. jon fox says:

      I have hated the bone idle and injury prone Walcott for the last ten of his eleven wasted and overpaid years at our club. This poser and weedy fraud would have been out the door in a year at any of our top rivals, though they would all not be so stupid to have bought this weed and layabout in the first place. It is my dearest wish to see an Arsenal squad without the name of Walcott in it. Lazy hiding players are poison in a team game and real managers like Fergie, Conte, Pochettini, Mourinho etc know this full well. Catastrophically the “never learn” Wenger , does not!

  9. Tatek Girma says:

    Well done Arsenal. What ever the opinion of the enemy is, you did it well & Keep it up guys.. I saw the match with full attention and Arsenal were dominant over Chelsea most of the game. As to me, more credit & respect has to be given for Xhaka, Lacazette & Kolansinac for their best performance in this game.

  10. Sparkles says:

    OT- To all those that felt Lemar isn’t a quality player because no other club was going for him, now you have what you want. Sky Sports report that Barça will switch their interest to Lemar if they cannot sign Coutinho.

  11. waal2waal says:



  12. Sparkles says:

    My line up for Leicester City.

    Holding Mustaphi Monreal
    Chamberlain Xhaka Elneny Kolasinac.
    Ozil Alexis Sanchez

    Ospina, Per, Bellerin, Ramsey, Iwobi, Giroud, Welbeck.

    1. Paul says:

      Except ozil and monreal, nketiah would be in my sub, ozil is too much luxury in our team, I’m just waiting for Lehman to talk some sense in him and change his attitude, he needs to stop cowering about (therefore going missing) when the opponent does not give him space.
      No strong opponent would ever give him space

  13. Chuks says:

    Kolasinac was excellent but Xhaka killed d show for me.fantastic player.watch out for Xhaka this season. I love watching him play.

  14. Arsenal_Girl says:

    My favourite players from yesterday were
    Kolsanic and Xhaka. Loved Lacazette’s work ethic. He won’t be a lazy one lol

    The new ones are doing well and Xhaka seems to be improving also.

    All in all a very positive performance yesterday 🙂

  15. jon fox says:

    Once again Ox looked sharp and lively BUT what did he actually achieve? He constantly loses the ball in possession and his goals/assists stats for a clearly talented player are lamentable. I just think he has amply proved that lack of care, lack of concentration is a devastating weakness. So , talented yes but regularly effective, no way! So many people choose to overlook long term faults after one or two decent games. Walcott is the best example of this. But I say long term weaknesses, like laziness, carelessness, injury proneness are key reasons to sell any player who has them. I was saying this years before the invalid Diaby was eventually sold after wasting millions in wages for practically nothing in return. As an older fan I never let my heart rule my head like so many youngsters who are wet behind the ears always do.Wilful blindness to important and regular deficiencies does our beloved club nothing but harm. Some people just will not accept the truth, even when it is staring them in the face, sadly. Realism, NOT stupid unsubstantiated hope, is the way to help our team and club. Talent, allied to regular fitness, HAS to produce results, or it is not enough.

  16. mark says:

    He is a beast, and could be very useful for us. A good signing.

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