Koscielny injury boost the key to Arsenal beating Everton?

In order for Arsenal to beat Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday you would think that we would have to improve in quite a few areas, even though the Toffees are on a terrible run of form and lacking in confidence with Ronald Koeman one of the few Premier League managers under more pressure than our own Arsene Wenger.

I would expect us to be a bit sharper up top though, especially if Alexis Sanchez is in the right physical and mental start after the Chile international’s World Cup woes. With Ramsey or Wilshere or Mesut Ozil back in the starting XI you would expect the Gunners to be more creative and penetrating as well, but the real worry for me was our defence.

We saw last season in both games against Bayern Munich what a catastrophic impact the loss of Laurent Koscielny could have and it happened again last weekend at Watford. With no Mustafi the aggression of the France international at the back is vital, so the news reported by Metro that Koscielny is expected to be fit to face Everton is great news and a huge boost to our chances of success.

It is not just his defensive ability either, but the confidence having him in the side will give to all the other players for what is a high pressure game for the Gunners. He is just one player and cannot win a game on his own, but do you agree that having Koscielny fit could be the key to Arsenal beating Everton?



  1. gotanidea says:

    No, Arsenal’s performance against Red Star would be the key to beating Everton. If they can improve their passing ability and play more adventurously, they could pressurize their opponents to make mistakes.

    In my opinion, Arsenal need a skillful and hardworking defensive midfielder like Fernandinho, Busquets or Mascherano in the team, that can anticipate the threats, has good ball control and able to produce good through balls. Because Arsenal do not play like that, the role could be taken by the central defenders, but they must possess the abilities to do so.

    I hope to see something different in the Red Star match. If Sanchez is fit mentally and physically, he could supply creative through balls to his teammates.

  2. El kaissi says:

    Hope we learnt from Tottenham’s impressive play against madrid that our proalem is our Manager. We would have gone 6:1 down.

  3. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy says:

    We won’t win because we have a specialist in failure as our manager

  4. Me says:

    No one is really bothered about a game between two mid table teams.
    Besides Wenger will find a way to screw it up as he always does…

  5. Sue says:

    Always seems to go pear shaped when Koscielny has to leave the pitch. Hopefully he’ll be back because without him and Mustafi would be disastrous

  6. Arsenal007 says:

    Until we realise that everything is not going well at Arsenal, this cycle of mediocrity will continue.
    I’m not trying to be a ‘dooms day prophet’ here, but have we seen how other top teams are pulling away from Arsenal…and how lower teams are catching up with us? And I’m not talking about points on the league table.
    I’m not Wenger in or Wenger out if you’re asking…All I’m saying is that there’s a problem that needs fixing. As long as the problem stands, this will be a downward spiral for Arsenal. Wake up and smell the proverbial COFFEE.

  7. jon fox says:

    Perfectly seriously, I NOW want Arsenal to lose, not win matches, for this reason. Our best and quickest way to get Wenger sacked is for the gap between us and our other rivals to grow alarmingly quickly. SINCE THEY WIN VERY OFTEN, A FEW DEFEATS, PREFERABLY EMBARRASSING ONES, is the best way to get him sacked. Even were we to win, we realists on here know all too well it will be only papering over the cracks, like for years past, until the next embarrassing capitulation. Better to take the unpleasant but vitally necessary medicine as soon as possible and thus start the cure, with a new manager. Although I totally agree that for a real title challenge we also need Kroenke out -that is the real tough fight to the death- the team and dressing room is in such disarray thanks to the French fossil, that almost any experienced manager would show a vast improvement. For a start , we might get a team actually COACHED and MOTIVATED. THOSE THINGS ALONE WOULD MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. A new manager would actually play players in their proper position and stop being a slave to the 70th minutes subs. The Arsenal patient badly needs a new blood transfusion into it’s very soul and the cancer that is Wenger, cut out and gone!

    1. Vlad says:

      You, and the so-called fans like yourself should be ashamed. Support the club, not the manager/regime. It’s extremely lame and pathetic to wish for your team to lose. Regardless of how I feel about Wenger, never in my life was I watching the game, and thinking to myself “boy, I wish we lost this one”. Shame on you.

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