Koscielny: Signing for Arsenal is not just about the football

Arsenal had the pleasure of revealing yesterday that three very important members of the squad have committed their futures to the club. Olivier Giroud, Francis Coquelin and Laurent Koscielny all sat down to put pen to paper yesterday morning and the latter seems extremely happy with the deal.

Laurent Koscielny has been a loyal member of this club, growing as an individual and as a talent over the past seven years. Looking back at his first appearance in 2010, when he was sent off on his debut against Liverpool, there was plenty of negativity about the move. However Koscielny is now a very different player. Le Prof was initially criticised for making such a risky move because we were having to sell some of our best players and Wenger was spending on relatively unknown players from the French Ligue 1. But with time, the investment into Laurent Koscielny certainly paid off, to the extent where Wenger, as well as many football fans alike will agree Koscielny is now one of the very best central defenders in the current game.

Arsenal have had to battle for Koscielny’s future over the years, with Bayern Munich being a key club that has reportedly tested the waters with a few offers for the Frenchman. However Arsenal have remained adamant that the selling days were over and Koscielny has remained loyal to the club. Koscielny spoke about his loyalty to Arsenal and just how happy he is to have committed his future to the club once again.

After signing a new contract, Koscielny said: “I feel very happy to continue my adventure with this club. It’s been seven years and I have more [hopes] for the future with this team.’

“I’m pleased for my family to live in London, for me to play for this club. I have everything here to be happy on and off the pitch, so that’s why I decided to continue my adventure with Arsenal.

“When you are a footballer, it’s not just about football, it’s about your life. Arsenal are a big part of my life. My children were born in London, a big part of my life, and my life’s changed since they were born.”

Koscielny has proved his loyalty to Arsenal over the years, something which you don’t see in many aspects of the professional game nowadays. Even through the struggles, Koscielny has remained adamant that he wishes to win, but importantly win big with Arsenal. Koscielny has not caved under pressure, he has remained strong and has continued to build on his developing talents. I think it’s that reason which is what has made him such a key member of this Arsenal squad. I think Koscielny recognises that Arsenal are the club that gave him the chance of a big break in European football, after spending the career he had so far amongst the lower levels of French football. I think Koscielny is thankful to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal for giving him that opportunity and as he says, Arsenal has become a big part of his life.

Koscielny has developed a real love and passion for the club and long may his success’ continue with his new contract.


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  1. G-Rude says:

    He has been one f our best players in last 5 years, but he doesnt blackmail the club into giving him more money. These are the type of players we need rarher than mercenaries.

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