Konstantin’s opinion on whether Pochettino could help Arsenal

My personal opinion on Pochettino to Arsenal by Konstantin Mitov

Hello, hello, lovely Arsenal people. The international break is usually the most boring of times for the good old fans of the beautiful game, but Daniel Levy decided to make it interesting by pulling the trigger on Pochettino. We just have to get the elephant out of the room. Do Arsenal fans want Mauricio for Arsenal manager?

I personally am split on this because of my desire to see a new manager, but is that man Poch? What he has done exceptionally well is deliver on a lower budget than the rest of the top 6. The other major selling point was his exciting style with lots of young players. With his biggest achievement being the Champions League final. He reminds me of Wenger between 2006-2009. We stuck with him for 10 years after though, and where did that get us?

My point is; a certain manager is good for a certain goal. Pochettino’s record against the top 6 especially away from home is awful. I think we should look at our weaknesses and go for someone who can improve on them. Whether the Argentinian will be a temporary improvement is another question and the answer is probably yes. That said, Spurs hired Mourinho and I think this will definitely give them a push.

But the problems at Arsenal run deeper than the manager. The handling of the club overall has been shocking. I know we hired a lot of new people, but more than a year has passed since we installed the new systems and results don’t really go our way. Players are being brutally mismanaged and this affects people. Conte was unhappy with Costa at Chelsea, so he got rid of him when the season ended. Then he couldn’t find another striker and eventually lost the dressing room and his job at Chelsea.

I am saying this because Emery banished Ozil, then brought him back. Now Xhaka is being banished for his behaviour and you see the sad truth. We lack a good DM. Torreira wants to leave, Lacazette says on Goal that we needed the international break, and players overall don’t seem happy at the club. This is bigger than just the manager, but it’s hard to say it’s not his fault either.

In my country we have a saying that “the fish starts to smell from the head”. The way we are managed as a football club has been wrong for years now and the lack of ability to make tough decisions is one of the biggest issues. It’s definitely not the money. Anyways, we have Southampton next and it will be interesting what Arsenal shows up. Unfortunately I do not expect a big change.

Do you believe Pochettino would improve Arsenal under the same conditions?



  1. ClifordKenya says:

    Even Xhaka will better than Unai as a manager (coach)

  2. Sue says:

    I would say even Gunnersaurus would do a better job right now! 😄
    Yes, Poch more than likely would do a better job, I’m not saying I’d want him though.
    So, the break is over, and for once, I can’t exactly say I’m excited about it! Normally I’m bored to tears during those 2 weeks, but I didn’t miss the PL one bit. Yes, the jungle and the darts helped, but I’m so cheesed off with how awful we are!! It wouldn’t have bothered me if the break had been even longer! 😱
    Just imagine if we fail to win and put in yet another lacklustre performance…things will turn ugly… and not just in my house 😂
    Come on Arsenal, give us something to cheer about!!! Forgotten what that’s like ☹

    1. j masese says:

      😂 😂 Shots fired 🔥

  3. j masese says:

    Emery is the main problem @arsenal, playing players out of position

  4. Gunner22 says:

    Why do people want Emery to be sacked and replaced by another manager who was just sacked? Spurs are far worse than us in the league. Emery has done very well by keeping us competitive after Wenger’s sudden decision to call it a day at AFC. We are still competitive and can finish on a high.It is the concoction of toxic fans and media who have driven Arsenal this far and would like to drive the club into irrelevance. Ozil was not well/fit, then was attacked, he had to be in a proper state of mind and body to play, hence he was benched all this time. Same applies to Xhaka who said something unpleasant weeks ago. After Wenger left, the club is not in a a disarray unlike Utd. after SAF left, we are much better off and the investments made in the players will pay off in the years to come. PEA and Alex Lacs are not getting any younger, if they wish to leave, best of luck boys. We have the Brazilian youngster and Eddie coming back, we can sign one striker from the EPL. Emery almost won us the Europa, unfortunately the players didn’t seem that motivated to win our first European cup in this millennium. When Wenger played his best players, the fans did not like that, Emery sets us the teams according to the opposition, yet fans still cry foul.Remember Emery won the Europa thrice, that shows the brilliance of the man who did it with Seville and was minutes away from making history with Arsenal only to be let down by the players. Emery is all for a high intensity pressing game,which is not suited for our players, hence we need tough players with high stamina.And to complicate matters for Emery, Sven signed Lichsteiner, Socrates, Mavo., Torrera – players who are not suited to the EPL and Emery’s style of play. Emery did well by hiring Saliba, Tierney and Pepe who will come good in the second half. Even our legends, Pires, Henry, Viera are backing Emery. Brendon already had a team at Leicester, just had to tweak it for excellence. I doubt Brendon would achieve anything with our line up.At least Emery had the guts to shift the deadwood which Wenger was forced to sign in the absence of funds for the players of his choice. Why do the fans hound the coach, when those in the management are responsible for signing players who do not conform to the coach’s style of play.Two great coaches – Wenger and Emery cannot be wrong, the fans should think and pick the persons to be booed, not the coach.

    1. David Braithwaite says:

      This is one of the more balanced posts I have seen recently.
      Well done!
      However, expect to receive flak from the many “experts” on this forum who will simply blame Emery for everything.

    2. Diogenes says:

      Paragraphs are your friends, mrs. Emery.

      They would also help you remove inconsistencies such as:

      ‘Why do the fans hound the coach, when those in the management are responsible for signing players who do not conform to the coach’s style of play.’

      preceded by: ‘Sven signed Lichsteiner, Socrates, Mavo., Torrera – players who are not suited to the EPL and Emery’s style of play. Emery did well by hiring Saliba, Tierney and Pepe.’

      So when you don’t deem a player a success, he was hired by ‘the management’, but when you like a player, it is miraculously Emery who signed him?

      Also: Socrates is not unsuited to EPL or Emery’s style; he’s just not very good anymore if he ever was. Mavropanos not suited? Because he’s fast, strong, and good in the air???
      Torreira was playing well last year much of the season. So a drop of form LATER ON means he’s not suited to Emery’s “style”??

      Well, at least Emery bought Saliba, Tierney, and Pepe. Because ‘the management’ suddenly gave him the power to do it (sarcasm).

      1. Gunner22 says:

        Let me clarify – who signed Lichsteiner, Socrates, Mavro., Torrera? Sven or Emery, it was Sven – then head of talent recruitment. Wenger too had doubts over Mavro. Can you tell me how many games has he payed since signing for us? Last season Emery wanted Banega and NZonzi, but could not get them, maybe for reasons beyond his control. This season he wanted Pepe, Tierney, Saliba and got his signings, of course the paper work and negotiations/contracts were done by those in charge, not Emery! Why did he get his men? Could be because Sven was not around this year for recruitment. Torrera’s form dropped in the latter part of last season till now, why? Its simple,it is due to the pace, intensity and physical nature of the EPL. That is the main reason why Kos the boss left us for the French league as it is suited to his pace and age.My sincere appeal is not to jump to conclusions, just leave the coach alone. Emery wanted Kos to stay, but Kos admitted he could not play every week, needed a slower league. Torrera has experienced the EPL, and made his decision, wish the boy luck (if stays or goes). Asking for Emery to be sacked with no experienced coach available is not wise(Max. Allegri is a one team great, even Sarri is doing fine at Juve. Twice bottled up the UCL, signed Ronaldo, could not reach the finals.)

  5. towny254 says:

    Poch said he would never manage Arsenal because he was a spud

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