Koscielny agrees that Wenger MUST rotate – The season is long……

Arsenal generally have at least two players for each position on the field, and Laurent Koscielny believes that over the season, there must be times when every single player gets a chance to gel with each other in competitive games, so he is a great believer in Wenger’s rotation policy.

“We know each other’s qualities and we know the philosophy of the team,” the French defender said on the official Arsenal website. “A season is long. We saw it last year with a few injuries.

“So we appreciate having everybody ready to come in. We benefit from the coach’s rotation.

“Everybody brings his contribution. It’s important to have that.”

Koscielny also things that this year the squad could be ready to do “great things” if they can keep this collectiveness all the way to the end of the campaign. “I don’t know if this is the best Arsenal team I have ever played for but collectively you can tell that we are capable to do great things together.” he continued. “We need to keep that team spirit and this desire and motivation.

“We like having the ball but there are times in games where we are on the back foot and that’s when we need to make the efforts for the team and for our team-mates. We did it against Bayern and [against Everton] in the second half.

“Let’s keep it this way until the end of the season.”

We are all looking forward to getting our just rewards at the end of the year, but I’m just thinking about all the great football we’ll be watching in the next 7 months. Pure poetry!

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    1. Can someone explain why people keep underrating Bossielny ? Last year they said Terry was the best defender in PL, this year people are saying Smalling is. Seriously, Koscielny is miles ahead, he’s held his own against every top striker in the world since his arrival, including Messi (he was playing when we beat them 2-1). Really don’t get the bias against Arsenal in England..

      1. Don’t forget, David Luiz is also light years better than him.
        That’s why I can’t get anyone to pay £50 Million for Koscielny.

  1. I’M really liking the new, confidence, spirit our team is showing. I remember in the transfer window Anelka said “Wenger knows what he is doing”’. Maby its too early, but if we win the title, all credit has to go to wenger for sticking to his guns and having tremendous faith in the team he has now.

    I for one believe, should we still be in the mix by Jan, with the returning of Danny, Aaron, Jack, Thomas, we’ll absolutely win the league. I don’t care if I sound baised, but I believe alexis sanchez is on par with aguero, ozil is better than silva and mata, Coq is the best Holdn mid and our defense is probably the most solid back 4, plus one of the top 3 keepers in the world currently.

    Joel has a chance to prove that he can be involved in the first team, he has the talent, but low on confidence and rusty, + he hasn’t had a chance to gel properly with the 1st team. Id like to see how bielik has developed , same as addelaide and Iwobi.

    Gonna be good game.

    We’ll get our revenge against Swansea, shock the world with another Bayern win and enter the international top of the leaggueee.

    Guys lets have some confidence in the boys, we have a squad more than capable.
    Eva is secretly giggling at mourinho’s situation.


  2. Listen Baby Please

    It’s not easy to rotate
    It depends on who is available and what matches we play and our depth.

    It also depends on what is meant by rotation
    1. Play certain players in PL and CL then play different players for FA Cup and League Cup
    2. Rotate every match

    GK: Cech will play every match till Ospina is available
    RW: Bellerin, Debuchy and Chambers
    LW: Monreal and Gibbs (Monreal has been superior for a while)
    CB: Koscielny, Mertsacker, Gabriel, Chambers
    DM: Coquelin, Arteta, Flamini
    B2B: Cazorla, OX, Arteta. Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky are out
    CAM: Ozil and Cazorla. Rosicky is injured
    LW: Alexis and ? OX, Walcott, Campbell could play there but no real LW back up. Welbeck is injured
    RW: Walcott, OX, Alexis
    CF: Walcott, Giroud and Iwobi

    Some players will play every match or nearly every match like Cech, Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla until Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Welbeck, Ospina comes back.

    But yes if we can we should as even professional players who are extremely fit still need rest to heal niggling injuries, recuperate give rest to the body

  3. sure!………. This ain’t Rocket science!………… Rotation policy is mandatory at some point in time

  4. A slight diversion from the topic of rotation, it’s been reported in the Midlands media that Serge Gnabry has played just 13 minutes this season for West Brom. “Serge has come here to play games but he just hasn’t been for me, at the moment, at that level to play the games,” said Pulis. “He’s come from academy football and not played much league football”

    So what’s the point of this loan arrangement. With the injuries we have he should come back to the Emirates and he can add to our rotation personnel, rather than languish under the former Stoke boss.

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