Koscielny not going to Marseille and The Ox not going to Liverpool!

When Arsenal’s season ended with us back in fifth place for the first ever time under Arsene Wenger, there was talk of a massive overhaul of the team to get us back on track for a title push, but all we have seen so far is the arrival of Kolasinac for free, and the release of Yaya Sanogo.

Hector Bellerin has already scotched rumours that he will be going to Barcelona, and now Laurent Koscielny has made it clear that he has a new contract at Arsenal and will not be leaving any time soon. He said yesterday: “I have a contract with Arsenal, I even signed an extension last November until [June] 2020. I feel very good there.

“I have always said that I was a Marseille fan when I was younger. When a mythical club like Marseille contact you, it is good. But will I sign for them? I have no idea at all.”

Hmm did he just say that Marseille contacted him? Is that legal? Anyway, he is Arsenal’s top defender and he won’t be leaving.

Another big rumour has been linking Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with a move to Liverpool because he is entering the last year of his contract, but this is another rumour that won’t be coming true. The Ox scored a brilliant goal for England the other day but after he plays against France he will be straight back in Arsene Wenger’s office to sign a new contract worth a reported £100,000-a-week. Not bad for a 24 year-old!

Wenger has previously said it is vital for the Ox to stay at Arsenal, and I believe the lad has had no intentions of leaving the club ever.

So these two rumours are untrue, but surely there will have to be some departures from our ‘heavy squad’ in the near future? We have to make some room for these top top players that Wenger is bringing in…



    Arsenal should get their own back after what the scousers did regarding the Suarez fiasco.

  2. Alexis __________lacazette____________Ozil



    The game is ours

  3. Papers just want ad revenue with headlines to encourage hits. Koscielny will be 34 in 2020; he can retire in Marseille after a 10 year+ career. Ox will sign a new deal. Liverpool offer hinges on Can (also with 12 months left on contract) going to Juve. Knowing Juve, they will wait till he is a free agent, and Ox will have a long-term contact then.

  4. Warning to everyone keen on putting James Rodfriguez next to Xhaka … James can’t defend to save his life .. why do you think Zidane doesn’t fancy him … Xhaka should go with someone like Gueye from Everton or that German boy, Kramer

    1. Gueye would be a good signing
      Wish we had gone for Kante last season

      Your right about Rodriguez
      We need a CM with top defensive skills

  5. How can Walcott get 140 grand a week , and the ox is being offered 100 grand a week ,it doesn’t make sence , sell Walcott 20/25 millon and buy maharez from Leicester….

    1. impossible to offload Walcott with those salaries. Everyone knows the quality doesn’t match the amount he gets paid. Just have to wait until his contract runs down.

      1. If salaries are not commensurate with what is on the field, then arsenal will not move forward

  6. I still scratch my head over the Walcott pay rise.

    I have nothing against Theo
    He is a decent Right Winger
    He is Arsenal thru and thru

    But you should prove your worth before getting such a huge rise. He didn’t play well and was injured the season before his salary increase. Also after the increase he failed miserably at being a CF

    Personally, I think Ox and Giroud deserve to make as much as him or even more

  7. In as much as I agree Theo isn’t ideal for us in his position, we shouldn’t fail to remember that when we had a good run earlier this season, he contributed greatly.. He scored 19 goals in about 37 matches, barely playing full-time.

    He’s not the dribbler, not composed, poor ball control, probably shouldn’t even be starting matches in a club like Arsenal… But he was our 2nd highest scorer. I feel he deserves the bench, at least, and a little more respect.

  8. Walcott seems to always be the blame guy alongside Ramsey but their records in big matches speaks for them.i mean Walcott has over 100 goals practically from the wings, and Ramsey has 2 winning goals in finals are deserving of our respect.COYG

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