Koscielny admits Arsenal are in for a difficult season

Even the players recognise that Wenger hasn’t improved our chances of winning the league!

Arsenal fans have given Arsene Wenger plenty of stick this past week, firstly over the loss to Liverpool and now the fact that another week has passed and still we see no new faces around the Emirates. But it isn’t only the fans that recognise Arsenal’s difficulties, as the players too have also noticed that the Gunners will find it very tough to compete at the top this season, due to a lack of activity in the transfer window.

On Arsenal’s title chances, Koscielny said: ‘Always. We are Arsenal – we fight for the title. Every game we play we want to win the game.This season will be very difficult because of the top clubs spending a lot of money on transfers, it’s unbelievable. But sometimes the collective can be better than individual players. So we want to keep our philosophy and play football.’

Although I agree in principle that being a collective team is better than throwing a bunch of players together in hope they can win something, most teams have quite simply integrated a few players into an already strong side. Arsenal however have signed Xhaka to replace two/three outgoing midfielders and Holding to reduce our injury crisis in defence. Asano isn’t even getting in the Arsenal first team this season due to work permit issues, so he won’t be improving us in any way, shape or form. With this in mind, Arsenal therefore haven’t strengthened at all, once again we’ve just replaced for the positions of players that we have lost over the summer.

It also depends on the quality of the player. I mentioned before how throwing a bunch of players into a team and hoping they gel together is not the right approach, however even with all the additions, say three or four additional quality signings, even if they don’t necessary gel well altogether at once in the team, their presence to improve the squad is noticed, especially in squad depth. Again Arsenal therefore haven’t improved their squad depth, they have only replaced outgoing players.

With all this in mind Koscielny is right to suggest that whilst ‘we are Arsenal’ and no doubt we will pull the strings together to get the ‘top four job’ done, Arsenal have been left behind by their rivals in the Premier League in terms of challenging at the very top. Yes the amount of money being spent is unbelievable, but if Arsenal want to compete amongst the best, then surely we have to act accordingly in turn with what the best do both on the pitch and off the pitch financially.



  1. O.T. :
    This has already been covered by lots of people here but here’s my two cents.
    If we were to send Campbell out on loan would have preferred him to go to an EPL team. For eg. Palace need a winger as they sold Bolasie. That way Campbell would have got enough game time in the EPL to show his talent. Moreover if our injury crisis were to strike we could have called him back. Now that he is gone to Lisbon, my best wishes to Joel and hope Wenger is bringing in an attacker.

    As for our chances this season, the season is just two games old. We need to collect maximum points from our games before the international break. According to Guillem Balague, Mustafi deal is dead but Wenger needs to bring an exprerienced CB and send Chambers out on loan.

    Btw, what happened to the Yarmolenko rumours?? We were heavily linked to him before the Euro’s.

    1. Didn’t you hear? Arsene’s talent scout, named Big Dick or something, was flight to Moscow but was drank too much Vodka when waiting for transit to Kyiv. He could not caught another flight because Arsenal’s limited budget policy of official travel. Yarmolenko case closed, done and dusted.

  2. Eight days countdown to dead line day, I already feel as dead as a zombie. Thankz a lot Arsenez…now I feelz wantz to eatz your brainz..

  3. Unfortunately, Arsenal have now fallen behind Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and possibly Tottenham. Wenger has nobody to blame but himself!!!

    What I find curious about Wenger is that he always has an excuse: “the prices are too high”, “the Euros took a lot out of our players”, “the World Cup took a lot out of our players”, “the injuries have set us back”, “the schedule is unfair to Arsenal”, “our competitors spend crazy money and we can’t compete”, “many teams compete for the same players – it is difficult in the market” etc. etc. etc.

    He says Arsenal can afford to spend, but only if we find the right players. Breaking news Arsene, the world is full of players that can strengthen the squad. Why do pay so many scouts and then refuse to sign the players.

    SPEND THE MONEY ARSENE! The clock is ticking.

    1. Absolutely nobody believes Wenger’s excuses anymore. Even the board and Wenger’s family roll their eyes but they don’t really care because they enjoy the money coming their way.

      The only person who believes Wenger’s transfer nonsense is Wenger.

      We are supposed to believe that every year every other club in the world can get transfers but not Arsenal? Right?

      Wenger’s New Arsenal anthem:
      I’m too sexy for my flight suit, for my flight suit.
      I’m too stingy for new transfers, for new transfers.
      I’m too stubborn for advice, for advice.
      I’m so wealthy, I don’t care, I don’t care.

  4. The title could have been also : Koscielny says Arsenal is fighting for the title. It’s just showing that people take whatever they want from press conference or interviews to push their agenda. In fact I believe I have seen one of the tabloids saying that Kos admits Arsenal is fighting for the title.

    1. Yes, each year we fight for the title, but only until February. The reason we didn’t win it last season wasn’t because of defensive issues or lack of DM but primarily because we had NO GOAL SCORERS. Walcott and Giroud went missing for half a season until April when it was too late to gain enough points. It’s the same pattern every year and unless you guys along with the manager cannot see this then we will never progress despite paying the highest ticket prices in Europe.

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