Koscielny to be new Arsenal captain?

With Arsenal showing a new defensive solidity to add to the great attacking flair and ability to keep the ball and create chances, and perhaps looking for a new club captain at the same time, as the current man with the armband Mikel Arteta is getting old and not playing much, you might think that the current vice captain Per Mertesacker would be the player to get the nod from Arsene Wenger.

But the Frenchman has another very good central defender Laurent Koscielny and from what the manager said about his fellow Frenchman in a report on the Arsenal website, perhaps we are going to see Kos become the boss.

The 29-year old is about to complete his fifth season with the Gunners and so is one of the old heads in the squad. He is also more likely to be a guaranteed starter next season, especially if the boss decides to splash the transfer cash on a new centre back during the summer transfer window.

Wenger is clearly delighted with the attitude of Koscielny, who has had to battle and work his way up from the lower French leagues to where he is now. And perhaps the extra aggression that he has will make him the perfect captain for the new look Arsenal team.

Wenger said, “He had a lack of experience when he came here. When I watched him, I saw the potential but he had a lack of experience, and with that he had a bit of a lack of confidence as well.

“Now he’s getting stature. He has pace, technique, understanding of the game and intelligence, as well as the needed confidence to play.

“He has developed and has gone through some difficult periods. That’s part of the development.

“Because he started late in his career, he had to gain that experience of being responsible.

“It’s really satisfying to see him fulfil his potential because he’s a player I bought from Lorient. When you listen to people, you always get names that everybody knows.

“Sometimes it’s rewarding to find people who have the quality to play for our club but are not necessarily the names that everybody else is after.

“He really has the level and it’s important as well that these players get the chance to play for us.

“When you make a successful buy you are always happy, because you think you have done something well for the club and that’s what you want to do.”

Do you think Koscielny would make a good Arsenal captain? And if not, who would you like to see wearing the armband next year?

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  1. is Kos set to leave? hes 29yo and running out of time…

    Viera, Fab, RVP, Vermalean, Arteta

    why not BFG first then Kos

    1. Koscielny should certainly be made Arsenal Captain.He will be a great leader and example for others.

        1. I agree, although I do want someone who can play all games. Hope he stays fit.

          If Mertesacker leaves then Cazorla or Ramsey to be vice captain.

  2. Yes he would be the better captain than per,he does not need to be vocal because his performancies are what important

    1. But that’s the thing though. He’s a warrior but he’s hardly vocal. He doesn’t seem the type to reprimand anyone…The Coq is the only one I can think of who seems to like to take charge and bark orders.

  3. Why put the dreaded “Arsenal Captains Hoodoo” on our best defender? Are we ready to lose him to another club (maybe our rivals probably)?

  4. Yes to me , he should be the captain next year. He is one the best in PL and is of the right age to wear the captain’s arm’s band. I agree that most of our captains in few years are either left the club or not performing. But that is just co incidence . We need a true leader and I guess Kos has some leadership qualities . He performer every season .

  5. Le Coq as captain??

    hes not going to be a regular next season…..

    next better suggestion please…

    1. Eh!!!
      Le Coq not a regular 🙂
      ha ha ha Hafiz …
      made me laugh any way and that’s good:)

  6. Sanchez, Leads by example…plus not good at English, so can confuse guys at interviews..

  7. @Hafiz, this chain of selling our bests or our captains leaving instantly has already been broken, arteta is now the 1 who need arsenal which means even if he left is not a problem. I want him to stay though.
    As for captain here are my choices in this order.
    1. The boss
    2. Santi
    3. Ramsey
    4. Alexis

  8. Is captaincy an issue now at Arsenal? I don’t think so. Don’t we have Arteta and Rhinosacker as captain and assistance captain? What’s the problem then?

  9. If we are debating captaincy, Ramsey has got to be top of the list realistically. Koscielny is great and one of the best defenders in the PL but he’s not particularly talkative. There is a reason that Mert was made vice-captain and not Kos and that is that Kos isn’t a huge talker. He’s not the guy who is going to inspire the team or get them sat around and have a conversation about what went wrong. I love the guy – he’s one of the first names on my team sheet – but he ain’t our next Captain. Rambo is much more likely to fill that role being that he does get the chatting going. I’d be interested to see if Theo suddenly came good if his name wouldn’t be in there – he’s certainly one of our most intelligent and passionate players so it’d be an interesting thing to see.

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