Koscielny injury scare is NOT a problem for Arsenal

Arsenal fans have had our fair share of injury problems to worry about over the years. In fact we have had our own share plus that of about 10 more clubs besides. So it was with great relief and delight that we greeted the much more positive injury news coming out of the club over the last six months or so.

The Gunners started the season with very little to worry about on the injury front, supposedly, but things have recently begun to remind us of the bad old days. Jack Wilshere picked up yet another injury in training before the season even began and then both Rosicky and Welbeck had their return dates put back and back and then both have had to have surgery.

So the last thing we needed from this international break was any more players picking up knocks, making today´s Daily Mail report about Laurent Koscielny and his back problem a bit of a panic starter for Arsenal fans. But it should not be.

The France international defender missed out on their friendly against Serbia last night and the paper claims that he is also a real doubt for our game against Stoke on Saturday. But Koscielny himself insisted there was nothing to worry about and Deschamps would not have put him on the bench if he was that bad. It seems to me that resting him was merely a precaution and France do need to give their squad players as much game time as possible.

And even if Arsenal feel the need to do the same this weekend, we still have either Gabriel or Chambers to partner the well rested Mertesacker at the back. So Gooners, do not let this scare mongering report worry you too much.

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  1. Gigi2 says:

    I hear you…but for a very subjective reason whenever The Boss is out I feel sad.

    1. KickAssFan___ WENGER HAS FINISHED US says:

      To tell you the truth, Per scares the crap out of me whenever he’s not paired with Koscielny. As for Chambers, he just needs to stay calm and not attempt anything stupid on the pitch; sometimes he thinks he’s Sergio Ramos.

      1. Fab says:

        How about this!!!!

        “Wenger doing the same with OG and playing him out of position Like Arshavin… Ooh no his best position is on the left side of the sub bench next to Arteta (NIKK,2015)”

        Ha ha ha ha! THUMB UP DUDE!

        1. KickAssFan___ WENGER HAS FINISHED US says:


      2. Goonsquad8 says:

        This is what I find so irritating how does per scare the crap out of you I swear it’s like you people don’t actually watch the games

    2. muda says:

      Chambers + Mertesacter will be very slow combination, and no 1 wants to see that.

      1. Gunnerphyte says:

        “Chambers + Mertesacker will be a slow combination”…so what? we are trying to win football games not races. I hate it when people criticize players without paying attention to their actual styles of play. Yes, Mertesacker is extremely slow….but I dont remember us conceding goals because he was beaten for pace. He is actually one of the most intelligent defenders.

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    I’m not worried but I want Koscieny to be fit before our game against Stoke. We need to be solid @ the back and just have to win the game @ home. Gabriel – Koscieny for mi. Quick recovery Boss Kos!

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s actually a major problem because it gives Wenger the perfect excuse to recall Mertesacker. Gabriel has been class ever since he joined, and I don’t think we’ve even lost a game when he’s played. I was hoping for Koscielny and Gabriel to play together more, and show Wenger they should be the first choice pairing. The problem is, Koscielny is a nailed down starter, so he goes straight back in the team when fit, which most likely means Gabriel dropping to the bench as Mertesacker does seem to be one of Wenger’s favourites (and they always play, even if it has to be in completely the wrong position…they’ll play).

    1. KickAssFan___ WENGER HAS FINISHED US says:

      If I were in Arsene’s shoes, I’d do anything to keep my reputation up and solid. If a player is not performing as I want, I’d simply drop him. I the clubs says we have money and we want to spend, I’d gladly go out and get whoever money can get (they said excluding Ronaldo and Messi). But, just like women, Wenger can’t be understood.

      The one that worries me somehow is why he won’t start Ox regularly.

  4. Twig says:

    Which was the happiest day for Theo Walcott?

    24/06/2013 – Thumbs up
    30/05/2015 – Thumbs down

  5. Twig says:

    It would be great to have Koscielny in the team. It wouldn’t make us title challengers, but hey, it’s always great to have Koscielny in the team.

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    pray the Boss returns!

    Then i pray Gabriel retains that spot!

    Mert should take the front row of the reserve seat!

  7. Johannesburgunner says:

    Kosh on the bench and the media start raising alarm bells and get Arsenal fans worried. Transfer deadline has passed and we still being fed with made -up stuff such as: Arsenal targeting ?, Arsenal plotting move for ?, Arsenal plan move for ?, Arsenal eyeing ?, Arsenal monitoring ?, Arsenal join in race for ?, Arsenal in cut-price deal for ?, Arsenal considering hijacking Tottenham bid for ? Arsenal set up to battle with the whole of Europe for ? Arseanal prepared to stun the Spuds with a raid for ? etc, etc,etc.
    We went through 2 months of transfer news torture and got nobody except Cech, and the media and some Gooner sites still go on and on about imaginary transfer news. Going to stick with JUST ARSENAL for the interesting articles and debates it keeps stirring up.

  8. kev says:

    Yo Laurent I like you very much the way you worked hard to the top. It’s a pity your other counterpart will forever be average and only gets to National team because of arsenal. Imagine him in Reading it will be easy marking you will have a field day.

  9. Kempinski says:

    We need koscienly badly against stoke and chelsea. This two games can easily go bad if unwarranted experiments of chambers playing is not checked. Mark ma words THE TWO GAMES CAN EITHER MAKE OR BREAK OUR SEASON!!!

  10. Stugle says:

    We are not scared oooooo

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