Koscielny keen to help Arsenal make up for lost time!

Just like all the Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger, Laurent Koscielny is keeping his fingers crossed that 2015 will see Arsenal have a lot easier time of it on the injury front. The France international star is only just back from his own spell in the treatment room and is obviously very keen to make up for lost time.

The centre back explained to Arsenal Player that as well as knowing that being out of action is leaving his team mates and manager with a problem to deal with, especially when the Gunners have had so many out of action at the same time, it was really tough on a personal level.

Koscielny said, “For players it’s very important to be on the pitch. I spent a long time without football and it was very hard for me to stay and watch my team play. I’m very happy to come back with my team-mates on the pitch and to play football.”

You could see just how much the Frenchman was glad to be back as put himself about and was a huge reason why Arsenal held on for the win at West Ham. And it was a game that Koscielny clearly enjoyed. He is one of those old school kind of defenders that just loves to defend and Arsenal really need that.

Of the game he said, ““[West Ham] was not an easy game, it was a tough game. It was an English game because it was box-to-box and I think the last 20 minutes was amazing because each team tried to win the game.

“At the back we needed to be focused on our job and I think we did well. During this period over Christmas it’s very important to win and we did well with three wins, so we need to keep this going and keep focused for the New Year.”

Without blowing his own trumpet too much, Koscielny knows that the Gunners have struggled with his and other players’ absences, but he is confident that things are on the up for the Arsenal going into the new year.

The defender continued, “Now the players who have been injured are coming back so it’s good for the team when you have all the players with you and fit. We have a bigger squad so I hope we will not have a lot of injuries in 2015 and we can finish this season well.”

Let’s hope so. As long as Koscielny stays fit, though, it seems certain that Arsenal be letting in a lot fewer goals at least.

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  1. Stability matters… On koscielny’s return… BFG will be like:”I’m lost without u”… Anyway with the upcoming game against southampton, I’m confident that arsenal wil win it, cus I trust our defence this time, than the last time we played them

  2. Really glad kosc is back, he really makes our entire back 5 instantly better. I can’t wait to see a lot of big names coming back in the next weeks. With the boss being healthy right now and players like ozil walcott ramsey arteta coming back we have a lot to look forward too i know it.

    1. Now, what is this BS about Poldi storming out of training? Wenger has really been up to some BS with that boy! I’ll come down his French ass real good if he drops points at Southampton! If I were Poldi, I’d sign with another club today!

  3. Spurs v Chelsea ( 0-0 and some injuries news from both side ).

    Stoke v M.U ( 1-0 and some red card maybe).

    Soton v ARSENAL ( 0-1 enough, & no injured news)

    1. Sh*t maybe not, but Kos is someone who cant be replaced that easy, and replacing Merti is the easiest thing in the world.

      Just imagine man: Hummels and Kos, Combo. Pure epicnes.

      1. This is not fifa what makes you think they’d be automatically so good? And have you watched hummels at all this year? He has been poor and his quality level has dropped significantly since the WC. Plus he’s extremely injury prone but your the first one to complain about our injuries smh

  4. The reason Wenger doesn’t like Poldi is clear it’s the same reason he doesn’t like song they are both jokers , it’s disgrasful how he’s being treated, if your not going to play him please allow him to leave, Arsenal have a reputation that will go on after wenger

    1. Funny, the same thing i thought aswell, but maybe we are overthinking this a bit. Eboue was also sold, and we had our diff. that year without a proper back Rb. If Wenger could, he would have loved to have 11 Mertesackers in the team. I swear when i listen to that guy i always get the impression as Wenger is speaking through him. A lovely captpain. Kinda hurts when i see Rvp and Fabregas at manure and chelsea, i miss them a lot.

      Free Poldi, Wenger. The fella doesnt deserve to be treated like this, as he showed heart and respect to club and fans.

    1. I agree Twigg, I feel as though be are on a knife edge and we can go either way, a couple of top signings and timely substitutions could see us challenge but if we (wenger) chooses to continue we will fail and our only hope with be fouth again
      I love when I hear Tierry Henry talk, he states he always wants to be better choose better, I know he’s a novice but a winner will always be a winners, I hope he returns one day

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